Sri Lanka Travel Tips | Top 10 Tips For A Trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

This post has the top 10 Sri Lanka travel tips that will make your trip a memorable one.

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Sun, sea, sand, tan, amazing culture, great food, great people, incredible wildlife, fun-filled activities and awe-inspiring sights, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this multi-cultural, diverse country, Sri Lanka! This post has the top 10 Sri Lanka travel tips that will make your trip a memorable one.

Top 10 Travel Tips to Follow on Your Next Trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

If you’re planning a holiday to this pearl-shaped island nation, here are some useful tips to make your trip to Sri Lanka as tension-free as possible.

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Here are the top 10 Sri Lanka travel tips.

1. Get your Visa before arriving in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka travel tips

Unlike Thailand, individuals can’t simply get a visa on arrival. All travellers must apply for a Sri Lanka visa before their trip. Fortunately, the Sri Lanka visa process is very easy as travellers are required to apply online for the eVisa (Online Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA) which gets processed in as less as 6 hours. Choose for easy and hassle-free visa assistance services with minimum document requirements and fastest processing time.

2. Choose the best time to visit – Sri Lanka travel tips

Although Sri Lanka is a year-round destination as you will experience sunshine throughout your trip, it is advisable to visit Sri Lanka during the most touristic months of December through April for the best holiday experience. Conversely, if you are someone who loves lush greenery, gushing waterfalls and glorious weather, visit during the inter-monsoon season from May to September.

3. Explore the Capital City Colombo – Sri Lanka travel tips

Apart from being the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo is also a melting pot of culture, religion and races. A world-class city boasting a rich colonial heritage, friendly locals, appetizing food and a myriad of breath-taking natural wonders.

4. There’s plenty to see and do in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka travel tips

Discover the vast tea plantations in Ella, Nuwara Eliya, and Haputale explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, hike up to Adam’s Peak and other mountain ranges, relax at the sun-drenched beaches, surf in Arugram Bay, swim with giant sea turtles, go white water rafting in Kitulgala, enjoy a wild safari in Yala and Udawalawe National Parks, ride the trains through hills and valleys, dine on incredible dishes and so forth. The things to do in Sri Lanka are endless.

5. Eat like a Local – Sri Lanka travel tips

Sri Lankan cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best in Asia. The local food is world-class; it is spicy, tasty and cheap. There are different regional specialities for both veg and non-veg eaters. No matter what dish you try, you will have a blast trying all the food that the Sri Lankan Street carts and sidewalk vendors have to offer.

6. Local Sim with the Internet – Sri Lanka travel tips

You can stay connected with your loved ones by using the Hotel or restaurant Wi-Fi. Alternatively, upon arriving in the country, you can purchase a local sim card (affordable and convenient) at the airport and recharge your balance as and when you wish. With low-cost top-ups and good internet connectivity, you can stay in touch with your dear ones no matter what offbeat path you take.

7. Haggle to get the best bargains – Sri Lanka travel tips

While shopping in local stores or travelling in a tuk-tuk, always negotiate on the price of their goods or services. Shopkeepers tend to overcharge tourists in order to earn good money. While riding the roads of Sri Lanka in a tuk-tuk is an exciting way to explore the country, make sure to inquire about the fare rates from your location to the destination before starting your ride. Besides stores where they sell products labelled with fixed prices, feel free to negotiate anywhere, with a polite and positive approach.

8. Embark on a Wildlife Safari – Sri Lanka travel tips

If you love “animals” and “wildlife” and “safaris”, Sri Lanka should top your bucket list. The island nation is a perfect destination to see animals year-round and is home to some of the most exotic and diverse wildlife national parks and sanctuaries that will take you up close and personal with animals big and small, from mongoose to elephants.

9. Always carry Cash – Sri Lanka travel tips

It’s always a good idea to have enough local currency/cash in hand, in the event your card doesn’t work or there is a lack of ATMs nearby. Cash comes in handy when paying for transport such as tuk-tuk, taxis, buying snacks, shopping or any incidental events without having to track down a Foreign Exchange outlet.

10. Understand the Tipping Culture – Sri Lanka travel tips

Tipping in Sri Lanka is expected in normal circumstances and very much appreciated. The amount of tip to give depends on the context. Most restaurants and Hotels in Sri Lanka add a 10% service charge to the food and accommodation bills.

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of Sri Lankan society, all you need to do is get that Sri Lankan trip started.


Sri Lanka Travel Tips

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