6 Best Spots For A Day Trip In London Today!

Best Spots To Do For A Day Trip In London

Here are the best places to see on a day trip in London that gives you the best experience of London in a short time.

Best Spots To Do For A Day Trip In London

Planning for a day trip in London is fantastic. It’ll be quick, but you can enjoy London’s beauty for a limited time. However, the question is, what things to do or what places do you need to visit within the day to make the most of your time? 

Best Spots For a Day Trip In London Today!

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In this article, we will showcase great spots and highlights in London. Read them below, and plan a perfect trip to London’s top views and attractions in a day!

The Tower of London – Day Trip In London

If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll love the Tower of London. This tower is home to countless princes, church figureheads, and royalties bringing the pieces of history that London has to offer. Expect to take your time and gaze at every nook and cranny this tower has in store for you, from the hallways, execution blocks, and prized crown jewels under a guided tour. 

If you need a quick tour before hitting the afternoon lunch, stop at the Tower of London and fill your phone with Instagram-worthy pictures. 

Stroll Around Manchester City – Day Trip In London

Manchester is a crowded city that brings a worthwhile experience. There are too many sights and wonders that you can explore on a day trip, but what you can see first is the infamous Manchester Art Gallery, Museum of Science and History, as well as other public parks that you can explore under a guided tour to save time, or by yourself if you’re feeling adventurous. 

If you’re travelling from London, it might be best to get to a train service to make up more time exploring. Find the best London to Manchester train deals online and book in advance for a faster and more convenient way of getting a ride.

See Hastings And Their History – Day Trip In London

Hastings brings a lot of history, from William the Conqueror’s victory in 1066 to a known smuggling hotspot in the eighteenth century, so it makes sense that most tourists and backpackers bring Hastings in their day trip itineraries.

Learn more about Hasting’s history by travelling at Norman Castle or Smugglers Adventure, and finally, shop around in local shops in Old Town. Who knows, you might get a souvenir before the day ends.

To reach Hastings, you can either take a two-hour car ride. Or reach faster with London’s train service near London Bridge, perfect for finishing your tasks or taking a gander at the beauty of London through its bustling train tracks. 

Enjoy The Coastal Town of Margate – Day Trip In London

An easy two-hour car ride or a train service from St. Pancras International can take you to the coastal shores of Margate. 

With its salty charm and windy sea winds, you can enjoy a hot summer day with Margate’s craft beer and cold-brew coffee drinks. Travel along this town and reach the Turner Contemporary Gallery, retro-themed parks, beautiful shops, and local food offerings. 

After strolling through the town, you can take lunch at Hantverk And Found for an authentic meal of fresh seafood and wine pairings. If you have more time in the afternoon, spend some time buying souvenirs in their stores and some local seaweed-based skincare products at Haeckels.

The Houses of Parliament – Day Trip In London

Sometimes, our schedules can be tight as we travel in various spots simultaneously. However, if you want somewhere accessible and near London, check out the famous Houses of Parliament, home to Big Ben and public lawmakers. 

Checking out the House of Parliament is a visual treat from the outside with its splendid architecture and Big Ben’s beauty. But to get an inside look, you might have to plan. 

Guided tours on this place are only available on certain days, but if you check their website, you can book a suitable schedule that fits well with your itinerary. Once inside, look at its beautiful history of past royalties, venues, and remarkable hallways where most lawmakers regularly operate.

Westminster Abbey – Day Trip In London

If you can’t get time for the House of Parliament, you can check Westminster Abbey instead, just behind the building. 

Westminster Abbey has hosted some of the most historical and controversial events in the United Kingdom, hosting at least 16 royal weddings, coronations, and royal memorial services, including that of Princess Diana, the former princess of Wales. 

Westminster Abbey also houses some memorabilia from Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and previous royals and public personalities of the past. 

Final Thoughts – Day Trip In London

A day trip’s beauty is that you see so many places quickly. With London’s many places and secrets, even if you spend every hour of your day trip in new places, you are still left with more unexplored wonders that you missed.

Nevertheless, our suggestions can help you understand what your day trip would look like. As long as you do proper research ahead of your trip, you are sure to view many attractions, try out new experiences, and make your day trip to London a memorable experience. 

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Best Spots To Do For A Day Trip In London

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6 Best Spots For A Day Trip In London Today!

6 Best Spots For A Day Trip In London Today!


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