Nihal Fashions – A Fusion of Indian Traditional & Contemporary Clothing

Nihal Fashions

Nihal Fashions

India has a rich history and tradition of clothing and fashion that can be actually traced back to the times of the Indus Valley Civilization that existed as early as the 5th Millenium BC. Bone needles, as well as spindles found at the excavation sites, are a silent testimony to the origins of traditional Indian clothes and fashion. Ancient India had a well-developed cotton industry and many of the traditional methods have been passed on from generation to generation and survive even today.

Nihal Fashions – Indian Traditional & Contemporary Clothing

India is a country with a rich and varied culture, festivals and rituals. Festivals and weddings are the time when the people love to get dressed in traditional finery that evokes memories of aristocracy and royalty of yore. Nihal Fashions is a one stop shop for the finest of traditional wear for men, women, and children. Its online store caters to markets around the globe and their collection includes Sherwani, Kurta Pajama and Indo-Western suits for men and Designer Sarees, Salwar Kameez and Lehenga Cholis for women. A similar range of clothes is available for kids too. The finest of dresses are offered at very reasonable prices and also include free shipping based on order value in USD. Click here to visit their site.

The Sherwani- A Dress with a Royal Touch

It is surprising to note that the Sherwani traces its origins to the 19th century British India when royals and nobles wore them to court. The dress blended the British Frock Coat with the more Indian Kurta and Pajama. Lucknow may be regarded as the place where the Sherwani slowly evolved and became the favorite attire of the aristocrats and the royalty. Slowly the Sherwani gained wide acceptance across India. Today elaborate Sherwanis made of heavy fabrics are worn by men on special occasions like weddings and festivals. As it is the Sherwani is indeed a delightful fusion of traditional Indian fashion and Western styles, add to that the imagination and creativity of contemporary fashion designers and the Sherwani assumes an elegance and luster of its own. The Sherwani has and still continues to be a personification of aristocracy and elegance. When it comes to Men’s Sherwanis, Nihal fashions have an aesthetic code of charm. They have an assorted wide range of premium quality cotton and silk fabric Sherwanis.

The Saree- An Iconic Indian Women’s Garment

The saree stands as an icon of Indian women’s fashion over the ages. The reference to the Saree can be seen in the Mahabharata which was supposed to have been composed around 400 BC. The paintings and sculptures of ordinary women, danseuse and goddesses in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora show them dressed in what can be called as the precursor of the Saree as we know it today. The Saree has evolved over time and assumed modern and contemporary hues and designs. The versatile Saree assumes different avatars by the style in which it is draped and traditionally this style varied from region to region with each region giving its own twist and twirl to the Saree. The most popular style of draping which is prevalent today in India is called Nivi which originated from Andhra Pradesh. It was in the 1900’s that Maharani Indira Devi of Cooch Behar who was widowed early in life and as per tradition had to renounce the finery of richly woven, heavy and embroidered, colorful silk sarees and take to a simple and unadorned white saree. The Maharani turned the simple white saree into a fashion statement with the use of Chiffon sarees. It is said that she had chiffon sarees woven in France to her customized specifications. She is credited with introducing the Chiffon Saree to the wardrobes of Royalty in India. The Chiffon Saree today has become the medium of artistic expression for fashion designers across India. Nihal Fashions has a stunning range of sarees that include Designer sarees, Traditional sarees, Bollywood sarees, and Lehenga Style sarees to choose from.

Salwar Kameez- From Simplicity to Glamour

The Salwar Kameez traces its roots to the lands of Arabia and Persia. The outfit primarily consists of loose trousers with draw strings and a long shirt worn over it. It is a dress that is traditionally worn by both men and women in the Northern parts of India. The Salwar Kameez known as Punjabi suits was the traditional dress in Punjab, however, over the years this simple dress has evolved into glamorous fashion statements for women as well as become the dress of choice for millions of women across India, owing to its comfort and versatility. One of the gorgeous versions of the Salwar Kameez is the Anarkali which is named after the famous courtesan of the Mughal era. The timelessness of the Anarkali has made it a favorite with fashion designers.

Bollywood and Indian fashion designers have taken the humble Salwar Kameez from its rural roots and transformed it into a medium of glamor and contemporary style. So much so that this dress has probably overtaken the Saree as the dress of choice for Indian women. Nihal Fashions is a pioneer on this front and offers a mind-boggling range of Salwar Kameez that include Casual Salwar Kameez, Party Wear Salwar Kameez, Traditional Salwar Kameez and Designer Salwar Kameez.

The journey of Indian clothes and fashion over time is fascinating. The contemporary dresses of today have deep rooted origins in the aristocracy and royalty as well as the humble rural soil of the country. It is heartening to note that the Indian fashion industry including fashion designers and garment manufacturers have always endeavored to bring the best of traditional Indian fashion to the fore and fuse it with doses of glamor and style.


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Nihal Fashions    Nihal Fashions

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  1. Alli Smith Reply

    I enjoyed learning more about Indian fashion today! I love all the rich colors and the emerald green saree is so beautiful.

  2. robin rue Reply

    I love that all of the clothing is so colorful and pretty. I always enjoy learning more about different cultures.

  3. candy Reply

    All the dresses are so rich and elegant looking. The colors just stand out with their jewel tones and flowing fabric. The jacket looks stunning but wondering how heavy it is.

  4. Jill Robbins Reply

    I love the vibrant colors of the sarees. The gold long-sleeved dress in this post is my very favorite. I LOVE that color and it looks so pretty on her.

  5. Paula Bendfeldt Reply

    I absolutely love Indian Clothing Fashion. The colors of the dresses and the designs on the fabric are beautiful and bright. Thank you for giving us the history behind the traditional clothing.

  6. Jeanette Reply

    Indian clothes are some of my favorites. They know how to use color. Their outfits are gorgeous and with the color schemes that they have it’s something I wish we all were bold enough to do.

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    I love how colorful these clothes are. Now I need to see more Indian fashion, these are stunning.

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    Indian clothing is so very rich in color and ornate in details. I’ve never seen any in person but I do like to see it in the movies.

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    I absolutely love the bright colors of this clothing. My friend is a wedding planner and she recently planned an Indian wedding, the dresses were amazing!

  10. Amanda Reply

    Wow, these are such beautiful clothes. I am always so intrigued by the clothing worn by different cultures. I would LOVE to be invited to a event so that I could wear something as beautiful as this.

  11. Kiwi Reply

    I always thought Indian clothing was so beautiful. I love how colorful and uniquely designed saris are!

  12. Anosa Reply

    I love Indian fashion, the style is like none other and it is just so unique. So much of the outfits are filled with much history that it just makes it stand out.

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    the fabric is absolutely beautiful as well as the tailoring! very well fit and rich looking! Love the clothing ; )

  14. neha Reply

    Nice collection. Specially like the saree with the pom poms. Very nice fusion designs indeed

  15. Catvills Reply

    I think beautiful is not enough to describe these clothes! They are so colorful and elegant. The one I love most is mustard yellow dress in the last photo. It looks like a dress worn by royalty!

  16. Patricia Reply

    I knew very little about Indian fashion before reading this. In fact, I think my only reference has been Bollywood movies. But I love the history of it (that the tools have even popped up in excavations), and the colors are incredible. Everything about my fashion choices seems to be so neutral in comparison! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Megan Indoe Reply

    I’ve always admired Indian clothing for its beautiful vibrant colors and intricate designs. I have secretly been hoping I get invited to an Indian wedding so I have an excuse to wear a sarree! This was such an interesting post to learn more behind the fashion.

  18. candy Reply

    I love fashion so this was such a fun read! I have always been intrigued by Indian fashion. The patterns and style are gorgeous and one of my favorites is the saree. It’s great that it’s versatile and I didn’t know that the style varied from region to region.

  19. Paige W Reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous examples of clothing! The Salwar Kameez yellow dress is my favorite. It’s just so stunning. I would feel like a princess wearing it!

  20. Vibeke Reply

    So fascinating to read about Nihal fashion. Indians are so good at using colors, compared to Norwegians who pretty much more just use black. 😂 I love the yellow one. 😃

  21. Colby Reply

    The fashion is so colorful and regal! I love it! Especially the Salwar Kameez. She looks like a princess.

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    Good God, who is that man in the Sherwani ad? He looks extremely regal and is doing a great job at selling the sherwani! I have been collecting national costumes for as long as I can remember and love my salwar khamis. I always fantasized about having an Indian wedding… but I first need to find an Indian groom 😛

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    Wow, it’s great to read another new blog post from you which is not about travel, but a colorful culture of Indian People by showcasing the beautiful clothing. I truly love all the intricate designs that you have shown to us and the colors just rhyme to the small bids and the whole beauty of the dress. I haven’t seen anything like this and just captured my attention. Thank you so much for sharing another side of Indian culture. I can’t wait to see something like with my naked eyes soon.

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