7 Hidden Gems You Should Try On Your Next Dubai Trip

Dubai Trip

Read this post to know the 7 hidden gems you should try in your next Dubai trip. You may not find these places in travel guides.

Dubai Trip

Dubai is a land where you can experience the richness of culture in the laps of luxury. That is why you should know where to go and what to see to explore the best parts of Dubai and make your Dubai trip unique and memorable. When travelling to Dubai, you should remember to pick your season and go.

7 Hidden Gems You Should Try On Your Next Dubai Trip

Dubai Trip

You may want to travel in the colder months as you are bound to enjoy the outdoors more. Identify the places you wish to visit before you land there and look for passes or book your slots to avoid the last-minute rush and disappointment. Make your flight and accommodation bookings and look at the requirement for travel documents as well. One of the most important documents to travel to Dubai is the Dubai Tourist Visa from India.

Dubai is one of the few places in the world where Indians can get a visa on arrival. You need to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of landing in Dubai, and you can get a visa for a maximum of 14 days upon arrival in Dubai. It is a good idea to keep all your documents in your hand baggage as you might need to produce them upon landing and need them to get a visa as well. Here are a few places you can explore that you may not find in travel guides!

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Hidden gems to explore in Dubai On Your Next Dubai Trip

Read on to know the 7 hidden gems you should try in your next Dubai trip.

1. One Cafe by Life’n One 

How many times have the vegans complained about not having enough options? Here is a haven for those who have opted for a vegan diet. This delightful and cosy place offers healthy options to eat along with healthy options for a better life too. You can sign up for Yoga classes, reiki, hypnotherapy, meditation, and enjoy foods sourced locally.

You can choose to indulge in plant-based, sugar-free, gluten-free, and organic foods to elevate your quality of life. The outdoor seating and the garden setting is the perfect way to enjoy your experience with some calming music playing in the background.

2. Dubai Ladies Beach Club

Featured in fashion shows, a part of documentaries, and a picturesque beach, are just some of the things to enjoy at the Dubai Ladies Beach Club. If you are a solo lady traveller on a Dubai trip, this is a sanctuary where you can go and enjoy your time. The club only allows ladies and plays host to beach parties, events, wellness days, Ramadan programs, and much more.

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3. Milk Bath  

On your Dubai trip, Bathe as the royals do in Dubai! A lot of spas offer this experience on their menu. If you do not see it, do ask for it as it may be customized. The milk bath is literally bathing in milk and other rituals that leave you feeling like royalty and make your skin glow.

4. Banana Beach 

Roughly about half an hour away from Dubai Marina, Banana beach has the perfect setting for getting some cute snapshots for social media and seeing a hippie neighbourhood. This beach is covered in tents, chalets, sea swings, water hammocks, and other things that are sure to make for beautiful locations for a photo shoot.

5. Dubai Coffee Museum 

Coffee connoisseurs from around the world unite here to go through coffee through the ages. You can see grinders, roasters, vessels, mugs, and other tools used to make coffee what it is today. Made in a traditional Emirati house, this museum tour ends with a sample of handmade Ethiopian coffee that completes the experience.

6. Love Lake  

As the name suggests, the lake is dedicated to couples who want to escape the mundane and find a moment for themselves. This lake is situated in Al Quadra lake and is famous for photoshoots, dates, and other romantic activities.

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7. Ripe Market 

If you don’t like markets because of the heat and crowds, this is the closest you will get to a luxury marketplace. In an air-conditioned market, you can get fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown locally. You can also pick up an organic and delicious breakfast from one corner of this market. This market offers the comfort and convenience of a supermarket and the excitement of a market that sells local produce.

These hidden gems are rarely visited by travellers on their Dubai trip and are traded for other mainstream tourist attractions. While you are looking to enjoy your time in Dubai, it is essential to provide for any emergencies to ensure you have peace of mind as well. Buying travel insurance is one of the ways to ensure you are prepared for any emergency that may arise when you are travelling outside your country.

If you are looking to buy travel insurance, consider buying travel insurance online as it is easier to purchase and the process to place claims is much easier. You can rest assured you will be covered in case of a medical emergency, loss of baggage, loss of passport, and missed flights. Travel insurance will reimburse you in case these things happen and ensure you are supported in case of emergencies.

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7 Hidden Gems You Should Try On Your Next Dubai Trip

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