What adventure waits for you in the Landscape of Iceland?

landscape of Iceland

landscape of Iceland

What adventure waits for you in the Landscape of Iceland?

Are you searching for a break? Or are you desperate for a change of scenery? Then let go of all that stress and stroll in the fresh Icelandic air. These days, everyone’s opting for experience over materialism. We are beginning to realize that memories are irreplaceable whereas those wonderful moments are not. Life is both extraordinary and fleeting. Time and travel are all we have. That’s why adventure is everything to Agness and Cez from etramping.com.

This exclusive list has been created to help guide you through the landscape of Iceland. Lose yourself in its icy wilderness and discover what all the fuss is about…

landscape of Iceland

Historical Lands

According to the History site, the Vikings originally went over to Iceland destroyed most of the trees in their path. To this day, Iceland is trying to rebuild its environment by replanting the natural habitat. Iceland is rich with history. Preserved over time, its scenery is a stunning backdrop for your photos. You can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Þingvellir to sample the past of a Viking. Many tours will take you through this site to show you where Iceland’s first national parliament took place and where the ‘Golden Fall’ waterfalls are.

Iceland’s history still plays a huge part in today’s society. In the form of literature, the Medieval Icelandic writings live on. Poems of pagan gods and legendary figures may be viewed in various museums around the country. For a trip oozing with culture, the landscape of Iceland is an ideal destination. Let the adventure begin…

landscape of Iceland

Intriguing Icelandic Design

Iceland knows how to spark media attention in an instant. The country is known to produce extremely sustainable furniture and likes to keep things natural. However, the Icelandic city of Ísafjörður has been receiving a lot of buzz lately due to its intuitive pedestrian crossings.

Inspired by India’s floating crossings, the city took the idea one step further and installed a ‘levitating’ lane. Of course, it’s not actually floating above the pavement- although that would be awesome. It’s an optical illusion. The lane encourages drivers to slow down and to take a closer look at what’s ahead of them. A lot of artistic tourists have flocked to the streets of Ísafjörður so that they can capture the exquisite effect of the planks.  This is just one example where Iceland has converted the design to safety. Any city that looks after its citizens is a city worth visiting!landscape of Iceland

Horseback Riding

In Iceland, you can hire a handy horse to gallop you across the shores. Tour operators are everywhere so it isn’t difficult to find yourself one. This is a must-do activity for those who love animals. You’ll be safely equipped with all the necessary gear and your rhythm should come naturally. If you aren’t used to riding a horse, you’ll be paired with an experienced instructor who will talk you through the process.

Icelandic horses are very cute and petite! For something REALLY awesome you should ride the horses across the Northern Lights. There are a few very exciting bridle paths out there for you to try. Whilst you canter along the countryside, peace will overwhelm you. The horses will know exactly where to go and what to show you. Horseback riding is an exhilarating experience, especially across the lush landscape of Iceland.

landscape of Iceland

Sparkling Hot Springs

Iceland’s hot springs such as the Blue Lagoon are bursting with tourists. Quite frequently, people will fly over to soak in the natural waters and to reconnect with nature. These baths are protected by many Icelandic wildlife societies and regular visitors help to boost their popularity. You’ll find many different geothermal sites across the country so make sure to bring your bathing suit!

There are two types, the ones you have to pay for and the ones that are free. Some springs charge entry and entice tourists in with luxury packages. Now and then they will offer face masks and massages at extra cost. Their clear blue water will soothe your skin and leave it feeling purified. So what are you waiting for? Jump in!

landscape of Iceland

Go into an Ice Cave

Have you ever wandered into an ice cave? If not, Iceland provides you with plenty of chances to do so. There are many ice cave tours available. What will usually happen is a guide will take you around due to safety hazards. Caves like these have a habit of collapsing so you need to be with a tour operator that knows their stuff. Don’t ever walk into a cave alone and if you are by yourself, make sure to bring a safety beacon and whistle.

The crystal caves are masked with natural blue glaciers. You’ll be provided with a helmet due to any falling ice and plenty of time to take photos of the natural features inside the caves. Exploring the cave is a wonderful experience and is usually a highlight of many tourist trips to Iceland. For a complete Arctic adventure, immerse yourself in Icelandic nature.

landscape of Iceland

Witness a Whale!

On Arctic Cruises, you get the chance to actually witness a whale up close! These magnificent creatures have played a crucial role in the Icelandic culture since day one. Not only may you sight a whale, you may also sight a white-beaked dolphin. The warm sea current entices the sea animals to play and swim in the Icelandic sunlight. Plus, the rich variety of fish and krill means that there’s plenty for them to feed on.

Summertime is a great time to go and whale watch as it’s a little warmer out on the deck! Not only is it warmer, between April and October, but baleen whales like to wade in Icelandic waters. These whales are the largest animals on earth. That’s why if you want to go to Iceland specifically for whale watching, you must be particular about the seasons to visit. Overall, the landscape of Iceland is home to a wide range of wildlife. Yet, nothing quite beats the scene of a majestic whale rising up above the water…

landscape of Iceland

Are you interested in an adventure to Iceland? Let us know if you have been to Iceland.

landscape of Iceland

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30 thoughts on “What adventure waits for you in the Landscape of Iceland?

  1. Alli Smith Reply

    I’ve never been to Iceland. I’ve always wanted to go because the scenery is breathtaking and of course, the northern lights. Riding the trails on horseback sounds like a great adventure!

  2. candy Reply

    We were in Iceland last May. Really is a beautiful country with so much natural beauty to explore and see. Don’t forget to relax at the Blue Lagoon.

  3. Pam Reply

    I have always wanted to visit Iceland. Going to the hot springs is on my bucket list.

  4. Joely Smith Reply

    My husband and I both have a wish list on places to travel and this made it to both of our lists!
    Iceland is such a magical place!

  5. Franc Ramon Reply

    I would love to visit Iceland. They do have a lot of scenic sites and attraction. It’s such a mystical place to visit especially the natural wonders.

  6. Liz Mays Reply

    Iceland really does sound like a wonderful place to visit. I think we’d have a really memorable adventure there.

  7. Amanda Reply

    My in laws traveled to Iceland this year and they told me that it was so magical. I would love to see the Northern Lights in person. One of the world’s greatest wonders!

  8. Ami Reply

    Hot Springs and nature it is for me. Those formations that I have seen in some of the pictures are so surreal. And then of course, the hope of Northern lights. I hope that I get to visit some day.

  9. Our Family World Reply

    I just watched a documentary about Iceland. It is fascinating that Iceland is growing larger by an inch every year because of the movement of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It would be awesome to be able to visit and see all these beautiful things Iceland has to offer.

  10. Chubskulit Rose Reply

    I am most interested in seeing the northern lights, it would be a magical moment. It looks like there are so many things you can do out there in Iceland.

  11. Mary Edwards Reply

    I have been seeing some travel deals pop up here and there for Iceland. I really want to go. It really looks beautiful. Your pics are amazing

  12. Debra Hawkins Reply

    I have always wanted to go to Iceland and these photos just make me want to go more! It looks like such a beautiful place!

  13. Amy H Reply

    I’ve never traveled outside the United States. I think that Iceland is now going on my list of Places to Visit. Looks beautiful

  14. Abhinav Singh Reply

    Off late Iceland is rising as the next big destination. Being an adventure and outdoor enthusiast, it excites me. Whale watching is also high on my agenda as I am passionate about wildlife too. And of course, the landscape is breath taking.

  15. Eric Gamble Reply

    Iceland was truly amazing to me. I got to solo travel there and backpack through out a lot f the south east. It was amazing to see the volcanic formations, the Glacier, the black beaches, and the basalt columns. But what I really loved was backpacking to all the hidden geothermal pools. What an amazing world we live in!

  16. Anosa Reply

    Iceland is one of my bucket list and I would love to see the Northern Lights! Reading your article makes me wanna visit it asap!

  17. Medha Verma Reply

    I have been reading so many posts about Iceland and seeing all these surreal pictures that I do not think I can or should wait any longer to get there myself. I don’t like to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, I love going offbeat but Iceland looks like the sort of destination one cannot afford to miss. Everything from ice caves to waterfalls, hot springs and the dramatic landscapes are so Instagrammable!

  18. Divyakshi Gupta Reply

    I have not been to Iceland but it is very very high on my Wishlist because of the natural beauty and stunning landscapes!! The ice caves of the Jokursalon glacier, the numerous hot springs, the Blue lagoon, the waterfalls,The black beach. I am most excited about the Silfra fissure diving spot, which has clear water upto 100 metres and you get to dive between tow continental plates! What an adventure indeed:)

  19. Kavita Favelle | Kavey Eats Reply

    We adored Iceland, we spent 2 weeks there a few summers back and drove around the main N1 ringroad. I loved the landscape, the modern stylish design everywhere, the friendly welcome… We didn’t visit and ice cave so I’ll have to save that for our next visit!

  20. Thảo Nhi Reply

    I’ve never been to Iceland before but it has been on my bucket list for a long time! Seeing these surreal photos and knowing more about what Iceland can offer motivate me more on my adventure to get there! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  21. Megan Jerrard Reply

    Iceland is the ultimate destination! I do hope that overtourism doesn’t ruin the spectacular countryside as we have seen it do many other destinations – becoming quite the trend now that people are hearing about the magic wonders that lay within it’s borders.

    We spent summer in Iceland a few years back, and just loved it. Really want to get back in winter at some stage – horse riding is not something I’ve done although we appreciated the wild horses and took photos as making our way around the ring road. Will have to include that on our itinerary next time!

  22. Anu Reply

    Sustainable furniture – what material do they use for making furniture. I am intrigued how they are inspired by the root bridges of Meghalaya.

    I agree Iceland has done a phenomenal job when it comes to marketing itself – many other destinations can take inspiration from it.

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