The story of my affair with my Half-Girlfriend


The story of my affair with my Half-Girlfriend

The bus slowly turned around the bend in the distance and disappeared. I had one last glimpse of her lovely face adorning a window in the bus that had just disappeared. I heaved a deep sigh. It was the last time I was seeing her. I let the last image of her linger on my retina for a long time. It would be some time before I saw her again, I thought. I had to wait till tomorrow.

There was something in the girl that had swept me of my feet at first sight itself. I cannot put a finger on what exactly fired the sparks of attraction in me. Probably it must have been those large, innocent eyes which looked away shyly whenever my gaze lingered on her. But from the very moment that I set eyes on her, she had become my girlfriend or should I say my half-girlfriend.

She looked like an angel and whenever she happened to look towards me, strange currents would pass through my being and I would feel an unexplainable joy. She never talked to me nor did I talk to her. She was shy and I was shyer. But she was my half-girlfriend that is from my side she was my girlfriend but I had no clue what she felt. So the days went by and my attraction to my half-girlfriend showed no signs of abating. One day I found her talking to someone happily and searing sparks of jealousy whipped through me and I felt really miserable. It must have been a million times that the thought of walking up to her and baring my heart crossed my mind, but I always cringed at the thought of rejection and I did not approach her.

No one knew of my attraction for her and I was successful in masking my emotions. I talked with her for hours, gazed into those heavenly eyes and drowned in their unfathomable depths for hours, shared food with her and even once managed to touch her rosy cheeks with my hands. But all in the secure confines of my imagination, to which no one else had access. Not even my half-girlfriend.

And then one day, the unbelievable happened. I was sitting on a bench, lost in my dream world with my half-girlfriend, when a shadow fell on me. I awoke to reality from my dreamy wanderings and looked up.

I froze. My entire body seemed to have been hit by a thunderbolt and I felt paralyzed. It was as if my brain cells had released a billion rivulets of Serotonin, the happiness hormone and I was overwhelmed.

Standing in front of me, her large eyes looking hypnotic at such a close distance, was my half-girlfriend. I continued to stare at her, my mouth agape, a nervous twitch building up at the corner of my lips.

She thrust her right hand forward and clasped my right hand and shook it with a smile that completed my devastation.

“I came to say goodbye”, she said shyly, “we are moving to a different city”.

The state I was in, I barely heard what she said.

She squeezed my hand saying, “I like you”, and then she ran away, like a gamboling deer, her pigtails fluttering in the air.

I gazed at the retreating figure of my half-girlfriend and wondered if she was not my full-girlfriend.

I knew that I would never know. As it turned out her family was relocating to a different city and this was her last day in school.

Yes we were in school, both of us were students of class IV-A.

So this is an one-sided love story, the story about a girlfriend who was actually a half-girlfriend or was she? Let us know if the account strikes a chord with you.

That was the last I saw of my girlfriend, still not sure whether she finally graduated to be my full-girlfriend.

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32 thoughts on “The story of my affair with my Half-Girlfriend

  1. I loved reading your story. I think that this happens quite a bit during youth. Can’t wait to see the film!

  2. Well this story is from the novel of Chetan Bhagat. This book reminds me of a typical SRK-Kajol movie boundless romantic sentiments. I’m a fan of Chetan Bhagat and the clarity of his story telling expertise. His stories are not exceptional yet fascinating and honestly uncluttered 🙂 I am eagerly waiting for the release of this movie cause the the beautification of the story will come out more in movie.

  3. Oh the bittersweet first love. I could feel the pain of separation just by reading this short story. I want to know more and if there would be anything beautiful that would come out of this half girlfriend story.

  4. So many kids are broken when they are forced to move away from their lives and friends. I had several friends move away, even a boy I liked once.

  5. What a lovely plot for a story. I hope it ends beautifully with the two of them together! Well, that’s why the film’s worth watching.

  6. Such a great story! It retains the guilty pleasure feel from his earlier novels while providing some insightful commentary about rural education, English, development, politics and love reminiscent of his editorials.

  7. was i glued to my seat? yes i was. this has alot in it, the sweet starts to the little sad ends but at the end we all have in one way or the other had such experience. good you did this. unto the next please.

  8. Such a heartwarming story. I wish he would have said something sooner. Ah, first love. The time when you can be so foolish! I wonder if they ever got to see each other again.

  9. Such a great story and you’re such a great writer! I loved reading this, it really came to life! Can’t wait to read more!

  10. I love this, I love the way you write. It is sad, but I think a different location shouldn’t stop a person. As I am with my boyfriend who is from Ecuador and I am from Norway. This story reminds me a little bit of the story On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning
    by Haruki Murakami. It is a short novel, you should check it out if you haven’t already 🙂

  11. Wow, what a suspenseful story and bittersweet! We have all had heartache and can relate. That was a great trailer too!

  12. I’m a huge Bollywood fan so reading the prose inspired by the Bollywood film was a great start to my morning! I never had heard of the concept of a half-girlfriend… in Thai culture, when I was living there, they taught me the word “geek” (this is obviously anglicized) which meant someone more than a friend, but less than a boyfriend/girlfriend.

  13. O no!!! It must have been so devasting when she said she was moving. When I first read this title, I was like “Half-girlfriend?!?!?! What could this be about?”. I have never heard anyone use the term half-girlfriend, so it definitely caught my attention 🙂

  14. You have set in the right amount of curiosity with this writeup. The move is a must watch it seems. Definitely will be a good entertainment

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