The enduring romance of trains

The enduring romance of trains

The enduring romance of trains

A young boy is playing in his backyard and he suddenly stops and strains his ears listening to something.

His eyes light up and gleam with innocent joy, he jumps the wall of his house and sprints as if he is running for his life, he comes to a stop, panting and out of breath besides the railway tracks, just in time to see a steam engine majestically chugging along the tracks leaving behind it billowing white clouds of smoke. The boy watches mesmerized, his adrenaline pumping, till the train chugs out of sight.

Such is the romance and excitement of trains and this endures even though steam engines have long gone, chugging away to posterity and replaced by high speed,electric and Bullet trains.

Train travel anywhere in the world is like having a slice of the world itself.

One of the best train journeys I have been on was the one which took me all the way to what is called The Top Of Europe.

I travelled from Zurich in one of the SBB trains to Interlaken and then changed over to a unique modern cogwheel train to Kleinne Schedigg at a height of 6762 Ft.,from here the train climbs to Eiger Glacier Station and then continues through the Eiger tunnel, stopping in between to help the passengers marvel at the magnificent vista on the way to the highest railway station in Europe, Jungfraujoch, situated at a height of 11,000 Feet. The journey is filled with breathtaking scenery and you get intoxicated by the sheer beauty of it all. When you return back it is as if you have woken up from a divine dream.

The enduring romance of trains

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19 thoughts on “The enduring romance of trains”

  1. Train are indeed so charming! I always loved the idea of train travel, the slower pace and the many carriages. I have often travelled by train in Europe but I didn’t know about this stretch of railway: it sounds absolutely stunning!

  2. While I’m sure that whole voyage wasn’t on the edge of a cliff, knowing the heights and landscape, I can’t imagine not being anxious the whole way. I’ve seen the Alps and such, I know they are jagged. I can’t picture a train ride :0

  3. I love the story of the little boy running for the train. When my nephew was little he loved listening for trains and got so excited as they came into sight. Wouldn’t it be nice to live your life through a child’s eye!

  4. It’s so true- train travel is like a slice of the world . I vividly remember my first train travel which happened when I was just four. A family trip in a big group with extended relatives, traveling across half of North India. Definitely, I don’t remember much of the bus travel but a lot around my train travel which tells how much exciting and involving the journey is

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