A Wonderful Paean To The Athletes Who Are Made of Bold

 Atheletes – Made of Bold by Royal Challenge Sports Drink

Athletes Made of Bold

I recently watched a video called Made of Bold that features Virat Kohli.

Royal Challenge Sports Drink brings you stories of bold men and women who put everything on the line for the love of sports. The ones from small towns, villages with hardly any backing. The folks who give all for four years for one shot at metal. The ones who are made of bold. 

The video is exceptionally inspirational and is a paean to the indomitable grit, courage and perseverance of Indian athletes who #PlayBold. Virat Kohli is youth icon and known for his aggressive, never say die spirit and is the right choice to feature in this video which truly captures the spirit of Play Bold!. The video speaks about the insurmountable odds that our athletes in the fields of running, boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, hockey, shooting, archery and other disciplines face. It talks about their challenges, their grit and sweat to get ready to compete with the best in the world. The journey of these athletes is captured with visual charm and one’s heart misses a beat as you see how they push the very frontiers of endurance again and again for years together to be ready for that one final D-Day. Whether they win or not is a different subject, but what is important is the fact that they are focused on their sport and are striving to improve their performance inch by inch, nanosecond by nanosecond.


Athletes Made of Bold

We never realize the sacrifice, pain these athletes/sportsmen go through. When we recall the stories of bold men and the stories of bold women, we should never forget this brave sportsmen! They always makes us proud! 

The video is powerful in its audio-visual impact and is can be summed up by the opening lines in Hindi as narrated by Virat Kohli.


Athletes Made of Bold

“Jis desh ki ragon mein khoon se zyada cricket daudta hai  Wahan kuch ansune ankahe irrade bhi daudte hain, khamoshi se.  
 Ansune anjaane par kisi se kum nahin.”


The video is truly an eye opener and talks about how today we have athletes, literally under a cloak of oblivion, fighting and striving hard day in and day out to bring glory to the country and themselves. These athletes battle hard against all odds, they do not have the luxury of corporate sponsorship and bountiful contracts. But they labor on. What keeps them going is a strong belief in their own power and a strong urge to excel in their pursuit of perfection. Never mind whether they win or lose, they are already winners.


Athletes Made of Bold


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6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Paean To The Athletes Who Are Made of Bold

  1. ERLENE A Reply

    I find all athletes sacrifice for their sports. I think it’s the competitive nature in them and something they do for the love of their sport.

  2. Elizabeth O. Reply

    We need to pay more attention to our athletes, that for sure. They go through a lot of struggles just to follow their passion and represent our country. They also serve as inspiration to our kids, it would be great to do something good for them in return.

  3. Yona Williams Reply

    I have always enjoyed watching sports-related videos and documentaries on athletes. I like hearing about stories of triumph. It’s even more fun when I happen to catch them in action doing their sport when I’m flicking the channels…I can relate better and helps me connect to them more.

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