Kutni Island Resort – Khajuraho’s Pristine Getaway

Kutni Island Resort

The Kutni Island Resort is a beautiful resort easily accessible from the UNESCO World Heritage SIte and is located on an island in the Kutni reservoir.

Kutni Island Resort

We drove through intriguing rocky landscapes towards a waterbody. Our interest was piqued as we neared a gate that enclosed a long walking bridge that led to an island surrounded by water. We had reached the picturesque locale of the Kutni Island Resort very near the famous town of Khajuraho where we would be spending some time and having lunch in the course of our exploration of the culture and heritage of Madhya Pradesh powered by Times Passion Culture & Heritage Trails in partnership with Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

Kutni Island Resort – Haven Surrounded By Water

MPT Kutni Island Resort

This Island Resort is a beautiful property run by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. The property was inaugurated in January 2019. This Island Resort is fully funded under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme of the Ministry of Tourism, India. The place is a perfect getaway for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay, especially for those visiting Khajuraho.

The Pristine Location

Kutni Reservoir - Kutni Island Resort

This Island Resort is located on a small island in a reservoir of the Kutni river. A long walkway leads to the resort from the mainland parking area. The property is surrounded on all sides by the waters of the river Kutni and provides spectacular views on all sides.

Kutni Resort

This Island Resort is a haven of tranquility that is located about 17 kilometers from Khajuraho. The address of Kutni Island Resort is MPT Kutni Island Resort, Kutni, Rajnagar, India Madhya Pradesh 471625.

The Rooms At Kutni Island Resort

Luxury rooms in Kutni Island Resort

This Island Resort has 10 beautiful heritage cottages done up aesthetically and incorporating the best in terms of luxury and convenience.

MPT Kutni Island Resort


The rooms encircle a landscaped lawn in the center and look out towards the water. Each room has a private balcony that offers spectacular views of the river and its landscapes.

Other Facilities At Kutni Island Resort

Kutni Island Resort

There is a spacious restaurant with amazing views of the panoramic landscapes that serve tasty and authentic Indian cuisine. Having lunch or dinner with lovely views is an experience in itself.

The resort is also equipped with a boathouse and is in the process of incorporating various water sports activities that would be available to its guests.

MPT Kutni Island Resort

This Island Resort is a nice place to head to both for couples and families who are looking to enjoy moments of solitude and bliss surrounded by nature. Additionally, the attractions of the UNESCO World Heritage Site are within easy access.

Watch a short video about this Island Resort and listen to Mr. M.K.Samadhiya, Regional Manager, MP Tourism:

Kutni Island Resort, Khajuraho – Luxury MPT Resort, Madhya Pradesh

The Kutni Island Resort is a beautiful resort of Madhya Pradesh Tourism located near Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, India. The resort is about 21 kilometers fr…

How To Get To Kutni Island Resort

Kutni Island Resort

  • This Island Resort is located near Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, India
  • The resort is about 21 kilometers from Khajuraho Airport
  • There are flights that connect Khajuraho to Delhi

If you are planning a trip to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, India you can book a cheap flight through TripAdvisor or Agoda or CheapAir or Cleartrip or Makemytrip or Priceline right here. If you are planning to travel by road to Khajuraho from Bhopal, some of the options to reach Khajuraho are by self-drive car or cab or bus.

Places of Interest Near MPT Kutni Island Resort

Khajuraho Temples

  • World-famous Khajuraho Temples
  • State Museum of Tribal & Folk Art
  • Raneh Falls

In conclusion, this island Resort is a perfect foil that is sure to enhance the Khajuraho experience. A place you would look forward to for relaxation after all the walking that the exploration of the temples of Khajuraho entails. One of the best resorts in MP.

Kutni Island Resort

If you are planning a trip to Khajuraho and thinking of Kutni Island Resort booking, you can book it online.

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Have you been to Khajuraho? We hope the images of Kutni Island are urging you to head there! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


We were hosted by Times Passion Trails and Madhya Pradesh Tourism. However, the views and opinions expressed here are our own.


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PinitKutni Island Resort - Khajuraho's Pristine Getaway


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  1. Kutni Island Resort looks like a dreamy place for staycation. The ambiance looks great. Really like that it’s surrounded by water

  2. MP is really a heart of India with so many amazing places … I didn’t know about this place at all. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve never heard of this place but it looks amazing! That hotel room is making me very jealous with that view! Adding this place to my bucket list for sure.

  4. Kutni Island Resort looks luxurious and relaxing. Your post helpfully explains the attractions of the area as well as the features of the hotel. I’d definitely consider staying here if I were ever in Madhya Pradesh.

  5. Wow, this looks amazing! I would love to stay in a resort on a little island surrounded by beautiful water views like this. The heritage cottages look lovely. Plus, waking up and dining right on the water? Perfect! Kutni Island Resort (and the area attractions) are on my radar now, thanks to you. What a hidden gem!

  6. The Kutni Island Resort looks like a great place for a short weekend vacation. Loved the fact that resort is surrounded by water and has a vast expanse of open space. MP is a great place for maintaining social distancing as well.

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience at Kunti island! It looks so serene and pristine! I had never heard of Swadesh Darshan Scheme run by the government. I’d love to visit MP and Khajuraho temple. This sounds like an excellent accommodation option.

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