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“Exodus is the story of the greatest miracle of our times, an event unparalleled in the history of mankind: the rebirth of a nation which had been dispersed 2,000 years before. It tells the story of the Jews coming back after centuries of abuse, indignities, torture, and murder to carve an oasis in the sand with guts and with blood….Exodus is about fighting people, people who do not apologize either for being born Jews or the right to live in human dignity”.

These are the words that Leon Uris used to describe the reason for the stupendous success of his book ‘Exodus‘, many years after he had written it.

The book instilled in me a great desire to know more about this enigmatic country. A country which is the focal point for three religions of the world was really intriguing. The country is none other than Israel!


Israel is a country where the twain of history and technology meet. It is a country where traditions steeped in history merge seamlessly with the advances of science and technology. Israel is a country which has bewitched and drawn visitors to its fold owing to its multi hued allure and breathtaking natural beauty. There must be hundreds of reasons to visit Israel, but here are the top 5 reasons you should visit Israel.  This will propel you to pack your bags and head out there right now!

Old City- Jerusalem


Take some strides back in time and visit the historic city of Jerusalem, considered to be one of the oldest cities in the world. Jerusalem is estimated to have been born sometime in 2400 BCE. The old city of Jerusalem is, of course, a UNESCO world heritage site. Jerusalem is a treasure trove of history and one should spend at the least 48 hours in Jerusalem exploring its wonders.

Jerusalem is considered the holiest of holy cities by three religions of the world; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Western Wall-Jerusalem


Be ready to be swept away by waves of unfathomable emotions as you touch the hallowed wall of a once glorious temple built by the great king Herod and destroyed in the year 70 CE. This place is strong with spiritual vibrations as people from diverse countries and religions give vent to their emotions in the form of fervent prayers. Many of them leave a note wedged in the cracks of the walls. A letter to God.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher- Jerusalem


Walk into the sacrosanct Church of the Holy Sepulchre and feel a chill course through your spine as you behold the place where Jesus was crucified and later buried.

Experience Harmony at a Kibbutz


Kibbutz is a word that is synonymous with Israel. It is that revolutionary and innovative concept that began around the year 1905 and introduced the world to the Commune way of life. Kibbutz are small settlements which are self sufficient in every way. The people in the settlement jointly own and work on the land, they sell the produce themselves and are self contained. Kibbutz are the little Utopias of Israel and and a way of life that one must experience.

Tel Aviv


Enter a land pulsating with life, throbbing with the vibrancy of the future in Tel Aviv which has earned the epithet of, “The City that Never Sleeps”. The city is an enticing mosaic of museums, beautiful beaches, and exotic gardens. It is also a heady experience of exciting cuisine and an electrifying nightlife.

If you are a beach aficionado, you are spoiled for choice with the 16 beaches that seem to embrace the city of Tel Aviv in a warm hug. Each beach has its unique personality and has something on offer for the entire family. Some of the beaches that you need to head out to are Tzuk beach, Metzitzim beach, Hilton beach.

Night Life in Tel Aviv


“The City That Never Sleeps”, will keep you awake and make you dance with gay abandon as the night sets in and spirits soar. The night scene warms up around 11.00 PM and the party continues till morning. The tempo rises to a crescendo during the long weekend which in Israel starts from Thursday and goes on till Sunday. The snazzy bars, restaurants, dance clubs and entertainment centers which throb with the energy of the young and beautiful people of the city will ensure that you never have a dull moment, and you will return with lovely memories for a lifetime. If you rather prefer a quiet and serene time, you can have a leisurely dinner and a drink or two on one of the beachfront restaurants.

Israel has so many varied experiences to offer and the best part is Israel on a budget is possible too.

Israeli Cuisine


The food in Israel is characterized by the undercurrent of freshness and health, thanks to the abundance of fresh agricultural produce and the advanced farming techniques. Israeli cuisine is unique in its own right. You can savor the authentic taste of Israel in any of the restaurants across the country or in the homes of its people. A typical Israeli breakfast consists of Fresh fruit juice, eggs, salad, tea/coffee, and cheese. Israeli lunch and dinner typically include dishes like Falafel- deep fried chickpea balls, Hummus- a mashed chickpea spread, Pita bread- this has the status of being the national bread of Israel, Malawach- a sweet and flaky pastry and Shwarma-grilled lamb or other meat. If you are looking for some Israeli vegan food options, then this vegan Jerusalem guide is your best source of information!

Dead Sea


No trip to Israel would be complete without visiting the Dead Sea, one of the Seven wonders of the World. Here you have an opportunity to bask in the luxury of the world’s oldest health resort, which is the Dead Sea. This served that purpose for Herod the Great, famously known by the temple in Jerusalem, whose walls are today an epicenter of religion and spirituality. If you are a Vegan then you can check out Vegan restaurants in Jerusalem.


The Dead Sea is Earth’s lowest elevation on land, you cannot get lower than this! At 34.2% salinity, the Dead Sea is 9.6% saltier than the ocean. It is because of this density that the Dead Seal allows one to literally float on it. The Dead Sea is also a haven for sun bathers.




The atmosphere at this lowest point of the earth adds extra protective layers and eliminates harmful radiation. No wonder the Dead Sea has been drawing people in hordes from across the world for centuries now. The combination of the mud, sea water and the atmosphere here is like an elixir and has many curative properties, especially for skin ailments. There are numerous hotels and health resorts that dot the dead sea which offers sunshine almost throughout the year.


Given such a varied range of experiences that Israel has on offer, it is no wonder that this small country is fast becoming an exclusive vacation hub. It is drawing visitors from across the world, from India and other countries of Asia, from Europe and America. The history and heritage, the lifestyle and cuisine, the breathtaking natural beauty, all blend together into one spectacular mosaic called Israel.



Have you experienced charisma of Israel yet? If not, take the first step and get a virtual taste of Israel through this short video:

Begin your Journey to Israel now

On most vacations you take a trip, but in Israel you take a journey you will never forget.for more information:

The Dead Sea, green hills, valleys and multi-colored canyons are some of the striking features of Israel. It’s rich and ancient history and culture acts like a magnet, drawing millions of visitors every year. All these make Israel an irresistible holiday destination. Discover Israel – The Land of Creation.


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Israel  Israel

Note: This article is in association with Israel Tourism. We would love to visit Israel soon and experience its immense beauty.

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91 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Israel”

  1. Love the photos. Exodus and Israel’s story portrays God’s unending love for people. His never ending acts of saving people from the start. I want to visit it Israel as well. 🙂

  2. Very informative article. I loved the description and small details. I was in Jordan, very close to Isreal and could see the Isreal side from the Baptism site. Since then, I have wanted to visit Isreal. Tel Aviv sounds so much fun.

  3. I haven’t visited yet, but I will shortly! Amazing descriptions of the places and must say, great pictures! I just love the way the colors have popped up so vibrantly in some of them…Also, love the video… A video always adds more interest to a post! Glad you had fun 🙂

  4. Reading your post make me wants to book a flight to Israel soon. The photos are impressive! Such a great country. Aside from that, you explained everything clearly in your post. I have heard Tel Aviv a lot from other travel bloggers. I am convinced now how great it is.

  5. I like the video. It showed what I have been expecting from Israel – history meets modern world. I like that Israelis continue to value their culture. It is enriching for both the old and new generation. Btw, I love hummus.

  6. I have been seeing more and more posts on Israel. I agree, Israel is a country that is worth visiting. Also, it would give me a chance to reconnect with Israeli friends I have made during the time I was a scuba diving instructor. For sure, I may forgo Jerusalem and choose to stay by the dead sea and one of the resorts there. I love the sea and urban city life does not appeal to me as a much as the thought of floating on the dense sea.

  7. Israel is such a fascinating place. This has been in my bucket list eversince. I think everyone would love it here, why not? Its a very significant place in our history and a lot of stories happened here. Such a miraculous and sacred place indeed. Someday i hope i will be sharing my visit to Israel too!

  8. A lovely post! I went to Israel a long time ago, so it is a delight to see the changes with the modern aspect of the country mixed in with the historical elements. Loved the video and the photos are beautiful. A very nice video.

  9. No, no, no! You’ve definitely done it now! 🙁 I’M GOING CRAZY OVER WANTING TO GO ON A LITTLE TRIP TO ISRAEL! 🙂 Haha. I miss Israeli cuisine so freaking much! Aside from the fact that I’ve always wanted to visit Tel Aviv and go on an explorative excursion to historic sites there. I am DONE FOR. Frustratingly, I have no chance at getting a vacation anytime soon.

  10. We loved reading your article as we found very informative. We knew Israel was supposed to be beautiful but your pictures made us want to fly there right now. Where was the picture of the sea taken at the start of your article? It looks magical. We haven’t been to Israel yet but how long would you recommend us to go for? If we end up going there, we will definitely come back to your awesome and useful article! We are travelling for a year next year so who knows we might end up in Israel. Your post and your pictures definitely convinced us to go! Keep up the great work 🙂
    Patrick and Cecile from

  11. Israel has been my dream place and I would love to see it someday. With these reasons, you have provided, it gets me more motivated to find ways and make more travel funds to be able to reach there. Thank you so much for the chance of handing me a glimpse of what Israel is.


  12. Hi Vyjay,

    Look at those falafel! I want to reach through the Chromebook and eat ’em LOL. Brilliant shots. We visited Cyprus a few months ago. Loved that region and if we didn’t visit Istanbul after we were thinking of Israel. So much to do and see there. And it really is a mix of tech, and old world charm. Thanks for sharing!


  13. We will be going in the next year or two. We have friends that live there so I’m anxious to see more local things then touristy places. It has a beauty all its own and your pictures captured that very nicely. Thank you for sharing and I agree, go visit Israel!

  14. Beautifully expressed! Glorious photos…. I have never want to go to Israel as much as I do now having read your post! I really love the idea of the Kibbutz – wow I didn’t realise there was anything like this left in the world. Thanks for a great read.

  15. Awesome photos! Israel has been on my radar for a while, but like most Middle Eastern destinations I’ve given them a wide birth over the past few years due to conflict in the region. I think it is time to reconsider though! I’d love to see the Western Wall, Dead Sea and The Church.

  16. I second your excellent coverage of Tel Aviv nightlife… it is by far the liveliest, varied and most welcoming I’d witnessed in any major city. The beach location also helps of course!

  17. How did you manage to get those photos in Jerusalem without any people!? Did you take multiple images and do the photoshop fix? Also, since you’ve so nicely made the case for visiting Israel (I’m convinced), your readers might like to know that Flying Blue (Air France’s rewards program) considers Israel part of Europe? That means you can fly from anywhere in the US to Israel for 50,000 miles roundtrip. You can transfer AMEX or CITI points to Flying Blue, so those miles aren’t that hard to come by and represent a phenomenal redemption value!

  18. I am not a religious person but religious history interests me very much. I would love to visit some of the sites you have mentioned such as The Church of the Holy Sepulcher- Jerusalem and the dead sea for some floating in the sun. I think Isreal is till off the tourist trail because of the bombings and conflict with Palestine. Should that stop it would be a hot destination for sure

  19. We have always wanted to travel to Israel but the media coverage of the bombings and conflict have made us a bit hesitant. It would be awesome to see all of the history, culture, and food that Israel has to offer! What part of the year do you think is the best time to visit?

  20. Having so much history in such a beautiful place is enough to draw me here. My sister visited a few years back during a time that was a little unstable but she still found it to be full of wonderful experiences and even was able to witness many worshipping one day. Sounds like a place full of experience’s you’ll surely never forget!

  21. This is a very cool post! I have always thought that Israel are all about sand and ruins. They actually have a lot of places to offer! I would love to visit it someday!

  22. I’ve long been curious about the place, however my personal politics in regards the state, as well as the effect an Israeli stamp in my passport could have when visiting many of the neighbouring countries sees it well down on my to visit list.

    I was a little confused by the little footnote at the end.

    So you haven’t actually visited Israel yet?

    You always write so lyrically, I wasn’t expecting this not to be drawn from your own experiences.

    Where have you gathered all the images and information from?

  23. I haven’t been to Israel yet but it’s always been a place I’ve dreamed of visiting – hopefully I’ll get to go there soon and thanks for the tips!

  24. Your article was super informative!

    Im from Israel and everything portrait here was real to the source.
    All the great locations and amazing ambiance.

    My website also speaks of Israeli spots and amazing places to visit with religious significance.
    Hope to see lots more people visit Israel soon

  25. While Israel may have experienced plenty of it’s problems, there probably, at least in the case of Jerusalem, isn’t a single place in the world that means so much to so many and for that alone, it really feels like it’s somewhere that I should visit. A few Israeli friends had always told me that Tel Aviv had a great nightlife scene while your pictures of the Dead Sea look absolutely stunning. Great post!

  26. We are hoping to visit Israel this Spring! I hope March is warm enough to take advantage of the beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv! As much as the culture is what is drawing me to the country, I am still a beach gal at heart!

  27. I’ve heard such great things about Israel, you really drove it home for me! Now I have to go!! I’m going to save this for when I finally go so I can remember all the awesome things you did!! The Dead Sea look ssoooooo cool! Thanks!

  28. This post is an inspiration! Not only to visit Istael but also to write and make blogposts like yours! It’s impressive! Not only does it have beautiful photos but also great content and also a video. Great work!

  29. So many gorgeous pictures here, thanks! Gonna travel Israel & Jordan for at least seven weeks starting end of December, I’m really excited 🙂 I plan to volunteer in a Kibbutz, that’s gonna be a highlight for sure.

  30. I loved Israel when I went, and am going again in March! The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and The Old Town of Jerusalem were my favourites. Where was the photo (3rd from last) looking out over the rocks and sea taken? I’d love to visit there!

  31. I spent five weeks in Israel a few years ago as part of an archaeological excavation and really enjoyed the country. It’s absolutely gorgeous. You highlighted some really great things, everyone needs to try out the Dead Sea! It’s such a weird experience, haha. Exploring Jerusalem was also wonderful, so much history and culture there!

  32. Amazing photos! Israel looks stunning. I have question though, I’d heard that if there’s an entry stamp to Israel in your passport, you are banned from entering certain Middle Eastern countries. Is this true? I couldn’t quite find a clear answer online…so thought I’d check here.

  33. My friend is in Israel and I got to see her snapchats but your photos are way better and incites me to visit more than her snaps. Such a beautiful country with a deep rooted history.

  34. Israel is right there at the top of my Bucketlist. Hoping 2017 is the year to make it there. You have given me 5 more amazing reasons to visit this oasis of the Middle East. And for a Christian who believes in Jewish traditions, Jerusalem is a must visit.

  35. You had me at falafel!! I had many friends in high school and college who went to Israel on Birthright, and they would always come back with the most amazing photos and stories. It’s been a country I’ve been dying to visit since the first time I talked to a good friend about it. Thank you for sharing these insights, I’ll have to pin this post to come back to in the future!

  36. Israel has been on my wishlist for years now and the post only adds more reason to visit it. Loved the photos and there really is a lot to see there. I’m glad that they have actively started promoting the wonders of the country and that bloggers are featuring and travelling there to give more information to everyone. Cheers

  37. Isreal is definitely on my list. Hope to make it there some day. From the beautiful beaches, ancient architecture to the delicious looking food I’ve always wanted to go.

  38. Great article. Love the way you talk about the book and the history. I also read the book many years ago but have yet to visit. Hopefully one day. There is so much history to see.

  39. Israel has always been a fascinating place for me, even though I’m not religious. I do have deep respect for history however so you’ve given me many reasons to visit for that reason. Top post!

  40. Israel seems to be an amazing destination to visit. It was not on my list till I read this post. Your pictures look so fab , especially, the food- it looks so tempting.

  41. Tel Aviv at night is beyond mesmerizing! 😮 I want to go to Israel for religious reasons but I must say I cannot discount the beauty of the place from my decision. Lucky you you’ve been there!!!

  42. Michelle Cantu

    Israel looks breathtaking. I can imagine Jerusalem being our favorite place and visiting the temple would be a dream.

  43. I have visited Israel and I’ve been to all the places you mentioned! I prayed at the wall and left a note. It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

  44. I did not realize that Israel was this beautiful. I never really had a desire to go there but now I do. There is a lot of places that surprise me and I am happy when that happens. At some point I will definitely check out Israel.

  45. I’ve never been to Israel but the Dead Sea is a place that I’ve always wanted to see. It’s absolutely beautiful. Loved all your pictures.

  46. Wow the sights are amazing! I especially would love to visit the Dead Sea. I actually never thought about visiting Israel but now it will be on my list of places to see.

  47. well that place looks like paradise, simply stunning! I will have to go there some day to see it in person… Your photos are amazing : )

  48. this is one tiny country I have always wanted to visit . . . my husband has bee several times on business and says it is beautiful and such a touching place to visit.

  49. I have never been to Israel but your photos are gorgeous and make me want to go. I never realized how pretty it was. The third photo is my absolute favorite.

  50. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like an amazing adventure to explore Israel. It would be amazing to see all of these historic places and to see the culture there. This is something we would really enjoy and would love to do some day. The beauty of these places are amazing but the history is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing the information.

  51. Israel has always been interesting to me. To visit all those holy places would be awe inspiring. This is history that changed the world. It sounds like a great place to visit.

  52. I have not visited yet, but this is on my bucket list, an amazing place to visit. Your pictures are amazing so very beautiful they make me want to visit even more.

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