15 Best Places To Visit In Gozo, Malta

places to see in Gozo

If you have plans to travel around the Mediterranean islands, one place you should never miss is Gozo. Gozo is the second-largest island in the Maltese archipelago. But unlike the mainland Malta, Gozo is less urbanized.

Places To Visit In Gozo Malta

Gozo is this large island that’s filled with unspoiled countryside villages that are filled with tradition and culture. It’s also home to several exquisite churches, beaches, greeneries, attractive village squares, limestone houses, and caves. No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, Gozo will certainly have something for you.

Want to try and explore Gozo Malta but don’t know where to begin? Well then, maybe familiarizing yourself with the different towns and villages there could help. Here are 15 places to visit in Gozo Malta ( Gozo attractions and Gozo sightseeing places ) – the villages in Gozo along with a brief description of what you would expect to see or experience from each of them.

Explore Gozo’s Towns And Villages – Places to Visit in Gozo Malta


places to visit in Gozo
PC: Jose A. Places to visit in Gozo – Għajnsielem

The village of Għajnsielem is where you will find the Lourdes Chapel. Fort Chambray, and the tall and beautiful belfry of Għajnsielem’s parish church. It’s a fishing village known for its old churches. If you stroll towards its centre, you will find the Lombard-Gothic style parish church. And further strolling around the centre of the village will lead you to the square of the apparition, or the “Pjazza tad-Dehra,” as the locals call it. All in all, it’s a great part of Gozo to admire the architecture and to get a little time for reflection.


places to visit in Gozo
Places to visit in Gozo – Fontana

Il-Fontana is actually an Italian word for “Spring.” Perhaps the name was chosen for this village because of its numerous springs. Il-Fontana, or “Triq tal-Ghajn,” as the locals call it, is actually a suburban village filled with arched shelters built over numerous springs. It also happens to be one of Gozo’s most fertile areas. It’s a great place to visit if you like strolling through farmlands or if you simply like to unwind somewhere with a serene vibe.


Il-Munxar is a short ten-minute walk from Gozo’s capital, ir-Rabat (Victoria). It’s a quaint little village placed between two valleys. Because of so, Il-Munxar has become one of the most scenic landscapes in Gozo. It also has its own small-baroque style church that’s actually built with Maltese stone. So if you’re planning to visit Gozo for inspiring landscapes, keep Il-Munxar on your travel checklist.


places to visit in Gozo
Places to visit in Gozo Malta – Qala

Il-Qala is found as the eastern side of Gozo. It’s a great place for watching sunsets and swimming at turquoise colored bays. What’s more is that it offers great views of Comino and Malta. If you do visit Il-Qala, try to pass by the Il-Qala Belvedere and Hondoq Ir-Rummien. Both will allow you to see picturesque views of Gozo’s stunning coastline. You may even ride about out to nearby caves, including the popular Għar Minka.


places to visit in Gozo
Places to visit in Gozo – In-Nadur

Another eastern village in Gozo is In-Nadur. What’s great about In-Nadur is that it offers great views of both landscapes and seascapes. The village itself looks very interesting with its baroque parish church that stands out from its skyline. Strolling through the village will get you to numerous tourist spots like the Maritime Museum and beautiful beaches. Some of the most beautiful Gozo beaches are actually in In-Nadur. Beaches like San Blas and Ramla are a popular choice for its clear blue waters. Plus, you can visit the unique natural cave boathouses in In-Nadur

Ir-Rabat (Victoria)

places to visit in Gozo
Places to visit in Gozo – Victoria

Ir-Rabat, globally known as Victoria, is the capital city of Gozo. It’s where you’ll find Gozo’s ancient fortified city, the Citadel. The Citadel is definitely a must-do if you ever visit Gozo. Walking through it will have you viewing fabulous views over the entire island. Moreover, the Citadel is also home to several historical establishments like the Museum of Archaeology, Cathedral Museum, Gozo Nature Museum, Folklore Museum, Old Prison, Grain Silos, and the WWII Shelter. But, if you’re not really into a historical trip, you may want to visit the Aurora open theatres or the Villa Rundle Public Gardens instead.


The historically rich village of Ix-Xagħra offers lots of great tales for its visitors. After all, it’s home to the UNESCO World Heritage site which is the Ġgantija temple. After a great historical tour of the Neolithic stone temple, you could also head down to the wonderful bays of Għajn Barrani, Marsalforn, and Ramla. All three wonderfully surround the village. And if you still have time to walk around Ix-Xagħra, make sure to visit the mythological Calypso’s Cave as well as the other stalagmite and stalactite-rich caves around the village.


Looking to rebuild your connection with the past? Take a stroll through the oldest village in Gozo, Ix-Xewkija. Ix-Xewkija is well known for its huge rotunda which happens to be a circular church at the heart of the village. Out of all the churches in Gozo, Ix-Xewkija’s circular church is the largest. In fact, it’s dome is a very iconic landmark that can be seen across most of the island.


places to visit in Gozo
Places to visit in Gozo – Iż-Żebbuġ

Travelling for a countryside vibe? Visit the wonderful village of Iż-Żebbuġ. The village itself is stretched over a peaceful hill north of Gozo. Its perfect location makes it one of the best spots to see panoramic views of Gozo’s countryside. Aside from the spectacular views, Iż-Żebbuġ is also known for arguably the most beautiful church in Gozo. Maybe because huge parts of the iż-Żebbuġ parish church is actually made with or sculpted out of Onyx, a semi-precious stone.


L-Għarb is one of Gozo’s oldest villages. If you want to feel like travelling back in time, this is the place to be. In fact, out of all the Gozitan villages, L-Għarb locals are the only ones that retained the original Maltese dialect. Locals in L-Għarb continue to use words and pronunciations that the rest of the Maltese population stopped using many years ago. Aside from being rich in Maltese tradition, L-Għarb is also the place to be if you want to taste the best Gozitan cheese.


places to visit in Gozo
Places to visit in Gozo – L-Għasri

Gozo’s smallest village is called L-Għasri. This quaint village is nicely wedged between the rolling hills of Għammar and iż-Żebbuġ. Though L-Għasri may be the smallest of all Gozitan villages, it does house the famous Ta’ Gurdan lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is 180 meters above sea level. It’s so tall that you could see it as far as 50km away. Walking up to it may be a bit tiring, but is definitely worth the sweat. Considering how it offers spectacular 360-degree views of the island.

San Lawrenz

places to visit in Gozo
PC: Jose A. Places to visit in Gozo – San Lawrenz

Want to relax in a 5-star Gozitan hotel? San Lawrenz may be the perfect village for you to spend a night in. San Lawrenz is a traditional village in the western part of Gozo. The village itself is located on a plain that’s encircled by three hills: Ta’ Gelmus, Ta’ Għammar, and Ta’ Dbiegi. And on the village’s fringes, sits the 5-star hotel Kempinski San Lawrenz.

It’s a great place to unwind and relax if you’re looking for luxurious accommodations.

Ta’ Kerċem

Plenty of tourists flock to Gozo to see its inland beauties. The best village to appreciate Gozo’s inland sceneries might just be the village of Ta’ Kerċem. Ta’ Kerċem is surrounded by Gozo’s scenic inland landscapes as it lies near the south-east of Gozo’s capital. It’s a wonderful place to paint, cycle, run, or walk.

Ta’ Sannat

places to visit in Gozo
Places to visit in Gozo Malta – Ta’ Sannat

One southern Gozitan village that you shouldn’t forget to visit is Ta’ Sannat. It’s a village that’s rich in glorious flora and fauna. If you’re into history, you might be delighted to hear that it too has a couple of prehistoric sites like the ruins of the L-Imramma Temple. Another great thing about Ta’ Sannat are the great views of the Hanżira Valley that it offers. You may even walk down the valley to get to the popular Mġarr ix-Xini Bay to indulge in a bit of swimming or diving.

The Hamlet of Santa Luċija

Though The Hamlet of Santa Luċija is actually part of the Ta’ Kerċem village, it has made itself quite distinguishable from Ta’ Kerċem. Perhaps the main thing that gives it its own feel is its rustic church square. Overall, The Hamlet of Santa Luċija gives off a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for people who just want to unwind in a quiet and serene place.

Gozo Tourism

How To Get To Gozo Malta

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Where to eat in Gozo

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Tours/Activities available in Gozo Malta

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The Bottomline

Well, there you have it. The different towns and villages of Gozo. You see, every village in Gozo has something to offer. Whether you’re looking for a connection with the past, culture, tradition, spirituality, architecture, or adventure, going to any of these Gozitan villages will certainly not disappoint.

Moreover, villages in Gozo offer various activities like village tours, island hopping, scuba diving, hiking, quad-bike tours, wine tasting, and so much more. Things to do in Gozo are innumerable. It’s all just a matter or planning the perfect itinerary if you want to try them all.

So, if you ever do visit Gozo Malta, do try to explore the entire island. It may be Malta’s second-largest island, but going through every one of Gozo’s villages is certainly something you can do within a week. However, we don’t promise that 7 days would be enough to fully enjoy all of Gozo’s wonders. To make the most of your Gozo holidays, you might want to check Enjoy Travel for car hire in Malta. They offer affordable and reliable vehicles that can take you anywhere on the island. So what are you waiting for? Plan your Gozo holidays today!

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15 Best Places To Visit In Gozo, Malta

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