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Udaipur, the city of lakes is one of the throbbing tourist hubs in India. It has lots to offer in terms of culture, history, nature, spirituality and food. Beautifully surrounded by the Aravalli mountain ranges, and home to four big lakes, it houses beautiful palaces, museums, parks and artisan hubs. It would take days to soak into all that it has to offer. Although we would love to, but often we are constrained by time. Recently, we did a trip to Udaipur and spent approximately two complete days in this beautiful city. We created an itinerary for ourselves and made a note of top things that we wanted to do and experience in this city of lakes. We decided to divide the couple of days at hand between two major areas – the old city area around Lake Pichola and the new / expanded city area around Fateh Sagar Lake. The two days turned out to be absolutely stunning. So, here is our recommendation of top things to do in Udaipur in 48 hours.

Day 1

Start the trip with a temple visit – Jagadish Temple


Udaipur city is full of old temples with beautiful architecture. Temples are open from as early as 6 am in the morning till noon, and then reopen from 4 pm in the evening. Jagadish temple is one of the oldest and renowned temple in Udaipur. It is a temple of Lord Vishnu (one of the Gods of the Hindu trinity responsible for preserving the universe). You could visit this temple post breakfast, or even earlier to offer your prayers. You can spend some peaceful moments in this temple premises and then start off to the next destination. We spent 30 minutes in solitude in this temple and the positive feeling gave a nice start to our day!

Head to the Udaipur City Palace 


Udaipur City Palace is the biggest palace in the state of Rajasthan, India. While a large part of it is open to the public now, the royal family still resides in one part and the rest of the part is leased out by them to two five-star hotel chains. The main (public) entrance to the palace is conveniently located just 200 meters from Jagadish Temple. We recommend that you take a guided tour to understand the historical significance of the places that are to be discovered next.


There is a big weapons and artifacts museum as one enters the palace, followed by different chambers where the king performed his official duties. Then comes the queen’s palace where she and her retinue resided, king’s palace and finally you will find a silver museum before the exit. You can also find a crystal gallery inside the palace. Admission to it requires additional tickets.


You can easily spend two to three hours in the palace complex and enjoy every bit of it.

Its Lunch time! Try a local restaurant

By the time your Udaipur city palace tour is over, you would have walked a lot, climbed up and down the stairs and synced in a lot of history. The next best thing to do would be to satisfy your stomach with the delicacies of Udaipur. There are lots of options for lunch both inside and outside the City Palace complex. However, if you want something more local, exit from the same public entrance door of the City Palace. The road outside the city palace is lined up with several restaurants and cafes (though not upmarket, it is sure to satisfy your taste buds).

Lets now go to Bagore ki Haveli


Bagore ki Haveli is an ancient Haveli (royal residence) turned into a museum now. It is 700 meters from City Palace, and thus, an ideal choice to visit next. It has over 100 rooms that have different costumes, artifacts and other items of use on display. The museum has a weaponry section. Here, the weapons used during the ancient battles are on display. There are hundreds of rooms which display various objects used in the Haveli by its erstwhile residents. There were three more sections in this museum which we found very interesting:

  (1) A puppet museum where various puppets are at display representing a royal court setup, soldiers, camels and horses etc.

  (2) A turban museum which has different turbans from Rajasthan and adjoining states of India, with description of what differentiates them from the rest.

  (3) A section where the stages of a royal Indian wedding are depicted through beautiful 3D models.


It takes around 2 hours to visit the museum.

Admire a glorious sunset over Lake Pichola


Bagore ki Haveli is located right on the bank of Lake Pichola. A little walk of about 8 minutes takes you to the boating complex. From here, a boat can be hired to take a ride on Lake Pichola and you can watch the mesmerizing sunset into the horizon. Against the backdrop of the sunset, you will get to see the grandeur of the City Palace and Bagore ki Haveli on one end and Udai Vilas Palace on the other end. Jag Mandir Palace is a coveted stop in the middle of the lake (PS: special boats run till there). If you want to give your spouse a pleasant surprise of a romantic dinner or want to have a fine dine experience amidst the lake, you can as well book a table in advance at the restaurant here. Alternatively, you can choose to end the boat ride at one of the many restaurants that surround the Lake Pichola and provide amazing view of the glittering buildings and palaces under the night sky. PS: For a high end fine dine experience, you can also head to The Leela, on a boat.

That would bring us to the end of day! What would we do now? Head to a cozy accommodation for the night and have a beautiful sleep, dreaming of the little waves that are produced in the wake of your boat in Lake Pichola and the shimmering reflection of the dazzling city lights!

Day 2

A boat ride at Fateh Sagar Lake & a walk through Nehru Garden


A perfect start to the day two morning would be Fateh Sagar Lake. Boating on the lake starts quiet early in the morning. The lake is serene and ultimate during the morning hours and the icing on the cake is that there is no tourist rush in the early hours. Nehru Garden is a beautiful garden in the middle of the lake. It is about four square kilometers in area. The garden opens by 9 am in the morning. Boats pickup and drop visitors at regular intervals to and from the garden. A morning walk surrounded by greenery in the middle of a pristine lake – what could be a better start to the morning!

Meet the artisans at Shilpgram


We highly recommend you next proceed to Shilpgram. It is a craft village. It is located just 3 kilometers from Fateh Sagar Lake. This is a government initiative to encourage and provide right exposure to skilled craftsmen and artists. Every artisan is given a shop to sell his work and the artist groups are provided a platform where they can showcase their art (folk dances, magic shows etc.).


The shows run multiple times a day. They last approximately for an hour. Each performance typically lasts for 10-15 minutes. Puppet shows are also organized here. During our visit to Shilpgram, we thoroughly enjoyed the performance of artist groups which had come from not just the state of Rajasthan, but also from the neighboring states as well. Post this, we met several artisans and skilled workers who exhibited and sold their fine handmade products. This included a Mojri shoe maker who has to his name the world record for the smallest shoes, another thread-worker who had an entry in limca book of world records for his fine work and several others. The shops are full of authentic hand woven clothes, bandhej, lah bangles, bed covers, Katha work, fashion jewelry, nail art work, paintings, eco-friendly kitchenware and much more. You can easily spend half a day at Shilpgram.. Once done with the tour of Shilpgram, you can have lunch in a small and tidy restaurant in the same complex, almost near the exit. There’s a fine dine restaurant too, just besides the Shilpgram complex.

Sahelion ki Bari next


Sahelion ki bari is located 3 kilometers from Shilpgram, quiet near to Fateh Sagar Lake. This is a garden constructed by the king for his daughter. Apparently, the little princess was in love with rain and water. It was not in the power of the king to be able to make it rain whenever he desired. So, he got this garden constructed.


The garden is divided into several sections. Each of them has a different kind of fountain and water body amidst greenery. The princess would come here with her friends and enjoy the artificial rain from the fountains and  swim in the little pond (or was it a huge bathtub!) whenever she desired. Hence the name, Sahelion ki Bari (Girlfriends Garden).

Ahar, the Royal Cremation Ground


Although, some may not be very keen to consider a cremation ground as a site, still, it would be a good idea to visit Ahar once. It’s the royal cremation ground of Udaipur. It has 372 cenotaphs of kings and queens of Mewar. Each one of them is beautifully made in fond memory of the deceased. Over the years, this place has held a strange fascination for travelers. While some come to admire the architectural beauty of the cenotaphs, some are drawn by the sepulchral peace of the place. Whatever your reason, you would love to spend some time in this place. It is around 3 kilometers away from Udaipur city and it would take around 15 minutes to reach from Sahelion ki Bari.

Its shopping time!!

By the time you head out from Sahelion ki Bari, it would be dusk. Udaipur is a shopper’s paradise. So set aside some time for shopping. No one would want to leave Udaipur without shopping. The main textile market Hathipole is just 2.5 kilometers from Sahelion ki Bari. The color and variety of fabric available here would simply amaze you.


Do checkout nearby streets for handicrafts as well. You can also head to government emporium or NGOs like Sadhana that have small boutique in their complex, just to pick a few souvenirs back for loved ones. Even if you do not want to shop, it’s quiet an experience to just stroll through the thriving local markets and have a glance around and do window shopping.

So, that’s almost the end of the 48 hours in Udaipur! Wait! Reflect back a little at the two days. Didn’t we have a tryst with history at Bagore ki Haveli & Udaipur City Palace, spirituality at Jagadish temple, nature at Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, culture at Shilpgram, Handicrafts and textiles of Udaipur whilst shopping and local food during the meal times! No wonder the 2 days spent turns out to be the most magical 48 hours spent in Udaipur! While in Udaipur, don’t forget to plan a trip to Kumbhalgarh fort. Check out places to visit in Rajasthan.

India has many interesting places to visit. Do check out some of the best places to visit while traveling in India.





This is a guest post by Neha. She and her husband Abhishek are travel enthusiasts & travel bloggers by passion and software engineer by profession. Neha is the planner and the writer. Abhishek is the executor and the photographer. They plan their family trips at the beginning of each year, putting good use to all holidays and extended weekends available. Post the vacation, they share their experience through their travelogue Revolving Compass. When they are not able to travel physically, they travel virtually reading blogs of fellow travelers (and that happens daily!)


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81 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Do in Udaipur in 48 hours

  1. Christina Reply

    Udaipur is one of my most favourite places in India. It has that balance between serenity and chaos. I’ve visited most of those spots but missed Bagore Haveli, which looks like it’s well worth putting on the itinerary. Ah well, next time!

    • neha Reply

      Definitely Christina. Bagore ki Haveli is quiet a nice place to visit. We had a wonderful time there. You can visit it on your next trip

  2. Mar Pages Reply

    I love the suggestion of starting your day with a boat ride! I always feel refreshed being near the water. This will be a fantastic help for when I visit Udaipur 🙂

  3. Ivy Reply

    Bagore ki Haveli looks gorgeous! I love the exterior- very different. I know very little about India and this is my first time hearing about Udaipur. This is neat!

  4. Candy Reply

    Wow! You explored so much in just 48 hours. I would love to visit Shiopgram. It’s wonderful that the government encourages the exposure to craftsmen and artists. The folk dances look spectacular and I wouldn’t mind seeing a magic show:)

    • neha Reply

      We would highly recommend you visit Shilpgram. Even if you don’t buy anything, or however little time you spend here, it’s such a confidence booster for the artists and performers that people come and interact with them from far and wide

    • neha Reply

      you are absolutely right Indrani. We actually carried back home two extra bags of stuff we shopped here!

  5. Christina Reply

    What a fascinating city with so much to offer. It must have been difficult to pare down the sights to just 48 hours of exploring. I really enjoyed your itinerary, though. It was a good mix of nature, historical buildings, and museums. Will keep this in mind when I get to India someday.

  6. Erika Bisbocci Reply

    India’s richness never ceases to amaze me. Udaipur is definitely one of the places I’d like to visit, for it seems to offer a bit of everything–from markets to beautiful temples to a relaxing lake. 48 hours seems hardly enough to explore everything, but it is good to know that the city can be enjoyed in two days!

    • neha Reply

      You are right Erika, in 48 hours you can only accommodate so much. There is much more to explore in and around Udaipur. Temples, forts, one day trip to Kumbhalgarh and Chittorgarh

  7. Sheena Reply

    I first fell in love with Udaipur in “Octopussy”, the old James Bond movie. I visited a few years ago & loved it, especially the Udaipur Palace which is just so elegant. Thanks for bring back wonderful memories

  8. Danielle Des Reply

    I would love to start my day with a boat ride over the Fateh Sagar Lake. Sounds so relaxing and something I try to do in as many destinations as I can.

    • neha Reply

      It indeed was quiet relaxing Danielle. We actually had our hotel right besides the lake which was an added advantage. You can checkout the hotel review at my blog.

  9. Kat Reply

    2 days seem just about right, considering the many sights to see in Udaipur. I’m curious about the local food available there and in other parts of India. 🙂 Hope to read abt local cuisine recommendations in the future.

    • neha Reply

      Local food varies a lot in different parts of India Kat. There are countless delicious cuisines. I am planning to dedicate a post to the cuisines of Rajasthan that I enjoyed on my trip. Will definitely let you know once done!

  10. John Parker Reply

    Rajasthan is the very best Tourist places that will not be skipped in any India Journey Itienary. You will be amazed while visiting India as you can find many of the things that are natural and beautiful. Golden Triangle with Udaipur Tour Packages are the best tour packages that will provide the best tour packages and will enjoy the trip with the best memories.

  11. Courtney Reply

    Great article – your pictures are wonderful and Udaipur sounds like an incredible place! I’ll have to keep note of your tips if I decide to head to India anytime soon 🙂

  12. Olena Kagui Reply

    What a cool city! Thanks so much for this post. I tend to travel with time constraints so it’s great to know that so much can be experienced in a short amount of time. Looks like you really took advantage of your 48 hours there! I’m adding Udaipur to my travel bucket list 🙂

  13. Aldrick 'chiki' Zabala Agpaoa Reply

    Wow! This is the first time I have heard about Udaipur and it seems that this place is promising. I’m dreaming of visiting India one day and now I am including Udaipur on my list. Thanks for this informative post! <3

  14. Luca Reply

    Very interesting places, India must be extraordinary to visit!
    But now think for a moment about Sahelion ki bari: what if the king’s daughter was in love with the snow, instead of water and rain? I would be quite perplexed on how to make the princess happy! 😀

    • neha Reply

      🙂 I was quiet perplexed seeing the technological advancement of that era. We seem to be far behind. Natural ACs, artificial rains, wheelchairs and lifts were known and used in the forts. The way they constructed such massive structures that are still untouched by years of wear and tear. I won’t be surprised if they somehow devised a mechanism to make it snow as well…

  15. Gareth Reply

    With the size and chaos of Indian cities, it can be difficult for non-natives to find their way around and, while I think it is pretty impossible to see ALL of Udaipur in 48 hours, this list does include at least some of the highlights. A really great post and couldn’t agree more about Lake Pichola. A truly stunning part of the world

  16. Subhadrika Sen Reply

    when I went to Rajasthan I had only gone to Jaipur. But I would like to do a trip again soon and Udaipur just cannot be missed then. shilpgram is my favourite . I must say my shopping experience wasnt that great cause I found everything way beyond my budget. But I be happy visiting the placves and taking photographs.

  17. Darlene Reply

    Wow you certainly can do much in 48 hrs! Very interesting places too! And Udaipur still has a royal family? That’s awesome! The palace and museum are totally Right up my alley.

  18. Sudipto De Reply

    Udaipur is one of our favourite places to be. Did you check out the Lake Palace? Do check out our review of the Tijara Fort Palace

    • neha Reply

      We couldn’t stop at the Lake Palace Sudipto. We would have loved to! Will checkout your review for sure

  19. Indrani Reply

    Wonderful list. Though I have been there once and seen most of these I yearn to go back again. Your pics refreshed my memory.

  20. Elena Reply

    A turban museum – yes, I would love to check it! Time permitting, I try to visit cemeteries in places I travel. It is always so insightful and educational. Hence, the Royal Cremation Ground would be on my list.

  21. Swapnil Shah Reply

    I have crossed Udaipur on my travel to Jaisalmer but never had a chance to stay and visit these amazing places. The Palace is so royal and beautiful. Loved the photographs. Thanks for the detailed blog. Udaipur is now on my upcoming travel list.

  22. Melissa Reply

    Wow so beautiful! I never heard of Udaipur…..looks interesting. Great photos!

  23. WhereMonicaGoes Reply

    I like posts such as this! More often than not, we do not have the luxury of time when we travel so we try to squeeze as much as we can. Udaipur looks like a charming city. I specifically like the first photo in this post. It also seems everyone is going to India based on other blogs I have read. is it a sign for me to go to India soon? 🙂

  24. Sia Reply

    Such an interesting place with a lot to offer! I have to admit I have only heard of it and didn’t know much about it so this was very interesting to read! I would love to visit the temples and the Crystal Gallery inside caught my attention. The boat tour is also something I would love to do. But when in India my favourite thing to try everywhere would be the food so thanks for mentioning the local restaurants and cafes as well.

  25. Lindon Lee Reply

    Udaipur, never heard about it before until I saw it here and knew that it is located in India. Oh my I should do more research about India and travel to your country, it keeps on surprising me. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  26. Jitaditya Narzary Reply

    What comprehensive list. I have been to Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. But the lake city eludes me so far and this gude should help me cover it the way it should be.

    • neha Reply

      Thanks Jutaditya. Your travelogue is beautiful. we want to go to Jaisalmer soon. Will get back to you for your tips 🙂

  27. Natasha Reply

    I didn’t think it was possible to break this place down into 48 hours, but looks like you’ve done it. Always great tips and photos! 🙂

  28. mike still Reply

    Great article! Must have been a wonderful whirlwind of a trip. Udaipur looks like a cool place to see some history and culture!

  29. Betha Sudibyo Reply

    I went to India last February and loved it! However, it was such a shame that Udaipur wasn’t part of my itinerary. I would have loved to visit. I’m in love with India’s architecture, and Udaipur seems to have many beautiful things to witness.

  30. Vibhav B Reply

    Whoa! Initially, I felt that udaipur in 48 hours seems a tad ambitious. But you clearly proved me wrong!
    Will be following your itinerary on my next udaipur trip for sure!
    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Alberto Calvo Reply

    Indian cities never stop surprising me every time I read about them, and Udaipur wasn’t an exception! The architecture looks absolutely stunning, this will be useful when I get the chance to visit! Will definitely bookmark your post

  32. Ami Reply

    Udaipur is my favorite city- love the place for a lot of things. City palace is amazing…especially the Mor Chowk and Lake Pichola just stole my heart. Shopping and food to add to these. Glad you had a good time too.

  33. Swayam Tiwari Reply

    Though I have lived and studied in Udaipur, I , for some strange reason, never visited the Bagore ki Haveli. The City Palace brings to me a lot of fond memories.

  34. Flora Jackson Reply

    I loved the blog! it has nearly everything about Udaipur. I visited Udaipur a month back and realised that it is a beautiful place to spend time with your spouse. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.

  35. Kristan Reply

    This trip looks and sounds amazing!!! I can’t believe you were able to do so much in two days. Thank you for sharing!

  36. Evie Brown Reply

    I love this city and its architecture. Wish to be here once more that too with my whole group. I can still smell that smell of food and miss those shopping streets walking with a lolly in hand.

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