Famous Airlines Hotel Bangalore – Top 10 Hotels In Bangalore

Famous Airlines Hotel Bangalore

Discover the allure of the famous Airlines Hotel Bangalore in Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Famous Airlines Hotel Bangalore

The Airlines Hotel Bangalore is one of the special breed of restaurants that still retains the old-world charm of Bangalore. These restaurants or, “hotels,” in typical Bengaluru lingo, stand as enduring legacies of a bygone era. They hold their own against the mushrooming onslaught of new-age restaurants that serve food from Thailand, to Japan, and from Italy to Mexico, and beyond.

These pockets of vintage charm continue to stack Masala Dosas and Idlis, against the onslaught of Pizzas, nachos, momos, and other powerful weapons of gastronomic destruction. Their tumblers of, “Filter Kapi,” hold their own against the mugs of expresso and cappuccino. One of the iconic go-to places to get a slice of the old Bangalore vibes is undoubtedly, the Airlines Hotel on Lavelle Road Bangalore.

Airlines Hotel – A Slice Of Vintage Bengaluru

Famous Airlines Hotel Bangalore

Even a couple of decades ago Bangalore was different from what it is today. The IT boom catapulted the city to the international arena, and with it, the city lost a part of its identity. However, that face of Bangalore still lives on in pockets, especially in the areas of South Bengaluru, like Basavanagudi, and others, as well as in Malleshwaram.

Nostalgic memories of Bangalore during our childhood include getting up to the melodious voice of M.S.Subbalakshmi and luxuriating in the enticing fragrance of Jasmine flowers, and the heady aroma of coffee being freshly brewed.

Some of the restaurants including Airlines Hotel, MTR, CTR, Vidyarthi Bhavan, and others retain vestiges of Bengaluru and its charm of yore. If you want to walk back in time to Bangalore where things moved at a leisurely pace, you must stop by for a leisurely bite at Airlines Hotel Lavelle Road Bangalore.

Airlines Hotel Bangalore – More Than Just Breakfast

Airlines Hotel Restaurant Bangalore

The Airlines Hotel Bangalore stands like a serene oasis in the heart of a busy and bustling city on Lavelle Road. It draws regulars like a magnet, who flock there for breakfast. The visit to the Airlines Hotel, for them is a ritual as sacred as meditating on the holy Gayatri Mantra or saying your morning prayers. Some who have been caught up in the vortex of the fast life of the metropolis, still manage to dedicate one day in the week for the pilgrimage to the Airlines Hotel Lavelle Road Bengaluru.

If you were to ask any of these regulars to the Airlines Hotel, they are sure to say that it is more than just the food. It is the atmosphere of the hotel that draws them there. The Airlines Hotel was a favourite filming location for many old Kannada movies.

Typically the Hero would take the heroine to this hotel for whispering sweet nothings over a cup of filter coffee and maybe a Paper Masala Dosa. He would chivalrously draw the chair for his heroine and make her comfortable, after which, with an exaggerated swag, he would turn around and address the waiter hovering in the background; “Supplier!” (sic).

Visiting Airlines Hotel Bengaluru – The Ambience

Airlines Hotel Bengaluru

We have been visiting the Airlines Hotel off and on, though we cannot claim to be regulars. We recently had some guests from Romania and decided to take them there for breakfast, after an early morning walk near Vidhan Soudha and Cubbon Park.

Airlines Hotel Restaurant Bengaluru

We love to sit in the garden, beneath the huge Banyan Tree that gives a sense of timelessness, a sense of solidity in the ever-shifting sands of time. We were early and hence had the entire outdoor seating area to ourselves, well almost. We also had the full attention of the waiter, who hovered clutching a tray to his bosom and a pencil stuck in his ear.

Our guests loved the ambience and enjoyed the cool Bengaluru weather on an October morning. The early morning dew added to the magic and birds chirping in the leafy environs of the magnificent Banyan tree serenaded us.

We ordered for our guests and ourselves underneath the benevolent shade of the big Banyan tree.

The restaurant does have indoor seating too where you can move in if it rains, but the magic of eating outdoors is in a class of its own.

Airlines Hotel Bangalore Menu

Airlines Hotel Bangalore Menu

The Airlines Hotel menu has obviously evolved with the times and includes Northern Indian and Chinese dishes along with traditional Karnataka and South Indian fare. So do not be surprised to Dosas and Idlis rubbing shoulders with Kulchas and Nans, or Noodles and Chowmein. But it goes without saying that we like many other Airlines loyalists go there for the South Indian fare.

Airlines Hotel Bangalore Menu

We ordered Idli, Vada, Pongal, and Poori Sagu, followed by juicy Jalebis. Our guests loved the food and were especially mesmerized by the juicy and gooey Jalebis.

Today, the menu of the Airlines Hotel Bangalore offers a wide spread of dishes, but its signature dishes remain their crispy Masala Dosas and other local dishes,

Airlines Hotel Bangalore – Useful Information

Airlines Hotel Lavelle Road Bangalore

  • Airlines Hotel Bangalore Address is No 4, State Bank of India Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
  • Airlines Hotel Bangalore Timings are from 7 AM to 10.30 PM on all days of the week
  • Airlines Hotel Bangalore Contact Number : +91 80 2227 3786, +91 80 2227 3783
  • Seating is indoors and outdoors in Airlines Hotel Restaurant Bangalore 
  • Parking is available in Airlines Hotel Restaurant Bengaluru 

We are sure that the medley of aromas that waft in the air at the Bangalore Airlines Hotel and the big Banyan tree and its leafy presence is sure to galvanize you into action and head towards the hotel for a bite.

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Airlines Hotel Bangalore

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Famous Airlines Hotel Bangalore - Top 10 Hotels In Bangalore

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