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“Do not underestimate the power of a common man’! this dialogue may be from a movie of another Khan and of a different genre, but it seems to sum up the story of #Madaari, the latest movie from the directorial stable of Nishikant Kamat, the man who gave us Rocky Handsome. The film stars Irrfan Khan, Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Shergill, Tushar Dalvi and Nitesh Pandey

Madaari has been touted as a fast paced thriller in all its promos, and it does live up to the expectations fairly well.

Predictively the movie is ‘kidnapped’ by Irrfan Khan who turns in another powerhouse performance as the common man who is unwittingly caught in the labyrinthine webs of corruption and power politics.

The story is nothing new, it is the oft repeated theme of a common man frustrated by the system and taking it on single handedly, the difference is in the way this has been handled and the extra edge it has because of the razor sharp performance of Irrfan Khan.

The movie begins with the kidnapping of the son of the Union Home Minister of India and him receiving a ransom call with a strange demand. The kidnapper asks the minister to first find his own missing son in exchange for the kidnapped boy!

The story is of a common man, Nirmal (Irrfan Khan), who loses his son in a Bridge collapse in Mumbai, attributed to defective construction and the nexus between builders and politicians. The loss of his son drives Nirmal to vow revenge on the system that took away the lives of innocents. He sets off on a one man mission to expose the rot in the system and kidnaps the Home Minister’s son. A savvy and honest cop (Jimmy Shergill) is set to catch the kidnapper and this sets off a thrilling cat and mouse game, which reaches its unusual climax as the film ends.


The film is bound to strike a chord in peoples’ hearts as the issues highlighted are the ones that they face. People will identify with the sense of helplessness followed by anguish and then anger of the protagonist as he grieves for his lost son. Though the story of the film is not something which is new, the director succeeds in highlighting the sheer helplessness of the common man against the power of the system. The film maintains a steady pace throughout and succeeds in keeping the viewer racing along with the characters. There is just one song in the movie. Below are some reasons why Madaari is a must watch.

  • Another riveting performance by Irrfan Khan as Nirmal, the common man with an uncommon mission
  • The strange chemistry between the kidnapped and the kidnapper, echoes of the Stockholm Syndrome
  • Competent and suave acting by Jimmy Shergill
  • A background score that gels well with the plot
  • The honest intentions of the Film

The film is definitely a must watch and would make for an entertaining, thrilling and thought provoking experience for the entire family. So time to bring out the popcorn and sit on the edge of your seat to catch some fast paced action as the Madaari makes everyone dance to his tunes.

#Madaari is a must watch for all Irrfan Khan fans out there as this is one of his best movies!



We have been commissioned to review the moview #Madaari, however the review is our unbiased review after watching the movie.

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  1. neha Reply

    A good review. Seems like the movie has an interesting story line. We couldn’t watch it so far. I am thinking to get the dvd now.

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