Beaches In Philippines – 6 Best Beaches In The Philippines

Beaches In Philippines

Read this post to learn about some of the best beaches in the Philippines that you must certainly include in your itinerary.

Beaches In Philippines

The islands of the Philippines are one of the most beautiful on the earth with a collection of almost 7000 islands! The beautiful beaches in Philippines, rainforests, mountains, monuments, water sports attract a large number of tourists from all parts of the globe every month.

The beaches in Philippines are indeed breathtakingly beautiful, no less than paradise. And you can easily reach one beachside spot to another, e.g. you can easily travel from El Nido to Coron via waterways.

The Most Ethereal Beaches In The Philippines – Paradise Found!

Some of the best beaches in the Philippines that you must certainly include in your itinerary are:


Beaches In Philippines
Cebu beach

The shape of Cebu Island looks almost like a banana. A large number of exotic resorts are located on this island that provides the best services to the tourists. The beauty of this nature can be seen on this island. One can also enjoy the exotic Philippines flavours in some of the best restaurants of this place.

Boracay Beach

Beaches In Philippines
Boracay beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. This island is restricted and allows a certain number of tourists to visit it at one time. The white beaches the blue sea is the ideal place to relax. It is one of the best places for solo travellers and photographers. The beautiful blue ocean, the white beaches, and the palm trees standing amongst them make a mesmerizing view. Some of the famous resorts bars and restaurants are located on this island. The restaurants serve authentic Philippines food.

El Nido   

Beaches In Philippines
El Nido beach

The El Nido beach is renowned for its white beaches, crystal clear blue ocean water, and coral reefs. It is one of the best places for the tourist to visit. The beauty of this place can be seen from the Tawan peak. A large number of water sports are found in this place, which includes snorkeling, kayaking, etc. some of the beautiful resorts are located on this island.

Alona beach   

Beaches In Philippines
Alona beach

The shape of the Alona beach is like a kidney. It is one of the smallest beaches, yet its beauty is mesmerizing. The place has some of the most comfortable hotels and resorts. One can sit on the beach and relax for a long span.

Salagdoong beach   

Beaches In Philippines
Salagdoong beach

All the tourists love the Salagdoong beach. Weekend travellers love this place. The tourists love to relax in this place. A lot of adventure sports are found in this area, which includes cliff diving, waterslide, etc.

Canigao Island   

Beaches In Philippines
Canigao Island

People call this little island Boracay because of its mesmerizing beauty. The crystal clear water, the clear blue sky, and the deep turquoise-coloured waters of the ocean are the unique attractions of this beach. The only difference between the two beaches in the grass huts which are found on this beach only.

Getting To Philippines

  • Manila is the Capital of the Philippines
  • The main airports to arrive in the Philippines are Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu
  • One can fly to the Philippines from major cities of the world

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Where To Stay in The Philippines

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Places To Visit And Things To Do In the Philippines

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The Philippines is a place with an infinite charm that attracts a lot of tourists because of its natural beauty and elegance. The spectacular beaches and islands are loved by the tourists, who take back a lot of amazing memories with them.

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PinitBeaches In Philippines - 6 Best Beaches In The Philippines

Best Beaches In Philippines

6 Best Beaches In The Philippines

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6 thoughts on “Beaches In Philippines – 6 Best Beaches In The Philippines”

  1. We would definitely be visiting the Philippines for the beaches and crystal blue waters. I think I would like to visit a spot like Boracay that only lets a fixed number of people in at one time. It might even feel like we have a part of a beach to ourselves. El Nido would draw us for the coral reef and scuba diving. These beaches are certainly something to dream about!

  2. Boracay is really pretty and it’s good that they limit number of visitors to visit the island. That’s really clever to maintain its beauty and the visitors’ enjoyment. I also like its little version, the Canigao Island. I never heard about it before, but for me it’s a good thing. Not too many tourists when visiting.

  3. We have never been to the Philippines but have heard a lot about Boracay and Cebu, and would love to visit someday. Since we prefer smaller beaches, Alona seems to be perfect for us, so it’s good to know about that one!

  4. I’ve been wanting to visit the Philippines. These beaches are spectacular. El Nido and Boracay would be my pick. The beautiful water and sand are so inviting and I can see why the Philippines have become so popular. It really does look like paradise. What is the best time to visit?

  5. When I was living in Japan, Cebu was such a huge tourist destination for us Japanese. My high school teacher even taught scuba diving there. I went to a beach 20 years ago in the Philippines and I wish I could remember the name of the beach. Boracay Beach looks fabulous and I had no idea that it was restricted. Probably a good idea to keep the beach in prestine condition 🙂

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