Have You Heard Of The World’s Only Floating National Park?

Floating National Park

Floating National Park

Keibul Lamjao!

Isn’t the mere name enough to conjure up images of something unique and exotic?

I turned to my fellow traveler, a heavily bearded man in his mid-thirties, an ordinary man to whom you would not give a second glance. But if you did glance at him again, you would wonder why you overlooked him in the first place, because his eyes shone with unusual intensity and had some strange hypnotic quality.

Wow! that is a unique name and who is Keibul Lamjao? asked my fellow traveler, his eyes dancing in anticipation.

I paused, pleased with the effect that I was creating. I had been traveling for the last seven hours and had been exchanging travel stories with Raj, the man with the hypnotic eyes.

“Keibul Lamjao, is not a person, it is a place”, I said with a triumphant look.

“In fact it is the only floating National Park in the world”. I delivered what I thought was the punch line with the equanimity of a Hollywood actor delivering a poker faced one-liner.

Raj’s interest was piqued, “tell me all about it, how do I get there, what can I see, where is it?

I laughed, signalling him to stop the staccato barrage of questions and said, “hold your fire Raj, I shall give you the complete lowdown on the place right now”!

And so began by soliloquy about a unique place called Keibul Lamjao.

It was a couple of years ago that I first heard about Keibul Lamjao and within six months of that, my curiosity and fascination had fueled a journey to this place.

Floating National Park

The Keibul Lamjao National Park is situated in Manipur, a North-Eastern state of India. The place is situated approximately 33 miles from Imphal, the capital city of the state of Manipur. The National Park is a part of the Loktak Lake, a freshwater lake which spreads across an area of over 300 square miles. The lake consists of floating islands which are also known as Phumdi. The islands are formed by erogenous masses soil, vegetation and other organic matter. The largest of these floating islands is approximately 15 square miles and mainly constitutes the Keibul Lamjao National Park. The park which was a sanctuary earlier was declared as a National Park in 1977. The most celebrated inhabitant of the Floating National Park is the famed and endangered Eld’s deer, also known as Dancing Deer or Brown-Antlered Deer.

Floating National Park

The Floating National Park is actually a huge Swamp and one can travel around on the waterway by boat. There are canoes and also gaily decorated houseboats which take you around the lake.

Apart from the Eld deer the other wildlife that one can spot in the National park are Wild Boar, Hog Deer, Large Indian Civet, Flying Fox, Sambar and many others.

Floating National Park






Floating National Park

Floating National Park







Why visit Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park

  • Its uniqueness, after all it is one of its kind in the world
  • The Eld’s Deer, which is a rare and endangered species
  • The mesmerizing natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings
  • Hypnotic sunset at Lake Loktak


Floating National Park

How to get to Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park

  • Nearest Airport is Imphal, the capital city of Manipur
  • Imphal is connected to the major Indian cities of Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai through daily flights
  • 33 miles by road from Imphal

Where to Stay when visiting Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park

You will enjoy your stay far from the hustle and bustle of urban life in the quite environs of the Loktak lake. Sendra Park & Resort, situated on a hillock overlooking the lake is an ideal place to stay in, when you visit Keibul Lamjao National Park.

Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park


What to eat when visiting Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park

Do not forget to relsih the local Manipuri cuisine which includes a lot of fish dishes at Luxmi Kitchen, a restaurant that serves authentic Manipuri lunch.

The train came to a halt with a jerk as I finished my soliloquy. Raj got up and collected his backpack from the luggage rack and hoisted it on his shoulders. He then turned to me and with a faraway look in his eyes, shook my hands, saying: “Ciao Mate, I am getting off here”!

I knew that this was not the place he was supposed to get down at, or at least that was what he had told me, his destination was still 6 hours away.

“What happened, why are you getting down here”? I asked puzzled.

“If I get down here, I can catch a train that will take me to Guwahati and from there I will take a bus which will take me to Imphal, from where I will drive down to Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park’! said Raj, with a slight tremor in his voice due to a rising excitement.

With a final wave, he was gone.

Watch this video to get an idea of how the floating island looks like. (Video courtesy: WildFilmsIndia)

Phumdi islands float on Loktak Lake in Manipur: aerial view

Phumdis are a series of floating islands, exclusive to the Loktak Lake in Manipur state, in northeastern India. They cover a substantial part of the lake are…

The train slowly chugged out of the station. I craned my neck, to look out of the window.

I spotted the figure of man with a tattered backpack briskly walking out of the exit gate of the station. He seemed like a man in a hurry. A man speeding away to keep his tryst with the Eld’s Deer of Manipur.

Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park


Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park


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38 thoughts on “Have You Heard Of The World’s Only Floating National Park?”

  1. What an interesting place!

    Even though this is seemingly natural, when you said floating islands I immediately thought of Lake Titicaca and the floating islands of Eros.

    India is obviously such a vast place, but you’re doing so well to transport us across much of its breadth.

    Thanks again!

    1. Like the others I had never heard of this unique park. India seems to have alot of hidden gems. The deer are beautiful. All very interesting, thank you for sharing.

  2. I have never heard of this place! It looks stunning and a chance to see wildlife is always welcome. India has so much to offer and I am not sure I can keep putting off a trip for much longer! Great post

  3. Firstly great photos! This place looks absolutely stunning! I’ve never heard of floating islands before, how unusual, thanks so much for sharing. I hope one day to we’ll get to visit India’s beautiful landscapes.

  4. Like the other guys who commented, this is the first I’ve come across Keibul Lamjao and a floating national park. Although I haven’t been to India yet, im thinking about taking a trip in 2017 – will add this to my places to see!

  5. I have never heard of this national park before, but we are planning a trip to India next year so this is now definitely on the bucket list. The video sells it even more!

  6. Indeed, I haven’t heard of it! Not only the name but the first picture as well makes you think of exotic lands. Looks like a unique destination and would love to get a boat or a canoe and explore!

  7. Those are all so beautiful! The view is fantastic and it would be awesome to see this in person. I don’t think I’ve heard of this lovely national park before!

  8. this looks very interesting. i had never heard of a floating national park before. i love visting national parks and iof possible would definitely try to give this one a visit. from your photographs I can already gauge its beauty and I am surely going to love spending sometime here.

  9. Wow… never heard this place. Beautiful indeed. If only its not that far then im hitting the plane with the kids soon😲😊😃 one day… maybe one day😉

  10. I remember reading about Phumdis long back and had done some research on it too. Quite fascinating I should say . Am sure they are even better close up. Lucky you!

  11. It looks absolutely amazing! The unique and bewitching scenery speaks for itself, but the wildlife looks wonderful as well. And the mouth watering cuisine is an added bonus. No wonder you waxed lyrical about this place to your fellow traveller! Great stuff man 🙂

  12. Natural as its best! I have this kind of concept in my dream where I can see a lake with floating park every time I wake up. Haha. never imagined that this could be a reality. I have to visit this now!

  13. This is incredible. Something I’ve never heard of something I’d really to experience for myself. National parks are a lot of fun to visit and this one sounds incredible. What an inspirational story, so much so you got a complete stranger to change their plans and experience it for themselves. Amazing photos.

  14. India definitely is a land of wonders. I never knew of this floating national park. I will definitely visit here as soon as possible. A one of a kind national park and that also in my own country… 🙂 🙂 feeling happy

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