Ravangla- An Accidental Discovery

Ravangla- An Accidental Discovery

Ravangla- An Accidental Discovery

Ravangla is a beautiful and enchanting place situated in the South Sikkim District of the Indian State of Sikkim, lying in the North Eastern part of the country.

We were on our North-East odyssey during the winter of last year and had the names of better known places like Darjeeling, Pelling (check out our earlier Blog Post), Kalimpong and Gangtok on our itinerary, but not Ravangla, in fact we had not really heard about the place.

We stumbled upon this nice and captivating town by accident or rather thanks to our guide and driver on the trip who suggested that we pay a visit to the town on our drive from Pelling to Gangtok

The town of Ravangla is situated at a height of about 7000 Feet above sea level. The town is a vantage point for views of the Greater Himalayas, it has landscapes which are a feast for the eyes and also is a bird watcherโ€™s paradise as the location is a favourite haunt of Himalayan birds like Grey Bushcats, Dark Throated Thrush, Laughing Thrushes and many more.

A half hour drive from Ravangla is the Rayong Sunrise Point where you can see spectacular sunrises as the first rays of the sun kiss the snow covered peaks of the Himalayan Range.

Ravangla- An Accidental Discovery

Another must visit place is the Buddha Park at Ravangla. A huge complex enveloped in peace and tranquility with a 130 feet statue of a sitting Buddha occupying centre stage.

The park is relatively new having been completed in 2013 and the Buddha statue being consecrated by the Dalai Lama in March, 2013. The park is within the larger complex of the Rabong Gompa, an ancient place of pilgrimage for the Buddhists.

Ravangla- An Accidental Discovery

We enjoyed every second of our the short time we spent in Ravangla and silently vowed to ourselves that we would be back for a longer stay as we bid farewell to this small and beautiful town.

For more details of Ravangla and other attractions in Sikkim, refer to the official site of Sikkim Tourism, Govt. Of India.

Ravangla- Buddha Park Sikkim

25 thoughts on “Ravangla- An Accidental Discovery

  1. Anuradha Reply

    I wonder how many places has Dalai Lama been to, every little village in any part of Himalayas has something commemorating his visit.

  2. Corinne Reply

    This definitely looks like a place I would love to visit! It seems peaceful and a great place to walk around.

  3. Rob Taylor Reply

    What a wonderful site! It surprises me that something so new would be at a pilgrimage site, but it does make sense when religion and pilgrimages are such an active part of life in the area today. Wonderfully shared too.

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  5. Cori Reply

    What a beautiful site! Stumbling upon unexpected treasures like this is one of the wonders of traveling.

  6. Sarah Reply

    I wouldn’t mind stumbling upon this beauty, either! Another place on the list for when I finally make it to India! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hanani Reply

    Stunning! Even from afar one can tell how intricate the design is. And I wonder how many flight of stairs you need to climb to get there.

  8. Sarah Reply

    There pictures are amazing! I can only imagine what the scene looks like in real life! I hope to someday travel India and see all these lovely places!

  9. neha Reply

    Ravangal looks really interesting. I went to Sikkim long back, actually to gangtok. But didn’t visit here. I am thinking to plan a trip again since there are so many parts of Sikkim that are still unexplored to me. I will cover Ravangal as well.

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