8 Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi for Luxurious Experience

Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for the best hotel in Abu Dhabi? In this article, you will learn about the best hotels in Abu Dhabi for a luxurious experience.

Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

The capital city and the largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi attracts thousands of tourists, both local and international. Tourist flock to Abu Dhabi Desert Safari to enjoy the amazing landscape, which ranges from deserts to enjoying beaches.

Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi | Best Resorts In Abu Dhabi | Best Luxury Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

There are several places to stay during your tour in Abu Dhabi, from resorts to hotels. New and established hotels offer ambience places to stay and deepen travellers’ explorations.
If you love luxury hotels, in this article, we have listed the best hotels in Abu Dhabi to stay in for a memorable experience in Abu Dhabi.

1. St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort – Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is made up of about 200 different islands. Saadiyat is among the beaches closest to the city. It has long, peaceful beaches and water that looks like it came straight out of a painting. At the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, wild sand gazelles nibble on the edges of the lawns, while statuesque egrets stalk the 18-hole golf course and humpback dolphins swim away. Even though it sounds like it’s in the middle of nowhere, the resort is only ten minutes from the city centre, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which is on Saadiyat Island, is even closer.

Most of the 376 rooms and suites in the hotel have balconies or patios with views of the ocean and large bathrooms. There are restaurants on the beach, like Buddha-Bar Beach, which is great for lunch and drinks at sunset, and Mazi, which has great Modern Greek food and is surrounded by tall palm trees.

The best thing about this place is the long, quiet stretch of beach. To the horizon, you can see a shade of blue that makes you think of the Maldives. The warm waters around them are surrounded by deep, soft sand.

Location: Saadiyat Island

2. Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Resort – Best Resorts In Abu Dhabi

On Sir Bani Yas Island, a 2.5-hour drive from the capital city, you will find the Arabian Wildlife Park and its 17,000 free-roaming animals. There is also a herd of Arabian oryxes in the park. These animals used to be extinct in the wild, but now they are considered one of the greatest conservation success stories. Also on the island are the ruins of a Christian monastery from the seventh century and three resorts run by Anantara. The Al Sahel Resort is the smallest and most exclusive of the three.

There are ghaf trees and date palms that hide thirty villas made to look like they belong on an African safari. If you go out on the terrace first thing in the morning, some friendly gazelles and peacocks might come to say hello. The resort has wildlife drives and hikes that take guests out into the island’s beautiful surroundings. The safari theme continues into the evening with a South African-style braai (also called a BBQ). Meats like boerewors and other meats right off the grill are served with mielie pap, a maize porridge dish.

Location: Sir Bani Yas Island

3. Emirates Palace – Best Luxury Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace is a collection of superlatives, and where it shines the brightest is on the seaside corniche near the Qasr Al Watan presidential palace. From wing to wing, the hotel is more than a half mile long, and it looks like more than 30 tons of gold cover almost every surface. It also has 1,002 chandeliers, 8,000 palm trees on its large grounds, and 1,002 rooms. Even though this is the case, the resort still has a happy vibe: Imagine a private beach with lots of space, water slides, and a slow-moving river.

The 390 guestrooms and suites have soothing silver and muted grey colour schemes, mother-of-pearl decorations, and thoughtful service touches like gold-coloured bookmarks on your bedside table at night. When these things come together, they make places that are good for relaxing. If you want to feel like a king or queen, stay in one of the 5,000-square-foot Three-Bedroom Palace Suites. They were made to meet the needs of heads of state when they were first built.

They have large living and dining rooms, embroidered silk details, bathrooms with hot tubs, huge terraces, and even more gold. Also, some of the most well-known restaurants in the city are located in the hotel. Talea by Antonio Guida and Hakkasan has been given stars in the new Abu Dhabi Michelin Guide. Talea serves high-end Italian food, and Hakkasan serves modern Chinese food.

At Le Cafe, the best-selling item might be the cappuccino with gold leaf on top, but you can also choose to eat either of these. The interior of a guest room at the Abu Dhabi Edition is mostly white and follows the minimalist design idea.

Location: Abu Dhabi Corniche

4. Abu Dhabi Edition – Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Even though it is in front of the Al Bateen marina, the Abu Dhabi Edition has an air of stylish minimalism. When the hotel opened its doors in 2018, it was the first Marriott lifestyle property in the Middle East.

It has 198 guest rooms that are all modern, bright, and airy. The rooms are painted in soft colours, and the herringbone oak floors are made to look like patterns used in basket weaving in the area.
In the evening, candles light up the lobby, making it feel both simple and sensual simultaneously. In the afternoon, guests who want to relax can go to the pool on the ground floor, which has private cabanas and olive trees.

Location: Al Bateen Marina

5. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara – Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Qasr Al Sarab is like a mirage from a faraway place in the Rub’ Al Khali Empty Quarter. It is the stuff of dreams. The resort is truly beautiful, which includes: It is at the end of a strip of tarmac that winds through the desert and is surrounded by red dunes.

During the day, it’s all sunshine, palm trees, and relaxing water features. This is a tribute to the old Arabian falaj irrigation systems that run through the region’s oasis. It’s a nice break at night with cool breezes, quiet, and light from lamps.

The ceilings of the hotel’s 205 guest rooms are made of palm fronds, and the rooms’ designs are based on centuries-old nomadic customs. The pillows and rugs in the hotel were made with traditional fabrics in mind. If you want to get away from it all, stay in one of the family pool villas that look like little forts.

Location: The Empty Quarter

6. Nural Island Resort – Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Island is only 15 minutes away by speedboat from Nurai Island Resort, which is on its private island. At the resort, swings over the water and breakfast trays float in private pools.
But the presentation has content to back it up. People who live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai like to go to the hideaway on their days off. They spend hours on the beach sipping cocktails and floating in the aquamarine waters.

But guests staying in one of the 32 light-filled villas or one of the 23 multi-bedroom houses and estates might feel better than day-trippers because they don’t have to leave when they do. Even though it is a place where families are welcome, and there are things to do like water sports, a kids club, and a water park, there are also many places where kids aren’t supposed to play.

At the Smokin’ Pineapple beach club, pizzas are cooked in an oven that looks like a pineapple. There are also swing seats at the bar and hammocks strung up among the palm trees.
You could also eat lobster rolls and shrimp sliders while lounging on one of the daybeds at the Ginger Mermaid.

Location: Nurai Island

7. Al Wathba, a Luxury Collection of Desert Resort & Spa – Best Luxury Resorts In Abu Dhabi

The dunes near Al Wathba aren’t as grand or dramatic as those in the more remote Empty Quarter, but the resort’s proximity to Abu Dhabi makes it a good place to spend the night in the desert. The hotel’s 99 guest rooms and villas are designed to look like traditional homes. They have soothing white walls and details that look like traditional mashrabiya window coverings.

To get the most out of place, you should spend a little extra on a villa with a private pool. The pool, surrounded by palm trees, is where you can cool off from the heat. You will have more privacy if you book one of the four cabanas or three pavilions with curtains or wooden doors.

The design of the Saray Spa was based on the old caravanserais, roadside inns, and trading centres that gave travellers and their animals a place to stay along the Silk Road. Several treatments use things from the Middle East, like camel milk, oud oil, and mud from the Dead Sea.

The stables at the resort are home to ten retired racehorses. Guests of all ages can take riding lessons, go on desert rides, and meet Lucky and Rocky, the two miniature ponies at the resort.
If you want to get even closer to the horses at the Italian restaurant Terra Secca, ask to be seated at the table in the middle of the paddock.

Location: Al Wathba

8. Jebel Hafit Desert Park Pura Eco Retreat – Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

Over the past few years, dome tents have become more popular across the emirates. However, only some of these tents can compare to the Pura Eco Retreat in terms of location and history. Since it is located in a good spot at the foot of Jebel Hafit, Abu Dhabi’s only mountain, this area has been an important stop on many trade routes for thousands of years.

It is now in the Al Ain UNESCO World Heritage site, part of the Jebel Hafit Desert Park. It is where 122 tombs from the Bronze Age and Neolithic relics from 8,000 years ago were found.
Some of the tombs have been dug up and put back together to look like beehives, while others have been left the way they were.

The simple but cosy Skylight Domes and the fancy Sky Bubble tents for adults only have ceilings that you can see through and private fire pits. Every one of the 23 tents also has a fire pit. The Bedouin heritage tents are smaller and have traditional cushion seating on the floor and a place for everyone to take a bath together. If you start your day with a hike right when the sun rises, you might have the tombs and the whole area to yourself.

Location: Jebel Hafit

We hope you found this post on hotels in Abu Dhabi useful and will help you book your stay in the best luxury resorts in Abu Dhabi or the best luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi.

This post is contributed by Robeena Brown, a travel blogger & destination expert living in UAE and works for local tourism companies like Arabiers. If you have been looking forward to touring Dubai, getting a visa, extending stays and exploring the city, you can follow her on social media.



Best Hotels In Abu Dhabi

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8 Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi for Luxurious Experience

8 Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi for Luxurious Experience

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