4 Best Places To See In Egypt, Africa

4 Best Places To See In Egypt

4 Best Places To See In Egypt, Africa

Egypt is a country full of history and amazing sights, a country that fascinates, here are 4 of the best places to see in Egypt.

4 Best Places To See In Egypt

You might have seen Egypt on National Geographic or in the movies, but you have to see it to believe it. There are so many places to see in Egypt, Africa that one is stumped for choice. Egypt is all about history. From tombs to temples, this is a country that has romance and suspense around every corner.

Best Places To See In Egypt

Best places to see in Egypt

It offers travellers so much in terms of adventure and activities that it becomes hard to give each one a try. Since it is one of the most visited countries globally, there is every reason for you to find out the travelling process and best places to see for your next ultimate travel destination.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the most emblematic experiences, you need the right people to plan your trip. Sites like https://www.inside-egypt.com/ offer tours that are led by knowledgeable Egyptian guides who will reveal the secrets and solve all of the mysteries of the magnificent sites you’ll explore.

e-Visa To Egypt

Like many other countries, Egypt has made travelling for its visitors much more comfortable by introducing the e-Visa program. An e-Visa is an electronic travel document issued by the Egyptian government.

All travellers can choose between a single entry and a multiple entry eVisa for Egypt while applying online. You can use any device with an internet connection to complete the process within minutes from home!

Visitors from the eligible countries can apply 7 days before visiting Egypt, and the chances are that they will receive the visa within a few days. As a result, travellers do not have to spend a tremendous amount of time and money gathering and submitting the paperwork to apply at an embassy.

Furthermore, Egypt offers two types of visas, single entry and multiple entry visas. Single entry visas are valid for 90 days, whereas multiple entry visas are valid for 180 days.

Top Tourist Attractions In Egypt

Pyramids Of Giza | Best Places To See in Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are the last surviving Seven Wonders of the World. Furthermore, they are one of the world’s most famous landmarks as well.

Back in the day, these Pyramids were built as large tombs for the Pharaohs and guarded by Sphinx. It has kept the world, especially the archaeologists bewildered about how the ancient Egyptians managed to build them for centuries.

Islamic Cairo | Best Places To See in Egypt

Ibn Talun Mosque - Best Places to see in Egypt

Cairo happens to be Egypt’s capital, and its narrow lanes are full of madrassas and mosques, etc. You will find monuments here that date back from the Fatimid to the Mameluke era.

This is also where you will come across small textiles, ceramics, perfumes, and spice shops. This area alone has a lot to offer in terms of information and history. Do visit it once you land in Egypt.

Abu Simbel | Best Places To See in Egypt

Abu Simbel Egypt

Even though Egypt is buzzing with temples, but there is something special about Abu Simbel. This temple belongs to Ramses II featuring a colossal standing guard outside, whereas the interior includes walls decorated with paintings.

The temple was moved from its original setting in the 1960s by UNESCO to prevent it from disappearing underwater. In total, it took more than four years to complete the project.

Alexandria | Best Places To See in Egypt


Alexandria is Egypt’s most European city. It features a history; not many countries can match. As you might have guessed already, it was founded by Alexander the Great and was the home of Cleopatra.

There was a time when this place had its value amongst the top Egypt destinations. However, it has failed to keep its charm with time, but nothing can beat its atmosphere even today.

Final Words

When it comes to history and historical landmarks, nothing can beat Egypt. Such is the country’s beauty and vibe that it manages to attract millions of tourists across the globe.

If Egypt is not on your travel list, you really need to give it a second thought.

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Pinit4 Best Places To See In Egypt, Africa

4 Best Places To See In Egypt, Africa

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