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6 frozen moments on the roads of Italy

6 frozen moments on the roads of Italy

What according to you is the most complex, enigmatic and unfathomable natural phenomena on this earth?

For us the answer is always, humanity, the people of this world.

Thus it is small wonder that we always try to capture and freeze the tableaux of the lives of people in our cameras whenever and wherever we travel.

Recently we were reading about street photography on National Geographic and were inspired to share some of our experiments with you, though we must confess we are no where compared to the amazing photographs captured in National Geographic.

This post brings to you 6 such moments frozen in time from different places in Italy.


freeze - ItalyWhat a backdrop for a wedding shoot, The Colosseum in Rome!



freeze - Italy
A balancing act near the Colosseum, Rome.


freeze - Italy
The legendary Pontifical Swiss Guards outside the Vatican, Rome


freeze - Italy
Our friend looks the other way as all eyes are glued to the runners participating in the Venice Marathon in Venice.


freeze - Italy
A statuesque moment on the streets of Pisa.


freeze - Italy
So what if I am in front of one of the wonders of the world! Business is Business!

Did you enjoy reading about our frozen moments? Which are the best moments that you have captured on your travels?

6 frozen moments on the roads of Italy

6 frozen moments on the roads of Italy

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41 thoughts on “6 frozen moments on the roads of Italy

  1. I sadly understand too well a few of these images, particularly the lady at Pisa. And I have also captured awkward landmark wedding pics around Italy… Why do people do that? Do they want wedding photos with tourists?

  2. As funny and awkward as these photo’s are, I love them in a way. Business is business, and if I could do mine while seeing amazing things, that seems like a pretty good trade-off!

  3. They are still quite wonderful pictures.. and yes business is business, even in front of the tower. I guess we are so used to being surrounded by these beauties we do not even care anymore…

  4. Love these shots! I feel like in my travels, I focus too much on capturing beautiful, picturesque places/sights (rather than moments and people, as you’ve done here). There’s certainly beauty in these moments as well 🙂 maybe I should make more of an effort to capture them!

  5. I love to try and subtly capture the everyday people going about their lives… I’m sure the Colosseum would be an amazing backdrop, but for that temporary fencing 😉

  6. Really interesting moments indeed! Those balancing characters are pretty remarkable. I love frozen moments from my travels, even if they aren’t perfect like those of National Geographic! You always have something to aspire to anyway! 😉

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