WOW Travel Moments

WOW Travel Moments

People travel for many reasons, some travel to soak in the different cultures of people across the world while some travel to marvel at the wonders of nature. Some travel to see the wonders of Man’s creations and some travel for the sheer joy of travelling. We travel for all of these reasons and also for those special moments which may inspire sheer awe or wonder, moments when you realize the simple truths, moments when we realize both the frailty and invincibility of Man. Here we write about a few of such special moments which remain etched in our memories forever and whenever we think about those moments, just one word escapes from our lips, WOW.

WOW Travel Moments

TAJ MAHAL- Love at First sight

WOW Travel Moments - Taj Mahal

We crossed one of the four gates that open on to the 55.5 acres complex that houses the Taj Mahal, its gardens and other subsidiary monuments; we noticed a strange feeling of anticipation within us as we excitedly made our way towards our rendezvous with the monument which the world looks at as an ode in marble to love.

The adrenalin rushed through our veins and we felt as excited as a lover meeting his or her beloved after a heartbreaking separation.

And then we held our collective breath, our excited chatter stopping suddenly as we experienced the first sight of the Taj Mahal. There she stood majestically in virginal white, silhouetted against a clear blue sky, in harmony with her surroundings, yet standing out proudly as a monument of Love, speaking volumes without saying a word.

The Taj Mahal looked more beautiful than we had ever imagined, none of the photographs that we had ever seen actually did justice to her.

We fell head over heels in love, love at first sight and this time with a marble monument called Taj Mahal.

For more details you may visit the official site of Taj Mahal.

Sistine Chapel- A Humbling experience

WOW Travel Moments - Vatican

One bright, sunny morning found us at the entrance to the Vatican making our way through the different tapestries, sculptures, paintings and other works of art in the Vatican Museums. We marveled at the skill and artistry of the artists but at the back of our minds were thinking about the ‘piece de resistance’; The Sistine Chapel!

Soon we were inside the hallowed Chapel. There was an awed hush as people gazed in wonder at what the genius of Man had brought to life on the ceiling of the Chapel. We looked and looked, our eyes simply not getting enough of what they saw, wanting to freeze frame those beautiful moments for eternity. It was indeed a soul stirring and humbling experience, our hair stood on end and tears flowed from our eyes as we marveled at the divine work done by Michael Angelo. We wondered what would have gone through the mind of Michael Angelo. What was his inspiration? What was his motivation?

We returned from the Sistine Chapel with the feeling of having been in the presence of a divine being, such was the effect of Michael Angelo’s masterpiece.

We did get some answers to our questions from this 1965 film, The Agony and the Ecstacy.

We will be back soon with more such wow moments. Do share with us your Wow moments!

WOW Travel Moments

17 thoughts on “WOW Travel Moments

  1. Wow! I would really love to visit some the Taj Mahal… India is on my way, I am just waiting till my youngest kid is a bit older. But definitely going there in the (hopefully near) future. Great pictures!

    1. Thanks a lot. 🙂 Glad you liked the pictures too. Yes, I am sure you and your kids will love the Taj Mahal. It is magnificient! Also India has many other great places to visit.

  2. I’ll be in India in a round 4 months and will end up at the Taj Mahal at some point I think. If you ever get to Iceland make sure to check out the Gullfoss or Geysirs. Stunning no matter what time of year you go!

  3. Could not agree more about the Taj Mahal. Even though I have seen pictures of it for my entire life, nothing prepared me for the sheer _size_ and _grandeur_ of it. I want to go back and take some proper photos!

  4. We were in awe when we visited the Sistine Chapel, but I have to say the crowd took a little bit of enjoyment away. We’d like to go back to visit in the shoulder season. We haven’t made it to India yet. Your picture looks amazing!

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