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Are medical expenses incurred on a foreign trip covered in a travel insurance policy?

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance for Medical Expenses

When one travels to international places, it’s not all about enjoyment and engagement with a different culture or attending a work meeting. There are many other not-so-amazing aspects of overseas travel which are often overlooked. One of the common ones that can affect people of almost all age groups is ill-health.

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Travel With Flint And Say Goodbye To Lint + Giveaways


What is Lint

Lint is an accumulation of textile fibers and other material on and around clothing. Along with these clothing fibers, human and animal hair along with pollen, skin cells and microorganisms also make their home on clothes.

Why is Lint undesirable and needs to be removed

  • Lint which sticks to your clothes, easily escape into the atmosphere and can be inhaled by anyone in the surroundings leading to health problems and diseases of the lung.

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