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The emergence of Social Media fueled by increased connectivity has brought about a sea change in the way brands communicate with its prospective customers. Traditional means have rapidly fallen by the wayside and brands constantly re-engineer to keep pace with the changing times. In this context, it is worthwhile to note that today almost 70% of buying decisions are influenced by Social Media Influencers. On the other hand, the growth of Social Media has given birth to a new breed of entrepreneurs who ride on the internet engine fueled by their passions and interests. These are the bloggers, vloggers and others who wield a powerful influence through various social media.

Given the above scenario, Blogmint has smartly stepped in to act as a bridge between Brands and Influencers. It is one of Asia’s frontline automated platform that seamlessly connects Brands and Influencers.


What is on offer for Influencers

Blogmint offers an excellent opportunity for influencers to showcase their work to Brands and monetize their content. With more than a 1000 brands on their bandwagon, Blogmint is an ideal platform for influencers to get exposure to leading Brands and work with them. The platform also offers an ease of operation for influencers who can apply for available campaigns based on their own niche and preferences.

What is in it for Brands

With more than 38,000 influencers across categories which include Automobiles, Lifestyle, Travel, Technology, Entertainment and Fashion, Blogmint offers a tremendous potential customer reach to Brands. Brands can connect with the influencers who fit their own segmented niche and create strong and effective campaigns. Blogmint also provides a transparent and real-time analytics to the Brands to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns. Transparency of pricing ensures a win-win situation to all parties.

Our Experience with Blogmint

We have been working with Blogmint now for the past 7-8 months and are happy to have associated with more than 75 brands during the period. We have worked on campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in addition to featuring blog posts on our site. We have found the entire experience to be seamless and transparent. Right from applying for campaigns, working on the briefs, getting the content approved and launching it to finally getting paid for it, the Blogmint experience has been very smooth and rewarding.

Hitching on to Blogmint

As an influencer if you are looking to sign up with Blogmint, it is quite simple. You just need to create an account for your blog after which you can search for campaigns that you are interested in and apply. You can check the status on your personal dashboard. The dashboard is where you will find all your campaigns with their status. In addition, the dashboard also provides in-depth analytics of each campaign that you have worked on. You have the ability to state your own price for the campaign based on whether the price mentioned in the campaign is fixed or negotiable. Once the campaign is completed to the satisfaction of the Brand, you get paid the agreed amount less 20% which is the commission of Blogmint. Blogmint also currently is running a referral program where one can refer blogger friends and win attractive cash prizes in the bargain. Click here to check out.


To conclude we feel that Blogmint is a reliable and excellent platform to connect with leading Brands and work on exciting campaigns and at the same time monetize our content. We look forward to collaborating with many more Brands and working on diverse campaigns this year as we continue our synergic association with Blogmint.

Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay

We are a travel and lifestyle blogging couple, founder of Voyager site. We love to experience and enjoy this world and share these experiences with others to inspire them. We are self-confessed social media addicts.

23 thoughts on “Blogmint – A Bridge Between Brands and Influencers

  1. This seems like a great company. I like the idea of the commission upon completion instead of the middle man taking all the money and telling the social media influencer that ‘there’s no budget for this project, you’re expected to work in exchange for this low value product’ emails that I receive on a daily basis. Do they operate in the UK?

  2. This is my first time hearing about this company. It sounds like a great way to monetize your blog and more. I’m sure a lot of people can benefit through this.

  3. Recently started using Blogmint. I agree it’s a tremendous platform. I am still in the process of exploring all it’s features. But your post is really helpful for someone new to it, and just getting started.

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