Jetting Off – Airport Travel Tips

Jetting Off - Airport Travel Tips

Are you jetting off, then check out these practical and sensible airport travel tips that are sure to come in handy while travelling.

Jetting Off - Airport Travel Tips

The airport. Am I right? Where to begin. Preparing ourselves for the airport is perhaps the only thing in life that comes close to being as overlooked as the food industry’s instructions to preheat the oven. Or perhaps sunscreen. People forget sunscreen a lot, too. The point is that when we envisage our travels, our minds jump straight to the fun part, where we’re smiling and having fun in exotic climes, soaking up the culture and swapping email addresses with people we’ll never hear from again. Good old travel. We talk about Jetting off – airport travel tips in this post.

Jetting Off – Airport Travel Tips

There’s just the small matter of the airport before we can get on with it. And, as per usual, you’ve probably chosen to fly on the most understaffed airline known to aviation, from the airport with the slowest and most congested wifi since the whole university dorm realized one kid had set up a network without a password. So, what can we do?

We’ll get to that in a moment. First, you should know that with so many people hurrying around the airport, accidents can happen (find a Sarasota based PI law firm if you’ve been affected). Trips fall, and injuries of all kinds that aren’t your fault can occur. You shouldn’t have to be extra alert to avoid accidents that aren’t your fault, but in a place like this with so many people all wandering around quickly and looking up at boards, it’s worth mentioning that accidents can happen. That being said, let’s get to the airport travel tips…

In The Airport

Jetting Off - Airport Travel Tips
Jetting Off – Airport Travel Tips

This comes down to portable chargers, a decent screen (phones are pretty small, perhaps take your tablet?), and snacks.

OK. There you are at the airport. With nothing to do but walk past the shops and think to yourself “who in their right mind would hand over half a day’s wage for a cheese sandwich and a bottle of water so small that the plastic outweighs the liquid?”. Then, naturally, like always, you hand over the money. You know this is going to happen. That’s why you should pack airport snacks.

Then, while you’re sitting waiting for your delayed flight (they’re always delayed), you need portable chargers, headphones, and movies saved on your tablet – don’t rely on the wifi. Worried about personal space on overpacked flights? Try the redeye (flights departing between 9 PM and 7 AM). They’re always less packed.

A note about the actual flight…

Unless you’re flying business class in one of those egg seats with buttons to recline and swivel into a bed, a cinema, and a gym, you’re going to be cramped. More people on planes mean more money. Back in the day, not everyone could afford to fly, so, seats were bigger. Now, tickets sell for less than the cost of coffee with all the extras, meaning you’re going to get to know your colognes and perfumes of several people really well. There’s not a lot you can do about that, but you can avoid the middle seat – some sites let you pick your seat at booking.

We hope you find these jetting off – airport travel tips useful and they ring a bell.

Happy flying and safe travels.

PinitJetting Off - Airport Travel Tips

Jetting Off - Airport Travel Tips

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  1. Hi Sandy and Vyjay,

    LOL on the salary for the cheese sandwich note. I experienced this around the globe for the most part but it gets extra silly in JFK and LaGuardia, in my native NY-NYC area. I recall paying $35 for 2 cheapie cheese sandwiches and 2 sodas. Madness. At least the fare seems some what decent in other parts of the world, for what they charge.


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