Exploring the Global Residence Index: Vanuatu Citizenship Unveiled

Vanuatu Citizenship Unveiled – Exploring Global Residence Index

Seeking Vanuatu citizenship? The Global Residence Index facilitates immigration to Vanuatu through investment. Explore now!

Vanuatu Citizenship Unveiled – Exploring Global Residence Index

Do you want to immigrate to Vanuatu? Don’t worry. The Global Residence Index will help you to obtain citizenship in Vanuatu by investment. Vanuatu is a beautiful island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is the only nation in that location that provides citizenship by investment program. It takes less than one month to complete the process and to issue the passport. 

Global Residence Index – Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship Unveiled – Exploring Global Residence Index

 The language mainly used in Vanuatu is English, which means immigration and staying are relatively straightforward compared to other countries.  For Vanuatu citizenship, you can grab more info on Global Residence Index. There are no residential requirements during the citizenship process; you can handle the application process remotely. 

 In this post, we will discuss all the information from basic to advanced, which will help you to make an informed decision according to your needs and requirements.  

Global Residence Index – Origin of an Investment Program in Vanuatu

The government of Vanuatu started experimenting with the investment program in 2012, which was almost similar to the CBI programs. Finally launched, the CBI program was first in 2017, and now the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program has become more prevalent globally. 

 The simple process, less time consumption, and many benefits of a Vanuatu passport make it a more worthwhile investment for investors. The official languages used in Vanuatu are English and French, and the acquisition offers all the Ni-Vanuatu rights with citizenship. 

How to obtain Vanuatu citizenship by investment? Global Residence Index

The CBI investment is also called the Development Support Program (DSP) in Vanuatu. This program requires a donation of 130,000 USD, which varies according to the persons you are taking to the country, like children, spouses, and additional people. The processing is fast for obtaining citizenship and is granted within 30-60 days. 

 Your criminal record should be clear to get citizenship in Vanuatu. After conducting all the processes, the oath-swearing ceremony can be organized in a convenient location globally. Dual citizenship is allowed in this country, and there is no requirement to reside or visit to obtain a passport for Vanuatu.

Benefits of Obtaining Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment –  Global Residence Index

 While each investor’s needs, requirements, and reasons may vary for immigrating to Vanuatu, there are several benefits wrapped in a program that every investor wants to avail of. It doesn’t matter what the reason is; you and your family will get every right and benefit from a Vanuatu passport. Let’s go through the benefits.

Tax benefits – Vanuatu Citizenship

There are no tax charges; that’s why it is officially considered a tax haven. Vanuatu does not charge any tax from its residents, such as income tax, corporate tax, capital gain tax, gift tax, estate tax, and withholding tax, making it an extremely desirable country to invest for wealthy families. 

Travel benefits Vanuatu Citizenship

The Vanuatu passport rapidly gained popularity and strength because the government of Vanuatu has worked hard in the last 15 years to expand its global visa countries globally. The investment offers 98 countries visa-free travel, including the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and even B1 or B2 US visas to explore different countries. People with Vanuatu passports can also apply for long-term access to Australia.

Business Benefits Vanuatu Citizenship

You can start an international company in Vanuatu and avoid harsh tax payments with the help of a Vanuatu passport. The companies started based on the Vanuatu passport are not eligible to bring money from Vanuatu. After 20 years of the company’s establishment, the business will be spared from paying taxes, such as income, profit, capital gains, inheritance, or donation. 

Simple Process Vanuatu Citizenship

Every CBI program requires time and financial investment, but the Vanuatu CBI program is one of the most streamlined processes and exaggerates a few requirements. In just a month, the investors can obtain their Vanuatu passports and be ready to travel, so they do not have to worry about the process and residential or language requirements. 

Requirements of Vanuatu Citizenship by Investments – Global Residence Index

There are several requirements the applicant must meet to obtain Vanuatu citizenship. In this section, we will discuss the requirements to avail of Vanuatu citizenship. Let’s go through it. 

Requirements of Family Members Vanuatu Citizenship

The applicant can include the family members in the application for Vanuatu citizenship, and the requirements of the following members should be as mentioned below. 

  • The primary applicant may include a spouse.
  • The primary applicant may include dependent children below 16-18 years.
  • The primary applicant may include dependent parents over 65 years of age. 

Due Diligence Requirements Vanuatu Citizenship

All applicants must be of good character and fulfil all the due diligence formalities of the Vanuatu government. 

  • The applicant should not have any criminal records; as proof or evidence, they will have to submit police record reports.
  • The applicant must have no outstanding visa refusals.
  • The applicants must submit various documents, such as financial documents, employer documents, business documents, ID, marriage certificates if married, birth certificates, and address proof. 

Stay Requirements Vanuatu Citizenship

No minimum stay requirement is required to avail the Vanuatu citizenship by investments. Ni-Vanuatu citizens are offered all the rights to stay, work or study, and no interview or language tests are required. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, immigrating to Vanuatu is a good idea, and nowadays, this country has gained a lot of popularity for the distribution of passports and citizenship. Vanuatu citizenship offers political and economic stability with high security and safety. 

It also provides relaxation in tax charges. So, take advantage of the chance to avail citizenship for Vanuatu. We hope this article has provided sufficient information to make an informed decision.

We hope you found the information about immigrating to Vanuatu interesting and useful. For more such informative posts do subscribe to our blog and newsletter, and do not forget to connect with us on our social media handles too.


Vanuatu Citizenship Unveiled – Exploring Global Residence Index

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Exploring the Global Residence Index: Vanuatu Citizenship Unveiled

Exploring the Global Residence Index: Vanuatu Citizenship Unveiled

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