5 Simple Travel Experiences That Touched Our Hearts

5 Simple Travel Experiences That Touched Our Hearts

5 Simple Travel Experiences That Touched Our Hearts

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Travel is all about new experiences, but not all experiences need to be life changing or mind blowing. Many a time, some simple run of the mill experiences are enough to tug at your heart strings and fill your being with immense joy or bring a lump in your throat.

Here is a list of 5 such experiences that have touched us in different ways.

1.Flying a Kite on the River Ganga

We were in Varanasi, the spiritual Capital of India, and had hired a boat, to cruise on the river Ganga. It was evening and the setting sun cast shadows on the river and bathed the horizon in a golden hue. The Ghats, the water, the boats bobbing along the river, everything seemed to have acquired an ethereal glow. As I looked around, I spotted a kite, proudly swaying in the wind, high up in the sky. I gazed lovingly and wistfully at it as my mind was ignited with childhood memories of flying kites. By a stroke of providence, as I watched the kite, it began to sag and float away in the distance, a clear sign that the string that had it anchored to the ground had been cut. Another stroke of providence saw me spotting the string of the kite near the edge of the boat and all my boyish instincts came to the fore as I lunged and grabbed the string before it could disappear. I now controlled the kite as it once again swayed majestically in the sky, I looked across at my wife with a triumphant look, only to be met with a reprimanding look, which clearly said, “what if you had fallen in the water”?

I spent some heavenly moments flying the kite as we slowly cruised along the famous Ghats of Varanasi before letting it loose. I watched it glide gracefully away in the horizon and disappear, just as daylight gave way to darkness and we rowed back towards the shore.

2. The music of the little boy in Rome

We were in Rome and after having been overwhelmed by the divine mastery of Michael Angelo in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, were walking towards St. Peter’s Basilica when the hypnotic musical notes emanating from the instrument held by a little boy hypnotized us, there he sat on the pavement, coaxing exquisite musical notes with his hands. People passed by dropping coins into the paper cup that lay besides him. He looked up at me and our eyes met and some strange waves of communication seemed to have passed through us, as instinctively, I reached out and stroked his head lovingly. He smiled back at me, as if to say, that what he needed was love, not money.


3.  Morning Coffee looking out at the peaks of the Himalayas

We were in a beautiful place called Pelling, high up in the hills of Sikkim, India, and our hotel room offered a stunning view of the Himalayan ranges. We were up early, when it was still dark and patiently waited with our hearts pounding for the first rays of the sun to fall on earth. And soon enough, it was day break and our hotel window seemed to transform itself into an window that opened to paradise. We nursed our cups of hot and steamy coffee as we marveled at the beautiful snow clad peaks of the Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan mountain ranges. The coffee seemed to have assumed an exotic flavor as we sipped the heady brew and were intoxicated by the natural beauty that stretched out beyond our hotel window.

4. Feeding the Giraffes in Bangkok Safari World

Giraffes have always been a source of fascination for us, mainly because of their sheer grace, notwithstanding their huge stature, so it was with great joy that we went up a small platform, known as the Giraffe Feeding Terrace, in Bangkok Safari world, and proceeded to feed the Giraffes to our heart’s content. It was indeed a fulfilling experience for us and hope it was for the Giraffes as well.

5.Parasailing in Pattaya

Though we have done parasailing in a number of places, parasailing over the blue waters in Pattaya was an amazing experience and one that we treasure, soaring high in the blue skies and above the blue water, as I gently floated, I could see the island of Koh Larn in the distance on one side while the iconic skyline of Pattaya glistened on the other.


What are the travel experiences that have touched your hearts and succeeded in stoking your latent emotions whenever you think of them? Do share them with us through our comments section.

5 Simple Travel Experiences That Touched Our Hearts


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95 thoughts on “5 Simple Travel Experiences That Touched Our Hearts

  1. Fabulous list – I love how (and totally agree) simple things like sipping a cup of coffee in an exotic land can be one of the greatest pleasures of traveling. We need to stop to take in the scenery every now and then instead of always being on the go 🙂

  2. All 5 are experiences I wish I can have someday, plus many others hopefully. Parasailing and Bungee-jumping in Switzerland appeal me the most, but I don`t mind flying a kite in India either!

  3. This was so heartwarming. The kite flying moment between your wife and you made me laugh, sometimes the child in us just has to act! I recently parasailed to a resort entrance, that was definitely memorable.

  4. I love those moments, simple but so beautiful. #2 the story of a little boy playing music in Rome made my heart melt. It is really strange but beautiful that how people can connect without knowing and talking to each othI guess this can be another form of kindred spirit.

  5. It’s definitely the little things that make the best memories! Mainly cuz they are so unexpected and underrated. Great experiences there! Love it. Keep living it guys.

  6. I love Giraffes also, they are so beautiful and I love how gentle they can be when they come close to you and want your attention. I would love to go parasailing or sky diving, those are two things I want to do on my travel journeys. These are memories you will keep forever.

  7. Wow! What a journey you have experienced. I haven’t flown a kite in ages. I don’t even remember the last time! I would love to experience every thing on your list except for the parasailing. I’m extremely afraid of heights 🙂

  8. What beautiful memories! You’ve sent me off on reminiscing of my own. It always seems like the small moments of comfort, discovery or awareness stick. Just breathing in the silence of the desert, or watching the boats cruise past the channel and out to the ocean. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thank you for sharing your stories! I love reading about personal, meaningful experiences 🙂 Feeding giraffes sound AWESOME. I really want to go to the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi one day to do the same!

  10. It is so nice that you have been able to collect these moments over time and reflect on their impact on you. I certainly agree that sometimes that most random or simple events will stay with you. On my first trip to London, I had a similar experience when a man started playing a public piano out of nowhere and it was just the time, place and music. So perfect together!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing! I had a really transformative experience on a bus in Cambodia. I took the day bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and seeing the small villages in the daylight really blew my concept of poverty and happiness out of the water. They have so little, but they work and honest day’s work, the kids actually play outside, community members interact with each other. They may not have a lot of resources, but they work with what they have– always wearing a smile.

  12. Wonderful blog, what makes it wonderful are that these are so genuine ! I specifically like the the little boys music in Rome and flying kite in Varanasi 🙂 I went through your photo gallery as well. The photography is very good, but if you feel , your blog can stand out more through even more stunning photography, check out an e-book that I wrote specially for travel bloggers. http://imagineescapades.com/store/

  13. I also treasure the memories that I experience since 2014. My views on life have changed a lot! I give importance how other countries respect their culture. I also meet fantastic people along the way and learned a few foreign languages.

    1. It is a mix of both. Both Varanasi and Bangkok Safari are awesome. In the safari world, you will enjoy the safari. It is the ultimate. We loved it.

  14. … I agree, we can’t helped but encounter some people that touched our lives in-the-process. And with their simple gestures, we learned so much from them, and I’m always feel thankful that I meet them. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences!

  15. What marvelous experiences! Can you imagine those that do not travel missing out on all these heartwarming moments? My favorite was the boy with the accordion. The kids are the ones that always get to me. 😉

    1. You said it Melody. We tend to see so many things while traveling which otherwise we normally miss out. Kids always are adorable and we too love kids. 🙂

  16. Sometimes the most simple things leave the best memories! I loved your reading how you felt in the hotel in the Himalaya’s. It’s my biggest dream to go there. Coffee, sunrise, Himalaya’s. What more does a person need?

  17. This is a beautiful compilation and has inspired me to write my own version of this. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing the idea but I will link back to your original post when I create my version. Your story about flying a kite over the Ganges is just sooo exquisite. You have a very beautiful way with words.

  18. This is a beautiful compilation and has inspired me to write my own version of this. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing the idea but I will link back to your original post when I create my version. Your story about flying a kite over the Ganges is just sooo exquisite. You have a very beautiful way with words.This is a beautiful compilation and has inspired me to write my own version of this. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing the idea but I will link back to your original post when I create my version. Your story about flying a kite over the Ganges is just sooo exquisite. You have a very beautiful way with words.

  19. Lovely and unforgettable experiences! My very touching experience was also visiting Varanasi and observing the burning ghat, only that it was from the boat an not a kite 🙂 Hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal was another deep and powerful experience for me.

  20. You just sold me dreams. I mean giraffes? It’s kind of a dream of mine! And not mentionning sipping on your morning coffee above the Himalayan chaines. I think I have still a lot to live, and that’s why I love travelling so much! Thanks for the experiences! x


  21. Your post reminded us of a street performer in Rajasthan selling his music cds. Just a soothing melody we sat there around an hour listening to him. So pure and heart touching. Varanasi is on list and we would definitely follow your path there 🙂 Thanks for the awesome post.

  22. coming from India, Kite flying in Varanasi touched my hearts. I have flown kites in gujarat . thats an elaborate affair. hundreds of people flock to their rooftops and have kite flying competitions. Its an amazing scene.

  23. Looks like you have had some great experiences and a wonderful journey around the world. I hope the rest of this year brings you many more great travel experiences.

  24. All these experiences are so awesome. A morning coffee with a view of Himalayas that is a
    Wonderful experience. Watching the sunrise over the mountains. Its so perfect! Would love to try feeding the giraffe too 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  25. So great to read about your unique experiences across the world! I would definitely have done the same as you and lunged after that kite – but I probably WOULD have fallen in the water! haha

  26. WOW! I would have been happy to have done all of those five things, especially flying the kite! A truly inspirational post and one that made me feel so humbled too, a great and alternative way to write about travel, loved it! Karen

  27. Flying kite on river Ganga is the standout pic and experience. It is just something so different for people like us but for many folks it’s a daily dose of playfulness.

  28. Thank you for reminding us how travels could be simple yet meanigful. One day, I will have a Morning Coffee looking out at the peaks of the Himalayas. Claiming it! 🙂

  29. Sweet and touching 🙂 It is the best to remember small moments that make up some of the best memories of our travels. I loved the one about the kite and the one about parasailing 🙂

  30. These “little moments” are some of my favourite parts about travelling! If I were to share one of my own, it would be sitting in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris last summer. It was a beautiful blue sky day, the atmosphere was perfect (with a bunch of kids floating sailboats in the big fountain), and I had a big box of gelato-filled macarons from Amorino in hand. So perfect!

  31. The simple yet personal experiences that traveling provided us, like having coffee on top of the mountain. These past trips, I pack my own thermos and little cups with me. Like you, my partner and I enjoy sipping coffee while taking in the scenery before us.

    Thank you!

  32. OMG! Himalayas and feeding giraffe are two of my bucket list! Lucky you!
    I also wanna try those. Indeed, you had amazing trips. There are trips that could really touch not our hearts but also our souls in a very heartfelt way, and you just had yours. Wish to have mine too. Thanks for this! It’s a great post! Xx

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