How to Influence People the Influencer Way


The history of blogging can be traced to the 1990’s though the word itself came into being and common usage much later. However, it was only after 2001 that blogging really came into its own and people started to take it seriously. The importance of blogging and bloggers in marketing came much later. It is only recently that Brands have realized the tremendous potential that Bloggers and other social media influencers have with respect to influencing consumers. On the other hand, blogs have evolved from being more of personal diaries or a fora for the dissemination of news and events to being more specialized in their genre.

Today bloggers focus on their niche areas, which range from Beauty, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel and many others. Also, bloggers have evolved from being casual writers, taking up blogging as a hobby to serious writers who have expertise in their field and wield influence in the social sphere. Bloggers today, also wield a lot of social influence through the power of their social media network. Given this fact, bloggers are constantly looking for collaboration with Brands to monetize their work. On the other hand, Brands also recognize the power of Bloggers and other Social Media Influencers and are collaborating on a large scale with them in their marketing efforts.

The huge number of bloggers and social media influencers along with the equally large number of brands complicates matters as far as collaboration between the two is concerned. There needs to be a platform or marketplace where Brands and Bloggers can interact and collaborate. An answer to this problem is the platform called Influencer which is an endeavor from Social Beat, a leading digital agency.



What is Influencer

A digital platform or marketplace where Brands and Social Media influencers can meet and collaborate. A place that facilitates the leverage of the synergistic capabilities of Brands and Social Media influencers.

How it works

  • Brands share briefs about their campaigns as well as what they are looking for in the influencers
  • Influencers browse available campaigns and apply for the ones they are interested in and also provide their best quotes
  • Brands review the applications and select the ones that meet their requirements and provide the complete brief
  • Influencers complete their assignment
  • Influencers provide analytics report of coverage after a week
  • Influencers are paid as per agreed terms within a week

How to work with them

It is simple to work with Influencer. All it needs is to sign up with them and start applying for campaigns. You will be notified once a Brand is interested in working with you and shall receive the brief. After that, it is smooth sailing and a great collaboration with leading brands, thanks to the Influencer platform. The Influencer platform is ideal for both new and established bloggers. It is a perfect launchpad for the newbies to carve a niche for themselves, while for established bloggers, it broadens the horizon and helps them in expanding their reach.

What differentiates Influencer from similar platforms

  • Steady stream of campaigns
  • Exposure to a large number of Brands across verticals to work with
  • The payment for the campaign is 100% without any deduction for service charge or agency commission
  • Prompt payments within a week and no necessity for tracking the same
  • Personalized query resolution by the team

Our Collaboration with Influencer

We have been working with Influencer for more than a year now. Incidentally,  this is from the inception of our Voyager site. We have had a great journey with them so far and have been privileged to work with some of the leading Brands of the country!

  • Payment has always happened promptly within one week of the completion of the campaign and sharing of analytics report
  • The payment for the campaign is 100% without any deduction for service charge or agency commission
  • The team is very responsive and revert back to any queries with lightening speed
  • Influencer is also available in its App Avatar, on the go, read our review of the App – Influencer App


The Influencer is a wonderful organization to work with for a hassle free and collaborative experience. It provides exposure and opportunities to work with some of the leading and premium brands of the country. It provides a great opportunity to monetize Blogs and Social Media accounts. We are looking forward to many more opportunities to work with Influencer in 2017 and for the years to come. They have proven to be a strong ally in our thirst.

Read our interview that was featured by Influencer here.

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To conclude, Influencer helps brands leverage the power of bloggers & social media influencers to create awareness & drive word-of-mouth marketing across social channels. Influencers with reach across Blog,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can monetize their influence across categories, including Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology, Finance etc. Influencer is indeed an ideal platform for both bloggers and brands.


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14 thoughts on “How to Influence People the Influencer Way

  1. Ana De- Jesus Reply

    This was a brilliant post on how beneficial influencers are for marketing and exposure. Crazy to think that the first blog was set up in the 90’s isnt it?

  2. Mihaela Echols Reply

    I’ve never heard of influencer. There are so many social media things out there I cant keep up. Blogging has been going for about 20 years? gosh and everyone is saying its the new fad.

  3. Steven Goodwin Reply

    This is spot on. As blogging and the recommendation of products becomes the go to way to market to individuals, bloggers will be gaining marketshare as long as they can learn how to work their audiences and attract people that they can get to take action. Influencer sound like a wonderful tool to bridge the gap!

  4. 9buckcrossing Reply

    I’ve been reading a lot about branding and campaigns lately. I didn’t know there was a software that collaborated them together along with social media. What a great opportunity to expand within the market.

  5. The Travel Ninjas Reply

    Influencer sounds like a great platform. There’s a lot of shady practices in this realm. It’s good to know that you’ve worked with them and that its reputable. We’ll check them out today.

  6. Robin Rue Reply

    This sounds like such a great way to show your influence. I am going to have to check them out.

  7. Heidi Reply

    I’ve heard Influencer is a great company. I used to apply for sponsored posts a lot, but the deadlines got overwhelming, so I stopped. Maybe I’ll go back to it some day.

  8. Stacey Reply

    I’ve signed up with one site so far. I’ve been somewhat successful but could do so much better. Its important to me not to sacrifice my integrity for making money

  9. Arni Reply

    I remember the early blogging days. It has evolved so much throughout decades. I have never heard of Influencer before. Will check it out.

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