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VOYAGER was born out of a burning desire to share our travel experiences and stories with others. The more we traveled, the more we felt the need to record and share our experiences and this finally led to the crystallization of Voyager, a one-stop place for information and stories about travel destinations, food, and culture as well as travel tips.

Our travels across Asia, Europe, and North America have transformed us as individuals and we hope to share the same immersive experiences with our readers through the medium VOYAGER. Voyager travel blog is one of the top travel blogs in India and around the world. We aim to have a perfect blend of family travel, luxury travel, adventure travel, and couple travel and share our stories and experiences here via travel guides about destinations, travel stories, and travel tips. Our blog posts/articles will help you travel better and smarter. We invite you to walk with us as we journey the world in our quest for a million gems, some well-known and some unknown. 

Though Travel remains our main passion and focus as we love exploring new destinations, we are also involved in the review of Food & Accommodation as well as these are related to Travel in more ways than one.

We love hearing from you about your thoughts, so please leave us a comment on the blog posts you loved reading! You can view our travel posts by choosing the category via the black menu bar at the top of our site, or alternatively, you can enter a search term into the field to the right in the search box.

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