7 Amazing Places To Visit In Kuwait

Places To Visit In Kuwait

Kuwait is a city where the contemporary merges with heritage, here is a list of places to visit in Kuwait on your Kuwait itinerary.

Places To Visit In Kuwait

The Middle East countries like Dubai and Sharjah have always been popular tourist destinations for Indians. However, Kuwait too has emerged as a sought after travel destination, and not without reason. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Kuwait. It is a country with pristine beaches, gorgeous islands, museums that open a window into its culture, and massive shopping malls that promise shopping nirvana.

Places To Visit In Kuwait – Holiday Option For Indians

Places To Visit In Kuwait

Kuwait is a place that makes for a nice holiday option for Indians. It has much on offer including its unique cuisine and culture. Add to this the short flight time duration and the ease of getting a Kuwait tourist visa for Indians, Kuwait definitely ranks as a holiday destination of choice for travellers from India.

Top Places To Visit In Kuwait


If you are planning a visit to Kuwait, here are the top places to visit in Kuwait, that you should include in your Kuwait itinerary.

Grand Mosque – Places To Visit In Kuwait

Grand Mosque Kuwait
Grand Mosque Kuwait

The Grand Mosque which is located in the heart of Kuwait is in many ways the heart of the country. It is the official mosque of the State of Kuwait, and is also known locally as, “Al-Masjid Al-Kabir.” The Grand Mosque sprawls over a total area of 46,000 square metres, with a central hall that can accommodate about 10,000 people.

The Grand Mosque is a beautiful example of contemporary Islamic architecture with elements of  Andalusian architecture. The interior of the mosque is more beautiful than its exterior facade.

Mirror House – Places To Visit In Kuwait

A unique place that you must visit in Kuwait is the Mirror House also known as Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum. The place is actually the residence of the couple Lidia and Khalifa Quattan. Lidia is an Italian born artist who has used her artistic creativity and ingenuity to craft an art masterpiece that they call home. The exterior of the building is covered with a mirror-mosaic.

The interior of the ground floor of the house is covered from top to bottom with exquisite mirror work, and this includes the ceilings, floors, and walls. The design of each room is based on a different theme and are called as Zodiac Hall, Universe Hall, Sea World Hall, Planet Earth Hall, etc.

Kuwait National Museum – Places To Visit In Kuwait

Kuwait National Museum
Kuwait National Museum

A museum is a place that opens the door to the history and culture of a place, and the Kuwait National Museum does just that. The Museum is divided into 4 sections, namely; The Kuwait Heritage Museum, The Archaeological Museum, Planetarium, and Boom Al-Muhallab.

The Kuwait Heritage Museum gives a peep into the history of Kuwait from its inception, as well as the ancient culture of the religion. The Archaeological Museum exhibits the artefacts discovered in the different archaeological sites of Kuwait, including Failika Island. Boom Al-Muhallab is a historic Dhow that was an iconic floating vessel of Kuwait that last sailed in the year, 1949. The Planetarium is a state-of-the-art centre with capabilities of 3D story-telling.

Tareq Rajab Museum – Places To Visit In Kuwait

The Tareq Rajab Museum is another unique place to visit in Kuwait that is known for its collection of Islamic calligraphy. The museum has a vast collection of more than thirty thousand items that are housed in two sections of the museum. The first section of the museum showcases items like ceramics, calligraphy, miniatures, jade, woodcraft, etc. The second section of the museum houses textiles, jewellery, and musical instruments. The museum is also known for its rich collection of Qurans and other Islamic literature from across the world.

Kuwait Towers – Places To Visit In Kuwait

Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers

Kuwait is a country that has risen from the ravages of war like the proverbial phoenix. The Kuwait Towers stand as a symbol of resurgent Kuwait. The Kuwait Towers are three slender towers that rise to the skies. These towers are visually very appealing and a fusion of the elements of Islamic architecture and futuristic design. The Kuwait Towers stand as a symbol of the prosperity and development of one of the richest countries in the world.

Failaka Island – Places To Visit In Kuwait

Kuwait Failaka Island
Kuwait Failaka Island

The Failaka Island is located in the Persian Gulf, about 20 kilometres away from the Kuwaiti coast. The island has played a significant role in the history of the region. It was a vantage point for the control of trade in the region. The ancient Mesopotamian civilization has its roots in Failaka Island which is just about 50 kilometres from where the historic rivers, Euphrates and Tigris empty their waters into the Persian Gulf.

The island has a history that dates back to 2000 BCE. Even today many buildings in the Mesopotamian style can be found on the island. The Failaka Island is the principal archaeological site of Kuwait that has been revealing the secrets of the ancient history of the region.

Avenues Mall – Places To Visit In Kuwait

Kuwait Avenues Mall

If you are visiting Kuwait, it is unlikely that you would resist the temptation to shop. The Avenues Mall is just the place to indulge your penchant for shopping. The Avenues Mall is one of the largest malls in the world, with over 800 stores. It is a luxurious mall with premium brand shops, entertainment centres, restaurants, theatres, etc. The mall has what is called, the Grand Avenue which simulates the outdoors with a transparent ceiling. The Avenues Mall is sure to satisfy all your shopping urges in Kuwait.

Kuwait is a country that beckons visitors with its modern facade, beneath which lies its true character rooted in a rich legacy of heritage and history. We hope you liked our Kuwait blog post and find it useful to plan your Kuwait itinerary. For more informative and interesting content, subscribe to our blog and connect with us on our social media handles.


Places To Visit In Kuwait

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