Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit – Travel Medical Kit Checklist

Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit

How to be prepared for exigencies? It is advisable to carry a travel health kit equipped with the essential items which would come handy while travelling.
Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit

Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit – Travel Medical Kit Checklist

One of the seven wonders of the world stretches out in front of you, the guide is waxing eloquent on the monument and its history when all of a sudden you feel the all too familiar piercing headache, the sign of an imminent migraine. An all too familiar scenario, I am sure, and one of the worst nightmares of a traveller. How to be prepared for such exigencies? It is advisable to carry a travel health kit equipped with essentials which would come in handy when required. We bring to you here a compact travel health kit that would come handy when you travel.

Travel Health Kit

Emergency First Aid Essentials

Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit

  • Gauze and adhesive bandages
  • Antiseptic liquids like Dettol with which you can clean wounds
  • Disposable gloves
  • Sachets of ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts), especially when you are traveling in hot and humid conditions
  • Any antiseptic or antiburn cream
  • Scissors

Other Essential Medicines

Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health KitThings to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit

  • Painkillers to tackle those annoying headaches and/or fevers, like Asprin, Paracetamol, etc..
  • Anti Diarrhoeal medicines, never know what would disagree with your tummy
  • Antacids to take care of any acidity issues you may face
  • If you are travelling to the top of a mountain at a high altitude where oxygen levels are likely to fall, then it is prudent to stock some altitude sickness related medicines
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, then it makes sense to pack some medicines to specifically tackle this issue
  • Any other medicines that you are taking on a regular basis

Some Other Essentials

Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health KitTop Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit

  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as well as make a fashion statement
  • Headgear as required, especially if you are going to be out in the sun
  • Sunscreen, to get some protection from those UV rays
  • Earplugs to shut out the cacophony when required
  • An eye mask to get some beauty sleep without bright lights irritating you
  • A neck pillow to get comfy in your plane or bus seat
  • Hand sanitizer and hand tissues, to keep your hands germ free

Please note that this is in no way a comprehensive list, also be sure to check with your doctor regarding the medicines that you would like to carry with you.

What else do you think would be an essential item to carry in your travel health kit? 

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PinitTop Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit - Travel Medical Kit Checklist

Top Things to Pack in Travel Health Kit

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79 thoughts on “Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health Kit – Travel Medical Kit Checklist”

  1. These make for a perfect first aid kit. For me, it’s always just TWO basic things in my so-called-kit –
    1. Painkiller (Combiflam – this works for everything – I call it the “magic pill” – Be it a hangover, migraine, body ache, flue or fever – its perfect coz it contains Paracetamol)
    2. Band aids
    That’s about it 🙂

  2. I often wonder how many people take some sort of first aid kit with them. Having 2 kids we take some band-aids, bandages, paracetamol, and hydration fluid. Believe me we have had to use it

  3. This is a part of traveling that concerns me every time I got anywhere: getting sick on the road. Definitely agree with your list, especially with the stomach medication – you never know when you’ll need it.

  4. Some great tips here, my partner is in charge of all that kinda stuff (he loves it) so will get him to have a read! It’s so important to have a first aid kit when travelling especially if you’re going to remote places like we do.

  5. Great list! I’m actually bookmarking this because I always seem to forget something or the other. What kind of bag do you recommend using to carry these things?
    Sunglasses are always a must for me 🙂

  6. This is a really good starting point. I think that the anti-diarrhoeal medication is so important, especially here in Africa! When I travelled around South America for 5 months with a friend I was so lucky. The worst I had was a head cold and some mosquito bites, whereas my friend got salmonella, a thorn through her foot and a mosquito bite on her eyelid. I think it’s also important to note that you should get to a clinic asap if you can’t self-medicate/things are getting worse!

    1. Oh! that was bad for your friend. It is quite difficult to cope up if you fall sick or hurt yourself while traveling and knowing a clinic or a hospital in that place helps.

  7. My next ten day trip includes a wedding, so I am definitely going to need a hangover kit so I don’t miss a day of touring! With a bridesmaids dress and a custom hat, I will definitely be checking a bag. So much for the carry on travel days of my past!! Thanks for the great tips!!

  8. Great post! I would definitely bring my medication as I’m anaemic and I’ve underactive thyroid. However, I never really think of bringing painkillers, anti-diarrhea tablets or plasters because I can get them when I arrive at my destination if I need to. But it’s good to be prepared!

  9. Great tips. I think it’s often something that is forgotten by many travellers. I always took some stuff with me when I travelled, but it took a trip to South America for me to really realise that I need much more. I now travel with a complete first aid kit.

  10. Great guide! I honestly almost always forget about first aid items! 🙁 I’m not sure why! It’s no fun being in another country not knowing how to get what you need to feel better or feel more comfortable.

  11. It’s surprising how often people forget to pack a first aid kit with them – it’s one of those less glamorous things we do tend to forget, but nonethleless it’s essential. When I got sick out in Tanzania, the rehydration sachets I took were very much appreciated, that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Great suggestions for a travel first aid kit. We have spent the last 18 month travelling S E Asia and we defiantly have the anti-diarrhoea medication and paracetamol on hand. We also have anti-nausea medication and electrolyte tablets.

  13. Great tips. Remembering to be prepared is probably the most important thing. We tend to travel in the wilderness, so our kit is different, but our car kit is a lot like yours.

  14. For sea or motion sickness I use seabands, they go around my wrists. It is nice not to have to take medication that can then have other side effects.

  15. Carrying first aid is really very important during our travels as we are unware of the situations and how the place of visit would be, And your post is a great handy checklist every time we gonna pack to a new place. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I have a first-aid kit but have yet to bring it with me during travels. Instead, I make sure I always have alcohol, a roll of tissues and tablets for headache and indigestion. Reading this list, I’m thinking maybe I should add rehydration salts or any equivalent as well.

  17. As someone who finds it very important to carry out a health kit, this is a great article. I see I’m missing a few things from my bag 🙂 Thanks!

  18. A great list! Too many people overlook the basics, and there is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere without simple medication which could have been avoided! This is definitely a tick-list to be used prior to any trip!!

  19. One other tip regarding medications: be sure medications are in original packaging in the event that your bags are searched and it looks like you’re transporting pills. I’ve been told this directly by a TSA agent and customs agent.

  20. This is something we have put off for a while. After getting sick on our last trip to Zanzibar I vowed to be more prepared for emergencies on our next trip. Sound like you got just about everything covered so will be refering back as a checklist 🙂

  21. Couldn’t agree more about painkillers. Although you can typically find pain relief while on the go, it’s nice to have something there in case of a sudden need. Also dosages can get lost in translation, which could lead to adverse reactions or other health problems. I bring my own pain relief when traveling abroad for sure.

  22. An emergency kit is something I always forget to pack when I’m packing for a road trip. For some strange reason I remember to pack a kit for international travel but not for domestic travel. This is a great list and I am saving it for my future travels 🙂

  23. Meds for an upset tummy are ALWAYS good to have on hand. You never know when something is going to give you a stomach ache.

  24. Neely Moldovan

    This is so helpful. I feel like I always need something I don’t have packed. We are on vacation right now and I thankfully remembered most stuff!

  25. This is a great idea. I don’t carry a travel health kit but now I really think I should. I got sick on my last holiday and had to make so many trips to the pharmacy!

  26. Nobody carry health kits while travelling, but sometimes it is really useful. One should keep it with themselves, so that in case of emergency they can handle the situation. This is really a nice tip. From onward I’ll always carry a first aid kit with me.

  27. These are great tips! My hubby is a nurse so he is kind of my real-life medicine kit. Lol But it is always nice to have these items on hand in emergencies!

  28. I’ve only ever packed ibuprofen and anti-diarrhea medicine. I’ve found it intimidating to buy pharmaceuticals in other countries where the labels are written in a different language. I need to add some of your suggestions to my list for my next travel adventure though!

  29. Thank you for the tips on how to put together a travel health kit. You have everything, every need pretty much covered. But you know, I would put together a kit like this and keep it handy in the house for in the event of a natural calamity, all our emergency medications are in just one bag.

  30. We always make sure to keep a bag like this in the car, not just for trips, but all the time. You never know when it may come in handy! You reminded me that it’s time to do a bag check and maek sure nothing needs refilling or replacing.

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