Amazing Meribel Ski Resort – French Alps Skiing

Amazing Meribel Ski Resort - French Alps Skiing

Meribel Ski Resort is located right in the heart of the Three Valleys in France which is the largest connected skiing area in the world.

Amazing Meribel Ski Resort - French Alps Skiing

If you think skiing, then the Meribel ski resort located in the famed Tarentaise Valley cannot be far from your mind. French alps skiing is one of the best experiences of skiing in the world and Meribel Ski Resort provides the perfect setting for a dreamy skiing experience. Meribel happens to be one of three villages that form the Les Allues commune in France and is home to the Meribel Ski Resort that attracts skiers from all over the world.

Meribel Ski Resort | French Alps Skiing – Every Skiers Dream

Amazing Meribel Ski Resort - French Alps Skiing

The French Alps have always attracted visitors with their enduring charm. If in winter the white wonderland of Meribel beckons skiers, and the French Alps in summer assumes a different avatar. The French offer a green getaway from urban life into the welcoming arms of nature. A great place to rejuvenate and rejoice at the beauty of the mountains.

Meribel Ski Resort And Mountain Village – History

Meribel Ski Resort

The history of Meribel Ski Resort goes back to the year 1936. A Scotsman by the name of Major Peter Lindsay was in quest of a site for winter sports and he was looking for a place that was far from the then famous ski resorts of Austria and Germany, as he was wary of the growing hegemony of the Nazi regime. It was then that he stumbled upon Les Allues, and he visualized the place developing into an international ski resort in the heart of the French Alps.

Meribel Ski Resort has never looked back since then. It has even hosted some events of the Winter Olympics in 1992, specifically the Ice Hockey and the Women’s Alpine Skiing events. Today Meribel is part of the famed Les Trois Vallées which is the largest connected ski area in the world.

Meribel Ski Resort – Makings Of An Ideal Ski Holiday

Meribel Ski Resort

Meribel embodies everyone’s dream ski holiday in more ways than one. It offers a skiing experience in one of the largest skiing areas of the world. And what is really endearing is that it also offers the holiday experience of staying in a mountain village that retains its old-world charm. You can stay in a charming wooden chalet and wake up to mesmerizing views of the mountains that await you outside your window.

When it comes to skiing, Meribel offers the best in terms of facilities. You have modern and fast ski lifts that enable you quick access to the skiing area. In addition, you also have easy access to the main shopping area and also a cluster of choice restaurants.

Meribel is ideally located right in the heart of the Three Valleys, the largest skiing area in the entire world. It is arguably, the best place to ski in the whole world. The best part is that a single lift pass can provide you access to the entire Three Valley. The Three Valleys is a dream come true for skiers and has so much to offer. These include a massive area of 600 km of Pistes that is accessible on skis, 328 downhill pistes, 166 ski lifts, and much more.

Meribel makes for a great family getaway. The entire family can ski together or if someone is not really into skiing, there are many non-skiing activities too on offer. For those passionate about food, there is much on offer, from the most delectable fondue to spicy Indian food.

How To Get To Meribel Ski Resort

Meribel Ski Resort

  • Getting to Meribel by air is convenient with 4 major airports within 2 hours drive, these are Chambery, Grenoble, Lyon, and Geneva
  • If you are looking to travel by train you can take the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Moutiers in the Three Valleys, and then take a cab or bus to the Meribel Ski Resort
  • If you fancy driving, then you can also drive down to Meribel Ski resort

We hope you found this information about Meribel Ski resort useful and are already dreaming about your ski holiday in the French Alps.

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Meribel Ski Resort – French Alps Skiing

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