How We Rode a Slice of Adventure at Dirt Mania

Dirt Mania

It was Diwali, the festival of lights, an Indian festival that can be compared to Christmas. This time we wanted to do something different during the Diwali holidays apart from gorging on sweets, lighting lamps, socializing and lighting fireworks, We wanted to get off the beaten track and do something different, something adventurous and that is exactly what we did at this off road adventure sports center – Dirt Mania.

What is Dirt Mania

Dirt Mania

“Come, ride with nature”, says their tagline and that is really what it is all about. Dirt Mania is an outdoor adventure park that offers some stunning rides on Quads across nature trails with varying distances . They also have a mud track within the premises which one can use for dry runs before embarking on an adventurous ride on the Nature trail. Apart from rides, Dirt Mania also has a Paintball arena, a perfect place for families and friends to slug it out while bonding together. Dirt Mania is located on the outskirts of Bangalore City off Kanakpura road.and about 8.7 Kilometers from The Art of Living Ashram.

Our Experience at Dirt Mania

We drove down to Dirt Mania around afternoon and reached the place quite easily as it is easily accessible from the city. We were excited at the prospect of an adrenalin pumping adventure and looked forward to the day in the outdoors. We drove into Dirt Mania, which is set amidst huge open fields full of greenery. We could see some hills in the distance too. We parked our car in the ample parking space available and headed towards the Reception area.

The Reception area is a big wooden cabin reached by climbing a flight of iron stairs. The decor inside was all wood. There were rows of neatly arranged wooden chairs and tables. The walls were adorned with riding gear including leather jackets, body armor and helmets.

Dirt Mania

We were ushered in by a boy with a big smile who seated us at one of the tables while he explained the various options available to whet our appetite for adventure at Dirt Mania. I liked the feel of the place instantly, the wooden reception center brought back memories of images of huge ranches in the Wild West , garnered from books and Hollywood westerns. The reception area provided views of the riding track within the premises on one side and on the other, we could see a workshop where the Quads were being serviced.

Dirt Mania

Dirt Mania

We then met Raj, CEO, and founder of Dirt Mania who informed us that we would be hitting the track in another 5 minutes. He also courteously answered all our questions about Dirt Mania and their services. He informed us that they have been in the business for 8 years and apart from Bangalore, they also have their adventure parks in Chikmagalur and Mangalore.

Dirt Mania

Dirt Mania

We were then helped into our body armor and helmets to ensure a safe ride. Our quads were now ready, checked meticulously and tuned to the T. We were given instructions and tips on how to ride the Quads and then were asked to ride on the track within the premises to get a hang of the vehicles. The little monsters as I would like to call the quads really looked cute in blue and red. But they were tough as they had to navigate rough terrain. The handles bars were quite tight and you had to use your shoulder strength while turning corners. This we assumed was to ensure that the vehicle did not veer off the course during sharp turns and bends.

Dirt Mania

We did a couple of laps on the little monster before we were ready. The staff gave the green signal that we were ready to handle the challenges of the outdoor trail. So off we went behind a pilot vehicle that would lead the way all along and be available for help anytime. We were on a powerful Quad called Gritty Sportsman which had the capability of seating a pillion rider. We were going on a 15 kilometer ride across a nature trail and were looking forward to a wonderful adventure in the midst of the serenity of nature.

Dirt Mania

Dirt Mania

We followed the pilot vehicle as we emerged onto the road and drove along the road keeping well towards the left to allow other vehicles to pass though there were not many. After less than a kilometer we left the road and entered the track. We passed through narrow mud paths cutting across maize fields, suddenly veering left and then right, we raced down steep and rocky inclines and zoomed up uneven slopes, raising a cloud of dust behind us.

Dirt Mania

Dirt Mania

As we rode through the fields the only sounds that we could hear was that of our hearts beating in excitement and the roar of the little monsters shrieking in delight as they unleashed their power.

Dirt Mania

On another dimension we felt blessed as we watched nature in its raw beauty, hills looming in the distance, palms swaying in the breeze, colorful butterflies fluttering over wildflowers and a cuckoo cooing melodiously from somewhere in the trees. We stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the vistas in front of us and immerse ourselves in this wonderful experience.

Dirt Mania

Feeling strangely calmed and soothed we were off again with the little monsters happy to hit the track again. We passed a small village and waved back at some kids, a few hens ran away behind some huts in a flutter hearing the roar of the little monsters. An old farmer with two bulls intent on ploughing his field looked up curiously as we passed by.

Dirt Mania

It was then that we took a turn and entered another path that led up a hill called “Yogavana Hills”. This would be the “Piece De Resistance” of the entire experience. The little monsters howled with pleasure as we manoeuvred them to the top of a small hill, the incline was moderately steep as well as rocky and uneven.

Dirt Mania

This was THE adrenaline pumping moment of the entire experience. We stopped at the top of the hill where there was a natural table or plateau which served as an ideal viewpoint. The view was exhilarating, to say the least. We could see green fields stretched out below us, white clouds hovered over some distant hills and the only sound that we could hear now was our own breathing and the wind gently caressing us.

Dirt Mania

It was a magical moment and none of us were in a hurry to break the spell as we drowned in the beauty of that moment. We were a little disappointed that we were there in the afternoon, it would have been wonderful if could have witnessed the sunset. We were sure it would have been hypnotic.

Dirt Mania

But all good things do end, so with a sense of regret we mounted the little monsters and plummeted down the hill, tracing our way across the nature trail, back to the Dirt Mania adventure camp premises.

We were back at the reception, handing over our safety gear, but not before we had thanked the staff who were on the pilot vehicle and had guided us with care, ensuring our safety at every turn and incline. We also bade the little monsters farewell, they had been wonderful, safe and well maintained.

We were a bit tired with the ride and were sweaty all over, our shoulders, not accustomed to such rigorous activity ached. But our spirits were in the seventh heaven of delight as we excitedly talked about the adventure that we had just experienced.

Activities at Dirt Mania

  • On Track, artificial track within the premises where one can hone their riding skills
  • On Trail-Nature Ride, these rides are cross- country and take you right into the lap of nature. 7, 10 and 15-kilometer trails are available. The rates depend on the type of the trail and can be checked out here
  • Night trails, where you experience nature and adventure in the darkness of night
  • Special customized events for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Team outings
  • Paintball Arena

Would we return again to Dirt Mania?

We would love to head back for another slice of adventure at Dirt Mania. We found it a great place, an ideal day trip / getaway for young, old, families and singles looking to get away from the concrete jungle of Bangalore City into the great outdoors full of greenery and fresh, unpolluted air. It is the perfect place for youth who love biking especially Quad biking, ATVs, Adventure sports and rides. It is the place to head out to for a day filled with exciting outdoor adventure activities in the midst of nature and can be considered as a weekend getaway destination from Bangalore. The off road adventure trails are a great opportunity to commune with nature while bonding as a family or corporate team, A birthday or anniversary celebrated in the cradle of nature with the celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon and stars as witness would be on altogether another level. The Nature trails, we were told acquire a totally different avatar altogether in the rainy season, not only does the excitement factor go up but also Nature is at its best, adorned and embellished by rain drops.

Dirt Mania

It helps that Dirt Mania is open throughout the year from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

How to reach Dirt Mania

Address: Kanakpura Road, Nelaguli Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082
Contact: +918880260270

Dirt Mania, Bengaluru, Karnataka

No Description

Dirt Mania

Dirt Mania

We would like to thank the staff of Dirt Mania for hosting us for this wonderful experience, however the views are based on our own personal experience.
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62 thoughts on “How We Rode a Slice of Adventure at Dirt Mania

  1. Tyane Reply

    This looks like it was a lot of fun. I know when my boys get older, they would enjoy going out for something like this.

  2. Katrina Jean Carter Reply

    I love quadding through dirt roads. My maternal home in Canada is in the country side so we do it all the time during the summer. I’m sure you all had a fun time.

  3. Carola Reply

    Dirt Mania sounds awesome! It looks very adventurous. And something I would definitely like to try. I love the photos. Great experience! So cool that there are night trails as well.

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    where has this event been my whole life? it looks like it was a blast! definitely adding it to my list of things to do!

  5. Lara Dunning Reply

    It’s not something I would seek out, but tons of people love this kind of thing and I can see this being a very popular attraction.

  6. Sheena Reply

    First of all, Happy Diwali – this certainly was a different way to celebrate the holiday but I love, sounds like it was a fun adventure! Safety is always important to me with experiences like this so it’s good to see that you equipped with helmets & body armour. Sounds like you made a great decision in choosing Dirt Mania.

  7. Erin Klema | The Epicurean Traveler Reply

    I think you met your goal of doing something out of the ordinary during the festival time. It looks like quite the thrilling adventure. Now, I’m not the most adventurous person, but — as long as the vehicle has four wheels — I’m in!

  8. CourtneyLynne Reply

    Omg now thIs looks like loads of fun!!!!! I would
    Love to go on a trip like this!!!

  9. Mohit Agarwal Reply

    what an adrenaline rush you had. They have made it a awesome place to hangout with completely different trail Bangalore actually has.

  10. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Awesome dirt bikes! I’ve never tried riding one before! This looks like a pretty cool place to let loose and just experience all the fun!

  11. Marge Reply

    What a great adventure! I’ve driven an ATV before and to this day, it remains as one of the best outdoor adventures that I’ve ever tried. The dirt road looks extra challenging but I think it’s way better than driving on a paved road.

  12. Shirley Reply

    Seems to very adventurous and lots of fun. I will share it with my brothers they will definitely love to do something like this. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Indrani Reply

    Whoa! This sounds so exciting I surely want to do it.
    The pictures have turned out well particularly the one splashing through water.

  14. Tonya Reply

    My big kids would love something like this. They’re very adventurous so I’ve found that on the rare occasion we travel together, I really need to find something to get their adrenaline pumping. This looks like it would do the trick.

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    This looks like fun! I have found paintball painful when you get hit but the ATV ride would be way cool.

  16. neha Reply

    Although we live in bangalore, had not heard of this place so far. We absolutely love the idea. Will try it out soon..

  17. Louiela Reply

    Adrenaline rush! What a great adventure you have…And I agree with you,witnessing a sunset is so relaxing and in a magical way, hope the next time you’ll see it on your next adventure.

  18. mark Reply

    Looks amazing I would love to try some off road action like this. Not to mention my kids they would go crazy for this type of activity

  19. Amruta Telang Reply

    Thrilling experience! I like such type of adventures to try. Even though I stay in India, I have never heard of this place. Thanks for sharing this post. I would definitely try.

  20. Rhewi Montemayor Reply

    Looks fun and Challenging looking forward on trying these! Nice job . 🙂

  21. Rosey Reply

    I think everyone in this family has been on a four-wheeler but me, lol. Oh and my youngest. 😉 They look fun.

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    Happy Diwali! No wonder why you super love the ATV adventure. It’s actually one of the best outdoor adventures to try! Love your photos! I miss doing this 🙂

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    Looks fun to be dirty, sometimes. Haha! If you know what I mean. I tried an ATV before in Bicol, Philippines. I had a lot of ashes on my face that I have to wash off with a wet towel. But that… oh God. Do they have free shower rooms guests can use after getting dirty?

  24. Darlene Reply

    Oohh cool adventure! Would like to experience this too. Although I still don’t know yet how to drive but this looks so fun and crazy!

  25. Lisa Rios Reply

    I have heard a lot about the Diwali festival from the Indian family living near by and it is great you had some fun time at Dirt Mania for a unique adventure. The activities looks amazing and I am sure you had a great experience out there!

  26. Iris Reply

    Looks quite the adventure and fun! I’d love to try even though I fear you need a bit of experience!

  27. Christina Reply

    What a great a fantastic addition to your Diwali celebrations. I have never been on a quad but can appreciate the adrenaline it brings. Plus, you were able to see an amazing view without hours worth of hiking effort.

  28. Johann Reply

    I wasn’t really aware of this at all in Bangalore. It’s a surprise to see India opening up to adventure sports like these. Would love to go and experience this someday. Even the prices seems nominal and just right for the incredible adrenaline experience. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Long Nguyen Reply

    It is a so detalled description about Dirt Mania. We can imagine we are among the place and enjoy the ambiance. wil try a Gritty Sportsman at the next trip to Bangalore.

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    Looks like so much fun to drive with a quad bike through the mud (love the last photo 🙂 ). A recommendation for everyone that loves a bit of adrenaline!!

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    Wow it must be a great adventure and you took some nice photos during the bumpy ride!
    I would love to try that any day! @ knycx.journeying

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    What fun…I did not know of this place. Will take a few cousins there for a race 😉 I tried this out in Indonesia and Mauritius and it sure was fun!

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    This sounds like quite the experience. I used to 4wheel as a kid, but I have never done it as part of a travel experience! I’d love to check out Dirt Mania when I make it to Bangalore!

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