A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich

A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich

A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich

We were in Switzerland for more than three weeks on a project that we were working on and were staying in Uster, about 20 Kilometers. from Zurich. As we were strict vegetarians (no meat. no fish, no eggs) we had a tough time when it came to fulfilling our basic need of food. We were surviving on Bread, apples and salads with an occasional pizza, Lasagne or Risotto. Our Indian palates were missing the tingle of the chillies and spices of India and we were on the verge of feeling homesick.

One beautiful evening after finishing work we joined two of our local colleagues and made our way to Zurich to spend some time in the picturesque city. We spent the evening walking through the lanes of Zurich and gazing at the swans gliding graciously on the Zurich River.

Soon it was time for dinner and our colleagues conversed amongst themselves in German and finally nodded their heads in agreement. They beamed at us and said that they had a surprise for us.

We walked into Hotel Hiltl for our dinner and just as we were bracing ourselves for another bland dose of Bread, Butter and fruits, our colleagues surprised us by telling us that this was a Vegetarian Restaurant and we would be having a Buffet Dinner and we could eat whatever we fancied without fear as everything was vegetarian.

A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich

We looked at the huge buffet line up, there were at least four long rows laden with vegetarian food. We held our plates in anticipation as we walked slowly through the buffet heaping our plates with food, there was rice, curries, samosas (Swiss version), Chole (chick peas curry), Pakoras (Veg Fritters), Vadas (Lentil Fritters) and many, many more vegetarian dishes which reminded us of home.

We lugged our heavily laden plates towards our table and were surprised that there was a counter at the end of the Buffet with a weighing scale where we were required to place our plates and out popped our bill for the food that we had picked up!

We enjoyed the food slowly reveling in the aroma and taste that made us feel as if we were back home in India. We thanked our hosts for their wonderful and thoughtful surprise and made our way back home treasuring the special moments when we tasted the flavors of our homeland faraway in Zurich.

Years later we realized that the Hotel Hiltl features in the Guinness Book as the first vegetarian restaurant in the world. It was founded in 1898 by Ambrosius Hiltl and is currently run by the fourth generation of the Hiltl family. It offers more than five hundred dishes and has of late also included eggs in its menu. Indeed it is an oasis in Zurich for vegetarians.

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A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich

A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich


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12 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich

  1. Arzo Travels Reply

    I was there as well, and though it was very tasty the prices are ridiculous 🙁 I have never had such an expensive dinner – ever!

  2. Rob Taylor Reply

    How great to find such an oasis of awesomeness! I love that this place is such a long standing, trusted haven for the vegetarian world.

  3. Ami Reply

    Sounds like a lovely place. I had dinner at one Indian restaurant while I was there and in that chilled weather, the warm Indian food was just amazing.

  4. Carlie Reply

    That spread looks amazing! And how cool is it to be able to say that you ate at the very first veg restaurant in the world!?

  5. Ann Reply

    What a cool story – except for the fact that it was priced by weight and any vegetarian visiting would definitely want to fill up because of the limited Zurich choices.

    It’s hard to believe that the first veggie restaurant in the world is in a city that doesn’t have more veggie restaurants! What’s up with that?

  6. revolvingcompass Reply

    Lovely to read this narration! Being a vegetarian..can totally understand how much enthralled you would have felt stumbling upon this restaurant

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