6 Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in South-East Asia

Planning a Honeymoon

6 Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in South-East Asia

Honeymoon is a time for never ending romance, of moments of bliss snatched from the hands of time and memories created to be cherished for a life time. It is a time of discovery, of cementing relationships with shared moments of joy. A honeymoon is indeed an important chapter in everyone’s life and hence planning a honeymoon is required for a perfect honeymoon in an unique and offbeat destination.

Zeroing in on the Perfect Destination

While planning a honeymoon, destination plays a pivotal role. To make a honeymoon an unforgettable experience, the location has to be picture perfect and according to the tastes of the couple. South-East Asia – SEA is a wonderland which offers a mind-boggling range of options for honeymooners. Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, are all home to some of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in the world. The starting point for planning a honeymoon is of course deciding on a destination. Here it is good to have a healthy discussion and understand each other’s preferences and then decide. A compromise needs to be reached if both the partners’ preferences are at opposite ends of the spectrum. After all you do not want to start fighting ever before embarking on your honeymoon!


planning a honeymoon

Thailand with its famous beaches and islands along with the vibrant city of Bangkok is a honeymoon getaway where one can enjoy a seclusion in the midst of nature as well as a throbbing and pulsating culture laced with spirituality.


planning a honeymoon

Cambodia is for the couple who are interested to jointly explore the pages of history on their honeymoon, they can do this to their heart’s content in Siem Reap.


planning a honeymoon

The Philippines offers a mind boggling choice of islands, many of them pristine and untouched, ideal getaways for honeymooning couples to get lost in.


planning a honeymoon

Indonesia is another country where romance sings a merry tune and honeymooners can get lost in its surreal beauty and beaches of Bali.


planning a honeymoon

Malaysia with its rustic charm combined with its urban centres beckons honeymooners for an indulgent and extravagant experience.

Deciding on whether to go for a Package or DIY

Now that you have finalised your destination, the next step in planning a honeymoon is to plan an itinerary. You do not want your honeymoon to be marred by unforeseen hitches that leave a sour taste in their aftermath. You would like everything to go with the precision of clockwork. If you do not want to get into the hassles of planning and executing, the best option is to opt for an all-inclusive honeymoon package. There are many Honeymoon Packages  available for any of the destinations that you have chosen. A package ensures that you spend time really enjoying your trip and not worrying about your hotel or the logistics. The only drawback here may be you may not have control over your itinerary, however you can always have this customised. But if you are the kind of couple who want to do it your own way, do your research and plan a detailed itinerary and also leave a little portion of it open to accommodate for impulsive decisions.

Completing the Visa formalities if any

planning a honeymoon

Ensuring that you have the proper documentation for visiting your chosen destination is the next step which is highly important and mandatory. Most of the South-East countries have visa on arrival, but you would need to check based on your destination country as well as your country of origin. Here is some Visa related information for the countries that we are looking at and this should prove quite useful in your planning.

Thailand provides Visa on arrival to 19 countries including India, China, Romania, and Taiwan among others. The visa fee is 2,000 THB. For more details do check out this site.

Malaysia Visa is also available to nationals of many countries and the country also has the provision for an eVisa.

Indonesia has a list of 52 countries that are eligible for Visa on arrival, in addition 11 countries that include Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore have the facility of free entry.

Cambodia offers eVisa to almost all countries and can be applied for online at least 4 days before the departure date.

Philippines offers visa free entry to visitors from many countries for a period not exceeding 3o days, you can determine if your origin country requires a visa or not here.

Packing for the Destination and the Weather

planning a honeymoon

While planning a honeymoon, packing the right items is important. Well, who wants to lug around a huge amount of baggage on their honeymoon, travel as light as possible. But one needs to balance between the necessary and non-value add and a packing list would come in handy here. Also be mindful of the season that you are traveling and the destination. Generally most of the countries of South-East Asia enjoy temperate climatic conditions, hence you are not likely to be burdened with too many pieces of warm clothing. However, as all the destinations have lovely beaches, beach wear has to go in. But check before you pack.

It’s all about Food

planning a honeymoon

The countries South-East Asia have a tantalising cuisine to offer for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. However in some of the countries, it is better to do some prior research on the food joints that you would like to eat in, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian. So based on your destination, while planning a honeymoon, do check out the eating options available so that your are prepared for what is coming on your plate.

Enjoying the Honeymoon and bringing back countless memories

planning a honeymoon

Once you are at your destination, do not get so lost in the experience that you forget to save the experience in the form of photographic memories. This does not mean just your camera and smart phones with selfies that do not go beyond yourselves. Carry the must have travel gadgets and ensure you have an immersive travel experience. Ensure that you carry a tripod, so that your sojourn in South-East Asia is captured for posterity against the backdrop of the lovely locales. Alternatively you could even think of hiring the services of an outdoor photographer.

These tips for planning a honeymoon are sure to stand you in good stead if you are planning a honeymoon to a destination in South-East Asia. Even if it is not a honeymoon and you are looking to traveling solo or with the family, these tips would still hold good.


planning a honeymoon

planning a honeymoon    planning a honeymoon



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101 thoughts on “6 Tips for Planning a Honeymoon in South-East Asia

  1. robin rue Reply

    I would love to visit southeast Asia someday. On my honeymoon, I went to Vegas (because I got married there). The Philippines sound amazing,

  2. Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories Reply

    Oh I would love to plan a second honeymoon with my Superhubby maybe for our 20th or 25th wedding anniversary to Southeast Asia! I would love to visit Thailand or the Phillipines, the beach is a must for us. Thanks for sharing these tips, as our 3 boys get older, it is definitely easier to travel.

  3. Iza Abao Reply

    These are beautiful destinations. This article is applicable to anyone who wants to travel to Southeast Asia. It can be quite an adventure if you are seeking vegetarian or vegan foods in certain places. I would suggest bringing your own snacks or go to grocery stores.

  4. you.theworld.wandering Reply

    Some great tips and handy visa information too! I’ve just been to Bali and am visiting Malaysia now and think both would be great spots for honeymooners! Bali certainly does have many great beaches that would be perfect for honeymoon photos!
    Kristie- you.theworld.wandering

  5. Neha Saini Reply

    Southeast Asia is beautiful. I would advise everyone to visit these beautiful places. And for the newly married couples these places are beautifully perfect to start new life.

  6. Divya Reply

    These all look like great places to honeymoon! My husband and I had a spontaneous wedding and then, shortly after, roadtripped to Tennessee, our new home. One of these days, we’ve gotta go on a proper honeymoon!

  7. Neely Moldovan Reply

    My husband would love to visit Asia. I will send this to him.

  8. Liz Mays Reply

    I wouldn’t mind spending some time somewhere with a nice view! I’d definitely have to try lots and lots of different dishes!

  9. Tonya Wilhelm Reply

    It’s all about the food, sounds good to me. Those cookies look so tasty. I have to admit, that waterscape looks like a great place for any vacation or honeymoon.

  10. Elizabeth O. Reply

    South East Asia is packed with beautiful beaches and the weather is mostly sunny. It’s important to prepare for it. These are great tips.

  11. lisa Reply

    We never took a honeymoon sadly. One of these days we will plan something big and this would be a beautiful place to travel to!

  12. Scott Reply

    Wouldn’t have to be a honeymoon, I would just love to visit the area someday! It’s so far though…need to save up!

  13. Carol Cassara Reply

    Honeymoon in South East Asia? That’s an awesome choice especially if you’re after the fact that you can go island hopping to different beaches. These are nice tips!

  14. Tami Reply

    I never considered traveling to Asia. We are long past a honeymoon but our 22nd anniversary is coming up.

  15. Kate Reply

    You just helped to remind me of something important. I’m not sure if I’ll need a visa for Malaysia or Singapore! Traveling to Asia (especially SEA) is becoming more and more popular for honeymooners from North America (and around the world). I think your guide will help a lot!

  16. LaiAriel R. Samangka ( Thelittlelai: Beyond limits) Reply

    I’m so happy that Philippines is included in your list, you’re truly right that it offers thousand of islands that are still left in their innate state and a lot more. It’ll be a best best choice if you spend your time for Honeymoon. I also agree with other South East Asian countries, especially in Bali Indonesia and Thailand as well. Aside from a very cheap cost of living, you will as well enjoy all the beautiful scenery. Thank you so much for sharing your tips as well.

  17. Jolene Ejmont Reply

    I think that Asia is perfect for honeymoon! Luxury for cheap, well why the hell not 🙂 We had our first and second wedding anniversaries in Asian countries 🙂

  18. [email protected] Reply

    These are awesome tips! We aren’t planning a honeymoon but we have been wanting to travel to some of your listed countries. If only time and money would allow us to go soon!

  19. Katie Reply

    Some beautiful places to visit in Asia for sure! I know several friends that have gone to Thailand, but I’d never thought about Cambodia before!

  20. Katie Reply

    Some beautiful places to visit in Asia for sure! I know several friends that have gone to Thailand, but I’d never thought about Cambodia before!

  21. Iuliana Marchian Reply

    That’s so funny! I’ve just written a similar post for a friend. I was amazed by the amount of beaches with pristine waters. But i don’t think that I have to get married to go there. I will definitely check them before because they are too beautiful and the descriptions that you provided made me very curious.

  22. Natasha Reply

    Love this post — what a great guide. There are many South East Asian countries that would make the perfect honeymoon destination. The food, I think — is the best part!

  23. Ronnie Reply

    Thailand is the best! I went there October and I fell in love with the landscapes and the food. It was so beautiful and romantic. I’m going back for sure.

  24. Travel Blogger Reply

    Great tips! Planning a honeymoon can be so stressful, and you want to have a great experience especially after all of that wedding planning. Looking at your list of destinations, I wish we had gone to Indonesia. I would have loved to see the beaches of Bali, but maybe for our anniversary!

  25. Our Family World Reply

    Thank you for these tips. A visit to Southeast Asia is in our bucket list, and we hope we get to have that ticked off the list this year or next.

  26. Candy Reply

    These are such great tips for honeymooners planning their unforgettable vacation. A lot of people choose Hawaii, but I think choosing South East Asia is an excellent choice. Granted, it may be a bit more complicated, but with these tips it can be well worth the effort 🙂

  27. CourtneyLynne Reply

    Omg a honey moon in Asia would be pretty fabulous!!! Hubby and I went to Mexico which was fun, but definitely not Asia!

  28. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    Thank you for this informative post. We have a trip to South East Asia in the pipeline and we’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching about the countries we intend to visit.

  29. Hey Sharonoox Reply

    These are great tips! I’ve been to Thailand, Malaysia and Bali (Indonesia) for their food and cultures. Perfect travel places for honeymooners.

  30. Stella Reply

    I’ve never thought about going on a honeymoon. But your tips seem very helpful. I’m sure it is important to think carefully about food when choosing any destination. And Southeast Asia seems like a great area to go to for a honeymoon.

  31. Rosey Reply

    I do love a good beach destination. I won’t be going on a honeymoon soon, but my son and his girl are going over ideas for theirs. It’s fun to listen in from time to time when we’re over their way visiting. 🙂

  32. Tara Reply

    Too bad you can only experience one honeymoon as a married couple. Those islands are so relaxing and romantic – I may have to plan an anniversary trip!

  33. Reshma Reply

    A good list of places for honeymoon. Surprised to find the Philippines, but it surely is I think the best of all. Thailand has become the most sought after, and on my one of the trips there, I saw more honeymoon people than others there 😀

  34. Cat Reply

    South East Asia is the perfect destination for a honeymoon! It is relatively cheap, compared to other tropical places like Hawaii and Maldives. We did ours in the Philippines and absolutely loved it! And I think packages are a good option for those who don’t want the stress of planning it!

  35. Angie Rose Reply

    What wonderful tips! I’ve always wanted to travel to Indonesia and the beaches of Bali. Since my current location is the furthest distance from this, right now it’s only a dream. Maybe one day I can honeymoon and see the gorgeous beaches in person!

  36. Chris Reply

    What a fantastic resource!

    While my blogging beauty and I aren’t quite this far along just yet, I’m sure we could use some of the above pointers and suggestions to plan a romantic, non-honeymoon style vacation for ourselves as a celebration of her finishing up her full time job here in Asia.

    I’ve always been especially enamored of The Philippines, and especially now that I’ve seen some Maldives style over-water bungalows cropping up in some gorgeous locations.

    I’ll have to bookmark this one for the “what if” days haha

  37. Gokul Raj Reply

    I think Indonesia is Visa Free for Indians. I had confirmed with the embassy. I am going for a Solo Trip in July.

  38. Katie Featherstone Reply

    I have to say I might get married just for a chance to go to the Philippines… haha! No seriously, great selection of places here and helpful advice!

  39. Christina Pfeiffer Reply

    I love that photo of the champagne glasses and sunset. SEA has so many romantic spots to choose from for a honeymoon. Personally, I think Thailand has some good value resorts.

  40. candy Reply

    Great ideas and tips for those want to go on a destination honeymoon. All of your photos make everyone stand out and look beautiful scenery. Might talk someone in to going here for their honeymoon.

  41. Chris Reply

    Many Australians have taken it a step further and rather than simply enjoy the value their dollars can get on vacation or as you’ve suggested a honeymoon, they’re now having their entire wedding abroad!

    Indeed my first trip abroad was to attend a wedding on the Thai island of Koh Samui, and more recently good friends tied the knot on the Indonesian island of Bali.

    It seems to be a rapidly growing trend!

  42. Angelic Sinova Reply

    These are such gorgeous destinations. South-East Asia is definitely on my travel bucket list. South East Asia seems like such a perfect destination for a honeymoon!

  43. Brandon Smith Reply

    Sounds like you had a great time on your honeymoon in South-East Asia! I’ve heard many great things about Cambodia, Thailand Bangkok, as well as the other places you wrote about. Maybe one of these days I can take my wife to South-East Asia for our anniversary!

  44. Sarah Bailey Reply

    What some absolutely amazing tips, I bet South East Asia is just a beautiful place to visit for any reason and very special for a honeymoon.

  45. Amelie Reply

    South East Asia would definitely be my destination of choice for my honeymoon! Or maybe Costa Rica 🙂

  46. Katie Kinsley Reply

    OMG beautiful places to visit in Asia! I know several friends and famility that have visited Thailand, but I have not made the leap.

  47. Tim B Reply

    It would have to be a second honeymoon for me but your post leaves me inspired. Our honeymoon was really hindered by a little thing called a hurricane so why not try doing another one 🙂

  48. Ali Rost Reply

    Wow .. what a comprehensive guide! Any of these place would be so wonderful to go for a romantic honeymoon. Plus .. they’re not the run of the mill destinations. No matter which you chose there would be great stories to tell!

  49. Dannielle Reply

    Thailand would be the perfect place for a honeymoon. If we hadn’t already ‘done’ it, I’d probably want to go there for mine. Now, I’m leaning toward Philippines.

  50. Chris Lewis Reply

    Great tips! I have always wanted to visit Southeast Asia, and you pictures and tips make me even more interested in going. So many beautiful sites and I hear the food is remarkable!

  51. Joely Smith Reply

    What a lovely place to have a honeymoon! I think I would have to go with a package but customize it a little. I do not just want to do touristy things but on the other hand, it WOULD be a honeymoon so I want mostly comfort and not having to worry about anything.

  52. Kavey at Kavey Eats Reply

    I wish I’d had resources like this back when I planned our honeymoon in 1994. I was already on the internet, nascent though it was – most of the travel content was in wholly text-based news groups on USENET and not at all structured – just a whole bunch of chat threads really. I would have loved something like this to get me started back then!

  53. Victoria Reply

    As a traveling couple SEA is a dream trip for us! These tips are very useful! Thanks 🙂

  54. Chi Reply

    Southeast Asia is definitely a great destination for all travelers! It is also a great idea for a honeymoon! This article is a helpful travel guide for all couples I think:)

  55. David Elliott Reply

    You make all of those places look simply amazing. I am sure I would love seeing all of them. And I make sure that whenever I visit a new place that I get to try the food. Food is such an essential aspect of culture that I need to try it out.

  56. Indrani Reply

    That is a good choice of places. Honeymoon or no honeymoon or may be second honeymoon… all these places are worth a visit. Very informative post.

  57. Barb Reply

    I think Asia could be an amazing honeymoon destination. The Philippines is one of my favorite countries in the World and I would go there anytime to vacation.

  58. Megan Jerrard Reply

    Thanks for these tips! As a married couple of four years we quite enjoy taking second, third, fourth and fifth honeymoons 😀 There should never only be one trip!! And we’re based in Australia, so South East Asia is our go to. Hopefully we’ll soon make it through each of the incredible destinations on your list 🙂

  59. Anne Reply

    It is a touch choice to pick one of those but I would probably go for Indonesia or Thailand for luxury hotels, great service and honeymoon indulgence. Saying that, we visited Oman and the Maldives for our honeymoon and both were amazing, albeit for totally different reasons

  60. Emma Spellman Reply

    I never got to go on a honey moon and all these places sound amazing. I would love to check them out someday.

  61. Amanda Kee Reply

    I’d love to visit the Philippines. All that greenery is so enchanting. I’ve never been out of the states but hopefully someday soon I will.

  62. rika Reply

    Great tips! I spent my honeymoon in South East Asia. My husband and I visited Bali, Hongkong, Thailand

  63. celine Reply

    Oooh!! I’d love to spend another honeymoon in Bali, and my own backyard, Palawan, Philippines! 🙂

  64. Terri Beavers Reply

    Oh wow, this would make such a great honeymoon place. I’m not married and don’t want to get married but I would LOVE visiting here with some of my BFF’s or family members. I’m adding your bookmark to my travel list.

  65. Janna Reply

    All are great destinations for honeymoon! I’ve been wanting to visit Bali and Phuket for the longest time so thank you for the reminder! 🙂 I spent my honeymoon in Hawaii and man that was super expensive!

  66. Jaime Nicole Reply

    I would love to travel to Southeast Asia one day! It looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to have a honeymoon.

  67. candy Reply

    I have mentioned before in the comments that this would be a great place to visit. If that is where someone wants to honeymoon than go for it.

  68. Amber Myers Reply

    I’d be thrilled with any of these places. They all look glorious. I’m already married, so it would be a fun trip for my husband and I.

  69. Jeanette Reply

    These are all such beautiful places. I don’t know how I would be able to pick. I think the top of my list would be either Thailand or Bali.

  70. lisa Reply

    My husband and I never got to take a honeymoon. These destinations look so beautiful and it would be so fun to travel to Asia.

  71. Marysa Reply

    Sounds like a great place to travel for a honeymoon. Seems like there is no shortage of things to do and places to eat. I have never traveled to Asia but would love to someday.

  72. Pam Reply

    These are great tips for anyone planning their honeymoon to Southeast Asia. You want to be prepared for such a special trip.

  73. Dawn McAlexander Reply

    Southeast Asia looks to have some beautiful locations. My husband and I have already had our honeymoon, but we would still like to visit these places.

  74. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    Revisited your site again so I can show this to my husband. He needs a little more convincing so we can make that SE Asian trip come true – soon!

  75. Gareth Reply

    South East Asia is a region that isn’t often mentioned in the same breath as honeymoons, perhaps because it is always associated with budget backpacking travel. But, as you mentioned here, there are some great spots for couples here of which I think Indonesia is particularly beautiful. And you’re right about the weather… SE Asia has a serious rainy season and that can really put a damper on your romantic getaway

  76. Rose Cottrill Reply

    Hubby and I got married in Asia and also had our honeymoon there, it was beautiful! There are so many places in Asia that is perfect for honeymooners.

  77. Siddhartha Joshi Reply

    Wonderful post guys…I’ve been reading so many romantic posts today, maybe it’s a sign from somewhere up there…haha 🙂

    It’s crazy, but the only place in your list I’ve been to is Cambodia. I do hope to see them all someday 🙂

  78. Dogvills Reply

    There are so many amazing places to explore in Asia. We’re planning a trip to Cambodia later this year.

  79. My Teen Guide Reply

    Southeast Asia is a perfect honeymoon destination. Even great for family vacations too. I would love to experience a Japanese tea ceremony or “Sado,” a spa in Thailand, the virgin beaches of the Philippines, the shopping frenzy of Hong Kong, and so much more! You really convinced me to start planning now.

  80. Sarah Reply

    Southeast Asia is on the list! Friends honeymooned in Cambodia, a choice that surprised me at first, but when I see your photos and remember theirs, I can understand that choice completely. Hopefully one day we’ll make it there, and to Thailand.

  81. Rishabh & Nirali from Gypsycouple Reply

    A fantastic guide even for non honeymooners looking for options in South East Asia. Truly echo with your list especially hidden gems like cambodia which have a lot going for it. Will be bookmarking it for sure.

  82. Jenny Reply

    That looks like a lovely to place to vacation for honeymoom or for family. So beautiful and serene!

  83. Danijela WorldGlimpses Reply

    Nice tips! I’m actually thinking about Cambodia, would be lovely to spend the honeymoon in such a romantic place full of history and lush nature. Thanks! 🙂

  84. Saakshi Reply

    Such great info at one place! Thanks for sharing this. South East Asia certainly has a lot of honeymoon destinations.

  85. Global Girl Travels Reply

    This comprehensive guide is so useful for honeymooners! I love the destinations you’ve listed in Southeast Asia. There are so many variety to choose from and they would be great for a relaxing way to escape for your honeymoon!

  86. Agnes Reply

    I am getting married next year and certainly looking for honeymoon location ideas. These are some destinations I did not think of, thanks for the tips.

  87. Ami Reply

    I love the way you have made it easier for the honeymooners to plan their holiday. These tips do hold good for any of the destinations you mentioned. The best part is that these destinations are so versatile that they accommodate any kind of traveler…be it adventure or nature or just relaxing. Well captured

  88. Kiwi Reply

    Asia is a beautiful place for a honeymoon. No honey yet but I am planning a trip to Bali soon!

  89. Kelly Reply

    Well, i am no where near planning a honeymoon but I would love to vsiit Southeast Asia and I think these tips are great no matter what type of trip it is. Cambodia is one I really want to see and I always DIY. Package deals are not my thing.

  90. Lillie Reply

    This is so interesting to read because I traveled through Southeast Asia when I was single and loved it, but ended up honeymooning in the Americas. I wonder which country I would have chosen if we’d honeymooned in this region!

  91. Peter Korchnak Reply

    Having been married for 14 years now, a honeymoon isn’t on the roadmap. But we love SE Asia and will definitely be returning there. Perhaps this time with a romantic spin.

  92. neha Reply

    South East Asia has some beautiful honeymoon destinations. That first trip with one’s partner is always a special one and to make it extra special it’s important to plan it well. You have provided all the valuable tips one would need to make it an ever memorable trip

  93. Arnav Mathur Reply

    Thanks for compiling a list of budget friendly honeymoon destinations in South East Asia. With flight tickets to Bangkok being as cheap as flying from Delhi – Mumbai, Bangkok has become really popular with the honeymooners. However, my kind of trip will include Bangkok, Cambodia and Malaysia all in one, thanks to AirAsia’s cheap tickets.

  94. Gina Reply

    I’ve been really dying to visit and explore KL because of what a cool metropolis it is! I think couples that enjoy the conveniences of city life would really love this destination. Also, I think I would love the Philippines so I could get lost in the pristine islands.

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