Love at first sight – #MotoLoveTales


It was love at first sight. The moment I saw her I could hear the beautiful musical notes of a sitar blending with the peal of temple bells. I instinctively knew that my search for a perfect partner had come to an end and I gaped at her with my mouth open.

I was a dreamer and an idealist, I had always wanted my partner with whom I would spend the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years of my life to be picture perfect. I knew I was expecting too much; I wanted my partner to be my all weather companion, who would constantly stand by me come shine or rain. A partner with whom I could take sharp and clear selfies and upload them on the social network and be the envy of my friends. My love of travel would test the endurance of my partner and she needed to be charged up to keep pace with me.

But I was sure that I now had the perfect partner and I smiled to myself as I glanced sideways at my wife.

Why are you grinning like a fool? She asked.

Anyway, Happy Birthday! She said as she handed over the box on which was written, MotoX.

I gleefully took my perfect partner in my arms and turned around to thank my wife and also said a silent thanks to Motorola India Β – #MotoLoveTales πŸ™‚

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