Flights of Fantasy



Flights of Fantasy

The plane moved forward and quickly picked up speed, I watched the ground whizzing past from my window, the terminal building in the distance vanished in a flash and soon I felt the springy feeling of weightlessness as we were airborne.

No it was not my first flight! But every time I am airborne, as I look outside the window during takeoff or landing, my mind soars on the wings of imagination and embarks on its very own voyage of fantasy.

I look down upon the earth and see the very buildings which loomed large at ground level,  now slowly assume minuscule proportions and fade away and I feel as if I am on top of the world and my ego gets inflated.


I think I am the king of all I survey beneath my feet!

But, wait! another part of my mind says.

Be not be proud you arrogant ego!

Look at the huge city spread beneath you with millions of buildings and houses, your house is just one of the countless, lost in the concrete jungle.

Millions of people live in the city and you are one insignificant and minuscule person amongst them.

This is just one city and there are thousands and thousands of such cities and millions and millions of people and you are one of them!

This was a humbling thought and my puny and inflated ego got punctured as I was overcome by a sense of awe at the sheer size and grandeur of our planet, Mother Earth.

We were now flying above the clouds and I looked at the soft, white and fluffy clouds floating merrily with grey abandon, not bothered about their destination, and I let my mind free from the shackles of civilization and let it drift unfettered on its flight of fancy.

My thoughts were broken by the PA system of the plane, ” We shall soon be landing in Bangkok……….”

And I gathered my thoughts and returned to the present ready for yet another Travel adventure.

My mind often drifts away into such voyages of fantasy. Do you experience similar thoughts? What crosses your mind when you see those floating clouds beneath your plane or those tall skyscrapers turning into small toys in front of your eyes when you look at them from the plane’s window?

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25 thoughts on “Flights of Fantasy

  1. GiGi Eats Reply

    When I see clouds I think of the most comfortable pillows or cotton candy – ha ha! I also think about trampolines and how it would be fun to jump on the clouds…

  2. Sofia Reply

    Love this! I think about how amazing out world actually is…quite surreal in those moments.

  3. Stephanie Langlet Reply

    I’m always excited to discover a new sky. Last time, when I returned from India, I really had a great Sky and Earth show from Doha to Paris. I couldn’t help shooting again and again. There were some snow-capped mountains, deserts, lakes, sea… That was really my most beautiful show !

  4. Rob Taylor Reply

    Every time I fly is thrilling for me. I love take-off and looking across the globe. I will NEVER enjoy landing though. Funny that it’s my son’s favorite part. He even starts getting other people worked up for it…and sometimes they don’t appreciate his enthusiasm for the bumps.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      So true, the take off gives you a sense of control and gives an opportunity to look at the world from above. You son might be enjoying the feeling of butterflies in the stomach while landing. Really curious to know his thoughts. 🙂

  5. nonsoloamore Reply

    I like it when I’m in the air but to tell you the truth – my stomach get’s a little sensitive over the years. I hope it’s not getting worse. 😉

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      As a kid I had this air sickness and always dreaded that feeling. But now I enjoy the journey. Hope you feel better in your future journeys. 🙂

  6. Renne Simpson Reply

    I don’t think I could ever get tired of flying. Although I tend to fall asleep through parts of my flight, when I am awake, I enjoy looking out at the world and taking it all in. And as I get closer to my destination, I start getting little butterflies in my stomach knowing I’m about to embark on an awesome adventure!

  7. Carlie Reply

    I was just reading a great book about this very same idea. I accidentally left it in the seatback after getting distracted by wandering thoughts. 🙂

  8. Ami Reply

    That is exactly what I feel…suddenly my so called”huge problems” seem minuscule. Nice piece that you have written.

  9. R Pradhan Reply

    I have strange feeling every-time I fly, the question arises- am I really traveling above the cloud?

    Don’t know why , every-time this does happen.

  10. neha Reply

    I sometimes like drifting into fantasies like these too. And once you are on board a plane, the child-like enthusiasm to look out of the window never ends, no matter how many journey you might have taken. Your pictures reminded me of that

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