Indian Travel Blogger – Journey Of A Lifetime

Indian Travel Blogger

This is about our journey as Indian Travel Blogger, starting from scratch to becoming one of the best travel blogger in India.

Indian Travel Blogger

Our journey as an Indian travel blogger couple has been a great experience for us and hopefully, it has been an inspiring one for others. It is always necessary to pause and look back when on a journey to see how far you have come, from where you started. It gives us immense satisfaction as we take a step back, and take a look at our journey so far, now that we have touched the milestone of crossing 800 blog posts on our blog which amounts to over 2 million words.

Indian Travel Blogger | Travel Content Creator India

Indian Travel Blogger

This post may sound like a narcissistic narrative,  but the objective is to review the journey, the milestones and the learnings, as we evolved from being Indian travel bloggers to Indian travel content creators. It is about the many times the spotlight was on us as we garnered many accolades, awards, and numerous Top Indian travel bloggers listings. It is about our evolution from being bloggers to being travel influencers and travel content creators in India.

Indian Travel Blogger | Indian Travel Writer – A Journey To Cherish

Best Travel Blogger in India

Our journey as travel bloggers started some 6 years ago. Both of us, i.e., Sandy and Vyjay, have been always passionate about travelling and also about writing. Travelling was part of our life even before we started blogging.

Both of us were pursuing lucrative and high-profile jobs in Blue Chip companies, and we started with a page on Facebook followed by a WordPress blog to share our travel stories with the world. Soon we had our own website and were posting our travel stories regularly, and after that, there was no looking back.

This is about our journey as Indian Travel Blogger, starting from scratch to becoming one of the best travel blogger in India.

The Evolution of An Indian Travel Blogger | Indian Travel Content Creator

Best Indian Travel Blogger

Our travel blog was born out of a passion for travel and writing, in the beginning, we never looked at it as a source of revenue or a full-time career, but rather as a side hustle. However, soon after launching our own website, we found brands approaching us for collaborations, and in no time we were finding it hard to cope with the demands of content creation and juggling it with our full-time jobs.

Thus one fine day we bid adieu to our full-time and secure jobs to plunge into the world of travel content creation on a full-time basis. There have been many a challenge, during our blogging journey. However, the successes have been worth all our efforts.

Indian Travel Blogger

Today, we have worked with most of the major Tourism Boards, both national and international, and with other travel and hospitality brands from around the world. We have also evolved into more than travel bloggers. With bylines in many major national and international publications, both in print and online, we have forged ahead as freelance travel writers and strived to be the best Indian Travel Blogger.

With the passage of time, we realized the power of social media to draw traffic to our blog, and hence we ended up building a presence on different social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. As videos started becoming more popular, we also focused on building our own YouTube channel to supplement our blog content. Along the way, we have carved a niche for ourselves as reliable and credible travel content creators. Today, we are considered to be one of the top travel bloggers in India.

Indian Travel Bloggers – The Way Forward for Travel Content Creator India

Travel Content Creator India

We strongly believe in the power of the written word and the longevity of long-form blogs, be it travel or any other domain. Yes, short-form videos like Reels on Instagram, Shorts on YouTube, and on other platforms are ruling the roost today, however, blogs are on a different level.

The primary advantage of blogs is their evergreen nature, because of which they are not likely to fade away any soon. Another important feature of blogs is the sheer breadth and depth of information they can provide.

In the long term, the best strategy for travel bloggers is to optimize their social media strategy. They should have a good mix of social media content which would include short and long-form videos and content on micro platforms like Twitter. Podcasts are another aspect that travel bloggers need to look at and see if they can harness the power of this audio medium as well, to increase the synergy of their brand.

We hope you liked reading about our own journey as travel bloggers, and how we perceive the future of blogging in general, and travel blogging in particular. We would love to hear your views, do share them through our comments section. Do not forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on our social media handles.


Indian Travel Blogger – Journey Of A Lifetime

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Indian Travel Blogger - Journey Of A Lifetime

Indian Travel Blogger - Journey Of A Lifetime

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