Indian Desserts

5 Indian Desserts That Will Have You Salivating

Indian Desserts

Indian Desserts

India is a country that mesmerizes you with the sheer vibrancy and diversity of its landscape and culture. The richness of the country’s heritage also reflects in the sweetness of its desserts. India offers a lip smacking range of desserts across the length and breadth of the country.

My travels in India have taken me across the length and breadth of the country, to its modern cities, its small towns and remote villages and wherever I have gone, chances are I have found one unique signature sweet dish which the place claims as its own!

Dear readers I have already introduced you to the ecstasy of Indian desserts through my earlier post – Authentic Indian Sweets – An ecstasy for the tongue


Here are  5  Indian desserts selected from  over 170 varieties  that are guaranteed to arouse and seduce your palate.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Indian Desserts Gajar Ka Halwa

This dessert can be called as a ‘Saffron Seducer’ owing to its saffron color and richness of taste. It is a pudding made from grated carrots, milk, sugar and clarified butter. The origins of this dessert may be traced to the Mughal Period in India somewhere in the region of Punjab, Northern India.

The dessert is prepared in the kitchens of millions of homes of Northern and other parts of India during festivals and other celebratory occasions.

Ras Malai

Indian Desserts Ras Malai

This dessert can be called a ‘Yellow Temptress’. It lures you with its aroma and enthralls you with its rich and creamy sweetness. The name literally translates into ‘Juice of Cream’. It consists of round and flattened cheese soaked in cream and sugar and flavored with cardamom. The sweet originates from the eastern Indian state of Bengal, which is also the birth place of many of India’s mouth watering desserts including the illustrious Rosogolla.

Kaju Barfi

Indian Desserts


This dessert can be called as the ‘Cashew Charmer’. It is a dessert that simply melts in your mouth, setting off a million sensory explosions of ecstasy. The name can be literally translated as Cashew Sweet. This dessert is prepared by soaking cashew nuts overnight in water and then grinding into paste. The cashew paste is then mixed with boiled sugar syrup and marinated butter. This mix is quickly spread and flattened in a greased plate or shallow vessel, to be cut into thin diamond shaped slices once the mix cools down. The dessert is also covered with thin and edible silver foil to give it a regal appearance.


Indian Desserts

This one is the ‘Cool Dude’ of Indian Desserts. It may be called as the traditional ice- cream in India. The flavor and taste of this ice-cream is as unique as India itself. The origins of this dessert can be traced to the Mughal Period as well as Persian influences as the word ‘Kulfi’ is Persian for a ‘covered cup’. The Kulfi is prepared by boiling milk mixed with sugar and desired flavors till it condenses and then freezing the condensed milk in tight sealed containers or moulds. The density of Kulfi is more than normal ice-creams and hence it takes longer to melt. The Kulfi is available in numerous mouthwatering flavors like Mango, Cream, Pistachio, Saffron and Cardamom among numerous others.

Gulab Jamun

Indian Desserts


The ‘Gorgeous One’ or the queen of Indian desserts is Gulab Jamun. This dessert is prepared in homes across India and available in eateries spanning the length and breadth of the country. The origins of this dessert can be traced to Medieval India. Myth has it that it was prepared by the personal chef of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, by a sweet accident! The word Gulab refers to the rose flavor that goes into the making of this dessert and the word Jamun refers to an Indian fruit which the dessert resembles in shape and color. The Gulab Jamun is prepared by making a dough of solidified milk mixed with a pinch of flour which is then shaped into small circular balls which are then deep fried till they are golden brown. The fried dough balls are then soaked in sugar syrup flavored with rose essence.

The Desserts listed here are just the tip of the “ice-cream’! The wide range of Indian food and its desserts promise the taste of heaven right here on earth.

Have you tasted heaven right here on earth? Do let us know what your favorite Indian Dessert is; through our comments section.

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Indian Desserts


Indian Desserts           Indian Desserts



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69 thoughts to “5 Indian Desserts That Will Have You Salivating”

  1. I’m not into sweets at all but I’ve noticed that most of my Indian colleagues are sweet-toothed. One day one of the brought gulab jamun and I thought it looks so pretty and perfectly shaped, I tried one bite and it gave me goosebumps! Lol. It was too sweet for me. Since then I avoided it but will always take a photo of it whenever I see one. It’s too pretty! :p

  2. Great round up article! Indian sweets do tend to be a bit sweet for me, despite the fact that there were always around as I was growing up! I do love rasmalai though, because a good one is not overly sweet.

  3. I love indian desserts but i just cannot remember the names. Looking at your photos, Gulab Jamun is one of those. Super sweet but yummy.

  4. I’ve never eaten any Indian desserts except for kulfi! I usually don’t indulge in dessert at Indian restaurants because I eat too much naan! But now I will have to experiment some more. That Gulab Jamun looks beautiful!

  5. I love desserts especially the ones with fruits in them. The ice cream pops look really good and refreshing too! Perfect of the hot summer weather! I love how diverse the desserts are!

  6. I absolutely love the Gulab Jamun! I remember that I used to order it hot, with ice cream near it. Even if I was full, I would still go for 1 or 2 gulab jamun, if they were available in the menus. The best one I actually had in Varanasi.

  7. I’ve never eaten any Indian desserts now that I think about it. Don’t remember these being on any menu when I’ve ben to Indian restaurants. Kulfi looks especially appetising!

  8. I had Gulab Jamun & Karju Barfi at my friends wedding and I was addicted. It’s super yummy — next time I visit an Indian restaurant I hope they serve some of these treats, I especially want to try Ras Malai.

  9. I LOVE all Indian food, great for vegetarians like me! I will definitely try some of these desserts next time I’m in India! In the meantime. do you have a favourite recipe to share? Thanks!

  10. This stuff looks the business!

    All the more reason to get my butt (and stomach) to India!

    I’m quite fond of Jalabi as well… in small portions of course!

  11. Please sign me up for one of each they all look and sound divine. I would love to try the Ice Cream in either mango or Strawberry (like the one in your picture) and that last one “The Gorgeous One” wow that just looks incredible. Thank you for sharing these with us. Happy Roving!!!

  12. These all look delicious! I just know how to point when ordering, so thanks for sharing the names! Now I’m going to have to find some recipes to make these at home.

  13. These all look so tasty! I wouldn’t know which one to try first. I love the flavours & variety of Indian food, but have to admit that so far I’ve only really explored their savory dishes. Your post has definitely inspired me to change that.

  14. I have never tried any Indian dessert yet actually. But from your selection, I definitely would like to try Ras Malai and Kaju Barfi because I’m a fan of cashew and cheese. 🙂 great job for describing them thoroughly!

  15. Those all look delicious! I enjoyed seeing them, because we sponsor 2 girls in India and I often wonder what they eat. They have mentioned “biryiani” (I may have spelled that wrong). Have you heard of it?

  16. This is the first time I’ve seen some Indian dessert and wow they look delicious. I am particularly curious with Kaju Barfi just because of the silver sheen to it. I wouldn’t even think it’s edible if I didn’t know it’s a type of a dessert.

  17. Indian cuisine is probably my favourite in the world, but I must admit that – Kulfi aside, which I have enjoyed several times – I have not really sampled many of the desserts on offer. I have to say that these do look delicious, particularly Gulab Jamun; if it’s good enough for Shah Jahan, it’s good enough for me 🙂

  18. Oh my goodness! These desserts not only look beautiful but sound AMAZING! It looks like dessert making is an art form in India. Love seeing dessert from around the world 🙂 I’d have to say the one that looks the most delicious to me is Gulab Jamun (it was hard to choose!)

  19. I feel so disappointed that I haven’t tried any of these desserts. It sounds like I have seriously been missing out. I think I need to hunt down some Gulab Jamun as my first one to try out 🙂

  20. That yellow temptress and cool dude seems tasty to me. From your tempting description of it I feel like I’m eating way too much of desserts. I only eaten Indian restaurants in Cebu but didn’t try nor have noticed some good desserts I should see to it that I ll have some desserts on my next visit. Restos were owned by native Indians so I bet it’s as the same

  21. I haven’t been in India, and I won’t even remotely playing ignorant here, but I wasn’t aware with Indian desserts. All I know is the famous curry 😀 Now, this goes on my must try foods when I get there! 😀

  22. I was more than 30 years old when I started to get familiar with Indian food. Although it’s not a dessert, my favorite Indian sweet is lassi!

  23. When I think of Indian food, all the colorful and vibrant spices come to mind for main dishes. I never think about desserts for some reason, but now I’m going to have to put it on my list of things to try! Kulfi and Gulab Jamun sound delicious!

  24. Wow, Indian desserts are so different from what we have here. They are so colorful and looks so much more healthy too. If I had to pick one it would be hard but the Gulab Jamun looks delicious!

  25. India has a lot to offer and each region has its own taste to offer. my personal favorite kaju barfi. One thing you missed was Jalebi. There are still place where breakfast is incomplete without hot Jalebi on the plates.

  26. Everything looks so delish and so mouthwatering! I am not particular with the indian foods but hey, they look so yummy. The fact that it is dessert too, I won’t pass of giving this all a try!

  27. Ahhh I Love all of them, the one I ate most because it is easy to fin, on train journeys, etc is Gulab Jamun. But the one I like most it is Cashew Charmer, I am a Kaju lover.

  28. Indian sweets are the best! I absolutely miss Kaju Barfi – it was like the only sweet I would insist on eating as a child (and now – maybe). I’ve never heard of Ras Malai but it sounds interesting!

  29. Wow, this is heaven! I love all the dessert and they looks so tempting and luscious. I haven’t tried any Indian dessert yet and while reading your post, I want to fly to India and try all of them. The ras Malai is really looking so delicious. When I get the chance to visit India, I make sure that I’ll try all these desserts. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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