Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling place, teeming with activity and if you are on vacation and want to stay in a quiet place but still be able to access all the hot spots of the city very conveniently, then The Royal View Hotel is THE place for you.

When we were planning our trip to Hong Kong just before Christmas, last year, we zeroed in on this hotel and did not regret our decision at all.

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

The Location

The Royal View hotel is relatively close to the airport and Hong Kong Disneyland and nestles between Ting Kau and Lido beaches. The hotel overlooks the South China Sea and many of the rooms offer an excellent view of the sea as well as the Tsing Ma and Ting Kau Bridge.

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

The environs of the Royal View Hotel are serene and one can take a leisurely walk to reach the nearby Lido beach. The hotel can be reached by a 25 minute drive from the airport which is at a distance of about 25 Kms. The cab fare came to around 200 HKD. The hotel can also arrange for airport pickup and drop on chargeable basis.

The Reception ย & Check In

We reached Hong Kong in the morning and were at the Hotel much before the scheduled Check In time, we were received by the staff with a smile and asked to wait in the lobby. They graciously provided us our room much before the scheduled check in time.

The Room

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

The Royal View hotel has a total of 688 rooms including suites. We had opted for an Ocean view room and were assigned one on the Ninth floor. As soon as we entered the room, we went to the window and pulled aside the curtains to unveil a breathtaking view of the Ocean and the Tsing Maย bridge. The room was well furnished and spacious and included all the trappings necessary for a comfortable stay. It included a comfortable king size Double bed, LCD TV, Kitchenette with ย Coffee Maker, Minibar, Safe, Telephone and free WIFI.

Other Hotel Amenities

  • The hotel has a very nice swimming pool which is built into a landscaped garden

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

  • Gym, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam Bath

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

  • The hotel has a nice restaurant named Cafe Lido which offers a choice of International and Asian cuisines in the form of Buffet Breakfast, Tea, Lunch and Dinner

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

Access to Attractions and Hot Spots of Hong Kong

Though the hotel is in the New Territories and away from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong you can easily access the major hubs like Tshim Sha Sui, Victoria Harbour, Disneyland etc., from the Tsuen Wan MTR. The hotel provides a very convenient shuttle service to Tsuen Wan MTR station at 10 HKD/person. From Tsuen Wan, you can move rapidly across Hong Kong by MTR. Given a chance, we would love to go back and stay there again.

We found the hotel ideal for our stay in Hong Kong, a nice place to put up your feet and relax after a tiring day of activities in this bustling city.It is an ideal hotel for families and budget friendly too!

Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong


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69 thoughts on “Review of Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

  1. Wow, these rooms are gorgeous! Love how everything looks so modern and clean … and you can’t beat that view of the South China Sea! I actually love that the hotel is in the New Territories and away from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong. We enjoy placing ourselves a bit out of the city in each place we visit so we can aim for a more local and relaxed feel after having soaked in the intensity of the city during the day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Holy Moly those bridges are outstanding! I’ve never seen a pic of these before. Would love to stay at this place purely for them. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely stay. The room looks beautiful. I love that when your room just happens to be ready before the scheduled check in ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I wish I had know about this hotel before my trip to Hong Kong! It looks really beautiful and calm, something that can make a real difference in such a busy city – I will remember it for my next trip for sure

  5. Location is so key and it seems like this hotel isn’t necessarily in the city center but also very accessible to the center. Did this hotel feel very western by any chance? I liked that they had a shuttle bus service, super convenient also!

  6. You got me at the beaches! I’m there! Seriously, we loved Hong Kong and intend to return, but the last hotel we stayed in wasn’t worth writing about so it’s great to read such a wonderful review for when we do return! With the excellent transport system in HK, this sounds like the perfect place (did I mention I loved the fact it was next to a beach?!) Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like an impressive hotel. The room looks nice and spacious with some wonderful views. Will keep this in mind if I get a chance to head to Hong Kong.

  8. It must have been really expensive, by the looks of it alone. But I wouldn’t mind paying though if my hotel room is as beautiful as that and I can look at that magnificent view. Looks like it’s worth every penny.

  9. Jacuzzi will never fail you! Of course! haha
    love the hotel and every part of it! Must be expensive
    tho but I think it’s all worth every single bucks! Xx Good stay!

  10. The last time I was in Hongkong, we stayed at a hostel. Would definitely like to take a look and stay at luxury accommodation the next time I go there. Planning to go back for Disneyland so i”ll def consider the Royal View. Thanks for this!

  11. This hotel looks absolutely incredible! I mean, those views, you can beat it! I’ll have to keep this place in mind whenever I make my way to HK.

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