Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

6 Reasons why a stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT, Chennai is an unforgettable experience

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

Chennai is a city in India which has a rich heritage and a fascinating history. The city throbs with a rich and pulsating culture which enchants the visitor. The city seamlessly integrates elements of the ancient and traditional with the dynamism of modern urban elements. Malls merge effortlessly with ancient temples while contemporary music fuses with the age old tradition of Carnatic music. Chennai holds the promise of something interesting and unique, just waiting to be discovered and experienced at every turn.

The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai provides the perfect foil for the exploration of Chennai with its unique experiences and ideal location. Here are 6 reasons why a stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai is an unforgettable experience and something one would cherish for a long, long time.

Radisson Blu Grt, Chennai

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

The Facilities

The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai,  is strategically located:

  • It is just about 3 kilometers from the Chennai International Airport
  • The historical Theosophical Society which also is home to one of the oldest Banyan trees in the world is situated around 9 kilometers from the hotel
  • The famous temple destinations of Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram are also a couple of hours drive away

Raddison Blu GRT, Chennai

The hotel has 101 rooms that include luxuriously appointed Deluxe rooms, and exclusive suites that are at once elegant, comfortable and convenient.

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai


Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

The rooms are embellished with state of the art facilities like video phones, IPOD docks, LCD televisions, personal massage chairs, mood lighting systems, rain showers and a unique one-touch dial service.

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

We found the one-touch dial service as a really guest friendly feature. One just needs to dial 1 for any help or service. Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi is available across the hotel, including the rooms. Complimentary airport transfers are also provided.

The hotel caters to every aspect of your gastronomic needs and beyond with its array of unique restaurants and bars. The Great Kabab Factory, Salt.Co.531, and Yalla-Yalla, the Arabic Street Food restaurant will ignite a billion sparks of pleasure in your palates. The Salt.Lick by Gallop and the Blu Hickey Bistro are guaranteed to send your spirits soaring.

Raddison Blu GRT Chennai

A fitness studio and an outdoor swimming pool ensure that you stay fit and healthy during your travels. The Bodhi Spa, on the other hand, rejuvenates your body and soul, acting like a balm on strained nerves.

The Great Kabab Factory

Picture Courtesy Radisson Blu GRT, Chennai

The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai boasts of one of the best restaurants in the form of The Great Kabab Factory. A place where the timelessness of food blends homogenously with the innovation and creativity of the future. The restaurant is themed on the concept of a factory and its open kitchen gives the guests an opportunity to peek into the processes happening in the kitchen. The staff is dressed in factory style dungarees and even the menu card is similar to a factory inspector’s checklist. Exotic Kababs like Changezi Murgh Kabab named after the Mongol leader Genghis Khan, Karela Musallam, and many others are served with generous doses of smiles and warmth at the restaurant. There are separate kitchens for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian varieties. Apart from signature Kababs, the restaurant also churns up Dal, Biriyani, Indian bread, curries, and desserts.

The Salt.Co.No.531

Salt company

One could be forgiven for thinking what a Salt Co, is doing in a hotel. The Salt.Co.No.531 is actually the name of a unique restaurant that graces the precincts of The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai. This unique restaurant is literally all about salt. The restaurant is the celebration of salt which for over 2000 years or more has been the cornerstone of cuisines across the world. The quirky interiors of the restaurant have motifs of a salt mine and the open kitchens and informal seating area provide an ideal and bohemian ambience where one can let their hair down and have a relaxing meal.

In this restaurant food is all about salt. The restaurant concocts its magical cuisine with salts from all over the world including Maldon and Smoked Maldon Sea Salts from the UK, Fine sea salts from France, salts from Mexico, Spain, Japan, Morocco, and Thailand. The legendary pink Himalayan salt blocks from a 16th-century mineshaft in present day Pakistan occupies a place of honour in the kitchens of the Salt.Co.No.531.

The restaurant brings comfort food with a twist to the guests. As we looked at the spread before us which was served with a homely warmth, we were blown away by the sheer taste and aroma of the food and we lingered over the food, relishing each morsel and each moment.

Finely cut slices of watermelon garnished with pieces of cheese, resting on a slab of pink Himalayan salt stood on our table, a symbol of the journey of the food of the world, a glowing tribute to the creators and innovators of food across the frontiers of time, space and place. And as we pondered over our food, the sound of a gong broke our reveries and the restaurant reverberated with music and the staff started dancing to the pulsating rhythms, a few of the guests joined in and the air was smitten by joy and revelry.

The Bodhi Spa

Bodhi Spa

As you descend the stairs to below ground level at The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai, you are slowly sucked into a serene and tranquil ambience.

The Bodhi Spa welcomes you with its subdued lighting, statuettes of Buddha radiating peace, water jets, and fountains that look soothing to the eyes, and finally the smiling staff who are ever ready to help you. We had a complimentary head massage which was really soothing.

Bodhi Spa

The expert and gentle hands of the masseur seemed to gently coax and relax nerves and muscles which we were barely aware existed. As the masseur kneaded the neck and the head, the dim lamps reflected on the flowing water in the fountain.

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai


The gentle sound of running water drifted slowly into our years, creating a serene and surreal calm. The world and its earthly affairs seemed to float away in the background as we felt strangely uplifted and rejuvenated.

GReaT Chennai Trails

Chennai Central
Picture Courtesy Wikimedia

Chennai is a city steeped in long-standing traditions and esoteric culture. There is a lot to explore for the discerning traveler. Ranging from architecture, food, films, shopping and theosophy; Chennai is a vast treasure house waiting to be explored. The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai has kept this in mind and has designed special tours that can be customized as per the preferences of the guests. These are known as the GReaT Chennai Trails and each of these trails promises a unique and enriching experience.

The Hospitality

Bodhi Spa

The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai, takes hospitality to a different level. Right from the moment that you enter the precincts of the hotel to when you check-out, each and every member of the team make sure that the guest is comfortable and caters to their every whim and fancy. The warmth in the smiles is genuine and springs from the heart. The food, the facilities, and the ambience all blend together with the elixir of hospitality to create an unforgettable experience for every guest.

When we bid adieu to The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai, it was as if we were bidding adieu to our own home and family. Click to check out GRT Hotels website.

We were hosted by The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai, however, the opinions stated here are our own and based on personal experience.

Check out our photo blog: An Affair to Remember with GRT- A Photo Blog

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai




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85 thoughts on “6 Reasons why a stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT, Chennai is an unforgettable experience

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    The interiors are grand! The spa experience sounds good.

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  23. Looks like a great place to stay in Chennai! Good customer service definitely makes a stay. That food looks incredible too…my mouth is watering!

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    The food looks so amazing, I’d love to try it.
    Oh and the rooms seem very cosy 🙂

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  30. Those restaurants looks delightful, however I thought the decor looked a little dated compared to the little technology focused touches you mentioned.

    It’s wonderful they were hosting you and your stay was great, however I’m often curious if the experience would have been identical (call me a sceptic) if you had simply been any other guest…

    Ever since my days as a youth, watching cricket on the television when test matches were held in the city then known as Madras (and Dean Jones made a double century fighting dehydration), I’ve been eager to visit the place for myself!

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  37. Choosing a great hotel is really important when you are bringing the kids along! This hotel looks perfect for a family stay! We love the spacious room with all the creature comforts of home. At the same time, there are some touches of the local flavor, too, which is important for travelers wanting to experience another country, too!

  38. We stayed in a Radisson Blu hotel in Iceland and loved it, it’s a great chain and the one at Chennai seems to live up to it’s usual standards! Love the fact that the world’s largest Banyan Tree is close by – that’ a great fact! #feetdotravel

  39. Missed meeting you guys on this trip! GRT does look splendid. The spa looks awesome! The salt restaurant is very innovative! The watermelon slices on the piece of Himalayan Salt rock is just mind blowing!

  40. Wow this sounds like an incredible hotel – first property I’ve ever heard of to have a personal massage chair in each room!! GRT is on my list as an experience in it’s own right while in Chennai – and I love the fact that their food experiences are so incredibly unique too. And the GReaT Chennai Trails is a great service – it’s the whole Chennai experience at one place!

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  45. The Radisson Blu looks perfect for a stay in Chennai. The great Chennai trails look perfect as they are flexible and every tourist has his own needs. I love they have a gym and swimming pool, it’s important to exercise whilst travelling, especially with all the delicious on site dining options.

  46. There is something about the name of the city Chennai that makes me want to go. I think it may be my favorite Indian city name of all! Of course, that’s is probably a terrible reason to go to a place, but a room with a PERSONAL MASSAGE CHAIR??? Sign me up right this minute. Of course, I probably wouldn’t be able to leave the chair to explore the city, but that’s a problem I’m willing to live with!

  47. Such a lovely hotel to stay at and only a short distance from the train station. A travel to Chennai needs to be in order to visit this wonderful hotel. The food looks so tasty. I am ready for a trip there. I pinned this for later use. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    It seems to be located in a really accessible place from the airport and with links to the best things to see. The rooms certainly do have everything and the service looks highly personal and excellent.
    Great recommendation

  51. This hotel is absolutely stunning. I love the small details. One thing I love about India are the colours and the history. This hotel displays all of that in a modern luxurious styles. Nice.

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