5 Best Eastern European Cities You Must Visit

Best Eastern European Cities
Check out the 5 best Eastern European cities you absolutely have to see and also get to know the best tourist attractions in each of them!
5 Best Eastern European Cities

Best Eastern European Cities

5 Best Eastern European Cities You Must Visit 

The charm of Eastern Europe is immense and the countries vie with each other as best Eastern European countries to visit. Not sure which are the best Eastern European cities that are worth checking out? Then you’re definitely in the right place! In this post, we will tell you about 5 stunning cities in Eastern Europe that are (probably) not on your list.

So, start planning your travel itineraries and start taking notes. Not only will we show you some charming cities in Eastern Europe, but we will also tell you about the best tourist attractions in each of them!

Map of Eastern Europe with cities
There are different opinions about which are the eastern European countries.

Eastern Europe Map
Eastern Europe Map PC: https://www.tripsavvy.com/maps-of-eastern-europe-4123431
Best Eastern European Cities
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Eastern Europe trip ideas
Map of Eastern Europe with cities
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The 5 Best Eastern European Cities To Visit

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Best Eastern European Cities - Dubrovnik
Best Eastern European Cities – Dubrovnik

Croatia is one of the most beautiful Eastern European countries and Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in this country. It is also one of the most popular vacation destinations for those who crave a bit of luxury. And it has become even more popular in the last few years, after being featured in Game of Thrones.

This Croatian city is on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites because if its historic importance. The ancient walls that encompass Dubrovnik’s Old Town are definitely something you have to experience. You can walk along the top of them and enjoy lovely views of the Adriatic sea, but you have to climb about 1600 steps first.

When you’re done with this exhausting cardio exercise, you should head to Stradun, the main street in Dubrovnik. The limestone-paved street is a pedestrian area, and it’s full of cafes and restaurants.

If you’re in the mood for a challenge, try to spot the gargoyle protruding from a wall. It is close to the entrance to the Franciscan monastery, and there are usually people close to it. Legend has it that if you can step onto the head of the gargoyle and take off your shirt, you will have luck in love for the rest of your life.

However, the top of the head is so smooth that it’s incredibly difficult to stand still on it. And taking off your shirt while trying not to fall is virtually impossible.

After you succeed in this task (or give up), go see the Rector’s Palace. It’s a 14th-century palace, which manages to flawlessly combine elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

You will also find the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Saint Ignatius Church and the St Blaise’s Church close to the palace. All three are a remarkable example of Baroque architecture, and definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Especially if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones – the staircase in front of the Saint Ignatius Church was featured in the series.

Cesky Krumlov, The Czech Republic

Best Eastern European Cities
Best Eastern European Cities – Cesky-Krumlov

You will find this charming town in the South Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. It is dominated by the 13th-century castle, which is very large for a town this size. In fact, this is the second largest castle in Europe, just after the Prague castle.

The castle is undoubtedly the most interesting attraction in the town. It is actually a complex of some 40 buildings around 5 courtyards, so there’s plenty to see just here. Be sure to climb the tower, for some mesmerizing views of Cesky Krumlov. You should also check out the rococo gardens on the castle grounds, as well as the 17th-century Baroque theatre.

The castle is remarkable, but it’s not the only thing worth seeing in this town. You should also visit the Egon Schiele Art Centrum. The gallery has a massive collection of the painter’s works, and it’s definitely something you should experience. Schiele’s mother was actually born in Cesky Krumlov, hence the museum.

After that, I suggest you stop by the House of Mirrors. It’s fairly close to the museum, and children usually love it. Nothing scary here – just a labyrinth of mirrors that you need to make your way through.

I would also recommend going on a boat ride on the Vltava river. It allows you to experience the city from a completely different angle, which makes the castle look even more majestic.

And if that’s not up your alley, check out the Wax museum instead. It is a small museum, but it’s lots of fun for both kids and adults. Perhaps the most interesting attraction in the museum is the scenes of medieval daily life, including a depiction of a busy pub. And you can also see Charlie Chaplin hanging out with Albert Einstein, among other things.

Belgrade, Serbia

Best Eastern European Cities - Belgrade
Best Eastern European Cities – Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, and one of its most beautiful cities. It’s a rather large city, so there’s plenty of things to see there. It is a place that must figure in your Eastern Europe travel plans.

One thing you can’t miss in Belgrade is the Kalemegdan park. It’s the most popular tourist attraction in the city, because of its historic significance. This is also where the Belgrade Fortress is located – an ancient citadel that was originally constructed in 279 BC.

The park itself is full of historical landmarks – towers, gates, monuments, ancient cannons, etc. You can spend an entire afternoon walking around Kalemegdan, and you still won’t see every single landmark and monument. Especially if you stop by the zoo.

Kalemegdan is on a higher altitude than the surrounding areas, and it offers stunning views of both the Great War Island and the New Belgrade municipality. Head to a spot in the western area of the park for some stunning panoramic shots of the city.

After Kalemegdan, you should make your way to Knez Mihailova street. It should be rather easy to find since it’s right across from the exit of the park. This is the main pedestrian area in the city, and it’s always busy. You will find lots of shops, cafes, pubs, and fast foods here, so it’s perfect if you want to take a break from walking around. Or just do some shopping.

Belgrade – Temple of Saint Sava

After that, you should hop on a bus and go see the Temple of Saint Sava. The 20th-century orthodox church is truly majestic, with its 70-meter tall dome. After all, it is the fifth largest Eastern Orthodox church ever built.  And if you think it’s impressive on the outside, just wait until you go inside.

Then you’ll really experience the grandeur of the gold pleated interior with extravagant chandeliers. Definitely go check out the crypts in the basements if you’re ever here because they are incredibly interesting.

Other spots worth checking out in the city are the cobblestone Skadarlija street, the Tasmajdan park with its charming colorful fountain and the Ada Ciganlija river island with a beach in the middle of the city. And definitely go to some museums as well – the Nikola Tesla museum, the Museum of Yugoslavia and the National Museum of Serbia are without a doubt the most interesting.

Budapest, Hungary

Best Eastern European Cities - Budapest Castle
Best Eastern European Cities – Budapest Castle

If you’ve never been to Budapest, you are missing out. It is one place that is a must on your Eastern European travel odyssey.  There are so many things to do in Budapest. The Hungarian capital is divided by the Danube river, and the 19th century Chain Bridge connects the two sides – the hilly Buda area and the flat Pest area. Get it?

Between the Buda and the Pest, you will find the small Margaret Island. It’s the perfect spot to get away from the city crowds – the island is a peaceful pedestrian area, with lots of flowers and greenery. It’s the best place for a relaxing picnic or a bike ride. And it also features a small zoo, ruins of a 13th-century Dominican monastery and a rather interesting water tower.

On the Buda side, you definitely have to see the Buda castle. The historical Baroque palace is massive, and it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are plenty of museums and interactive sites on the castle ground, so there’s plenty to see and do here.

You should also check out the Fisherman’s Bastion. The 19th-century fortress is also on the castle grounds, so it should be rather easy to find. If you can’t spot it, look for the 7 magnificent turrets. And definitely climb one of them, for a breathtaking panoramic view of the city.

Best Eastern European Cities - Budapest Parliament Building
Best Eastern European Cities – Budapest Parliament Building

What about the flatter Pest area? By far the most stunning building there is the Hungarian Parliament building. To say that it’s majestic is an understatement. The Gothic building iles on the bank of the Danube, and it actually the largest building in the country. You have to see it at least twice – once during the day and once during the night.

Another popular spot on this side of the Danube is St. Stephen’s Basilica. It is the largest basilica in Budapest and a very popular tourist destination. Definitely climb to the top of the tower (or take a lift), for an amazing scenic view of Pest, and a glimpse of the Buda hills.

Budapest is a rather large city, and there are a lot of other things to do and see here. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is a very popular spot – this is actually the largest medicinal bath in entire Europe. You also should not miss out on the Heroes’ Square, the Hungarian State Opera, the Gellert Hill, and the Vajdahunyad Castle.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best Eastern European Cities - Mostar
Best Eastern European Cities – Mostar

Mostar is truly a hidden gem in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s a rather small town, but it’s still the cultural center of the Herzegovina region. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Eastern Europe.

The town is most famous for the Stari Most (Old Bridge), which was built way back in the 16th century. It was demolished during the Bosnian war and rebuilt several years after the war’s end. The bridge is an amazing example of Ottoman architecture, and it’s something you must experience for yourself. And it made the UNESCO World Heritage List, along with its close surroundings.

Here’s a fun fact – every year the best cliff divers in the world flock to Mostar to jump off this bridge. It’s a Red Bull event, and it’s incredibly thrilling to watch. The divers jump from a 90-feet tall platform into the freezing Neretva river (average temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit) and compete for the title of the best cliff diver.

If you want just a tiny bit of that thrill for yourself, you should go rafting through the canyons of Neretva river. It’s an exciting adventure, and one of the most popular activities in the town.

But if you don’t feel like getting wet, it’s fine. Go for a walk around the Old Town instead – explore the cobblestone alleys, visit the Franciscan Monastery, the historic Clock Tower and the Karađoz Bey Mosque.

Best Eastern European Cities - Mostar
Best Eastern European Cities – Mostar

If you’re up for a quick history lesson, stop by the Biscevic house. This is a hit-or-miss, depending on what you enjoy – the 17th-century Ottoman house offers an insight into the everyday life and traditions of people back in the day. It’s a rather small house, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time here.

The perfect way to end your Mostar adventure would be to stop by the Fortica park, just outside the city. The park offers a scenic view of the town, and it’s definitely something you want to experience should the opportunity present itself. You can also pop into one of the cafes here, for a quick snack or drink. And there’s also a zip line in Fortica, but it’s only for the bravest.

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You must now surely have a lot of Eastern Europe trip ideas and rearing to go and experience your Eastern Europe holidays. Go ahead, pack your bags and enjoy your Eastern Europe trip.

This is a guest post by Anna. Anna was born to travel the world having studied languages all her life. Although she has traveled the world, she now calls Switzerland home and spends her time writing about her experiences on her travel blog with her husband.

Pinit5 Best Eastern European Cities You Must Visit

5 Best Eastern European Cities
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