Travel Tips to Make Your Travels Safer

Travel safety
Travel Safety

The word travel conjures up images of stretches and stretches of exotic beaches and clear emerald waters for most if not all people. But travel is much, much more than that for any seasoned traveler worth his or her salt. Travel is an immersive experience to be savored moment by moment.

As with everything else in life, travel too has its share of bad moments, moments that may sour the entire experience, just like how a drop of lime juice spoils the milk!

To ensure that your travel is smooth as silk one needs to be first of all aware of things that may go wrong and be prepared to circumvent them.

Here are some travel safety measures to ensure you travel safe and return back with precious memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Research before you leave

  • Make sure that you know as much of the place you are visiting as possible before you reach there, especially places that may be prone to risks and for which your Government may have issued a travel advisory to exercise caution
  • Check the restrictions the country has for certain things that you can carry along with you
  • A wealth of information is available on the internet and you could also check with the appropriate embassies to get first hand information

When you are there

  • Make sure to carry the contact details of your embassy on your person all the time, just in case you are caught in a panic situation
  • Avoid carrying too much of hard cash and instead rely more on plastic money
  • Do not invite disaster by carrying excessive valuables like jewellery, etc.
  • Avoid  using desolate ATM’s especially during night times
  • As far as possible minimize night travel
  • If you are traveling solo and want to hitch hike and you know that the area is unsafe, try and avoid it

Some other Do’s and Don’ts to stay safe


Travel safety

  • Be always alert and aware of your surroundings, immediately leave a place if you sense some disturbance happening
  • Do not accept food or drinks from strangers, you never know what is in store for you
  • If traveling with kids ensure that they are never far from you and also teach them not to accept anything offered by strangers
  • Stay healthy while traveling and get the required vaccination
  • Carry essential medicines and first aid kit
  • Stay connected with family and friends on the go
  • Know and keep handy the emergency numbers of the place that you are in like police station, hospital, hotel
  • Carry maps or keep GPS handy
  • Familiarize yourself with the exit routes of the hotel you are staying in as well as any places that you would be visiting
  • Familiarize yourself with the basic statutory rules and regulations of the place and ensure that you comply with it
  • Ensure all your luggage is properly labelled and locked and do not leave them unattended in public places like airports, Train and Bus terminii, etc.

Summing Up

Travel Safety and its awareness is a must when you are traveling. However, do not get unnecessarily bogged down by it and become paranoid. Realize that taking safety precautions is not an end in itself, it is only a means to ensure that your travel goes off like a song. So build the aspect of safety into your system so that it is integrated seamlessly into your travel.

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Travel safety

Once that is done, go out and enjoy the world, there are innumerable experiences waiting for you.

Here’s wishing you all a safe travel!


Travel Safety

Travel safety


Was this article useful? Do you want to add anything else to the travel safety tips? Do let us know through our comments section.

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48 thoughts on “Travel Tips to Make Your Travels Safer

  1. Alli Smith Reply

    I always do extensive research about a place before I travel there. Safety is always a concern for me. I leave all my fancy jewelry at home and I’m always aware of my surroundings. These are all great tips, especially the one about not becoming overly paranoid.

  2. Lisa Reply

    So many great tips here especially for people who travel internationally. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Your right, just try and plan ahead and be prepared. Things don’t always go smooth and you need to roll with it. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. David Reply

    Great practical and common sense advice. On the issue of money, I always like the recommendation of separating your cash/cards, so even if you do lose your wallet/get robbed, you won’t lose them all at once. I think a big part of being safe is also trusting your gut – if somewhere feels unsafe or not quite right (within reason), then its probably worth avoiding. The more you travel the better this sense gets I reckon.

  4. Amanda Reply

    Great tips. I travel with my kids, so safety is very important. I also have an app that alerts me if something is about to go down, like a protest. That way I can avoid those areas.

  5. Travel Lexx Reply

    Great post – sometimes we forget a lot of things that are common sense and this list is great for checking things off! Thanks for sharing

  6. Elizabeth O. Reply

    These are very good tips especially if it’s your first time traveling to the place. It’s important to research carefully and to at least have an idea of how the place looks and where the important buildings are in case of an emergency, like the hospitals or the police stations.

  7. Carol Cassara Reply

    We travel often and have gotten used to the idea of preparing for the place, but you can never be too prepared, so it’s good to follow these guidelines to make sure you have a safe trip. It’s important to make sure that you have all the needed documents and aside from that, to know where to go if you need help.

  8. Garth Reply

    Good tips here, especially about money, sometimes we forget and keep cards and cash together, will remember that one! thanks for sharing.

  9. Rosey Reply

    I have not always been so careful traveling. My husband and I used to go and wing it. It was awesome, we had a blast, and now I realize we were just very lucky. It really is important to check out an area thorougly before deciding to go.

  10. Nicole Escat Reply

    I’m really thankful that I found blog post like this. It’s helpful and we should surely our safety when we are in travel. Every traveler should read this.

  11. Mar Pages Reply

    Very useful and relevant points. Its important for travellers to take responsibility for their own safety, and to be aware of the different dangers to look out for in different countries.

  12. Chris Reply

    Some great points, but above all, use common sense!

    When it comes to food, don’t try and be too fearful as well (that said, don’t go too cavalier and eat the meat with flies buzzing around either). We’ve always found a few germs a great way to toughen our gut and in all our years of travel only once have we suffered the fabled ‘Delhi Belly’ or ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ 😉

  13. Lisa Rios Reply

    My husband travels a lot usually all through the year for his business and a safe travel is something I am always concerned about. These are some simple yet effective tips to make sure you have a safe & healthy journey ahead!

  14. Erin Klema | The Epicurean Traveler Reply

    Great tips for staying safe while traveling! I’ve found doing research before a trip really helps. It’s so important to know if there are regulations to follow, cultural differences you’ll encounter, known tourist scams, etc.

  15. shayan Naveed Reply

    MY wife says I’m one of the most unaware and careless person she knows. You could slip something in my backpack and I probably wouldn’t know. I’m a very carefree person when I travel. I like to soak in the views and notice people but when it comes to myself, I’m like whatever.

    Good tips for me to think about.

  16. Evan Kristine Reply

    This is are great tips! With the amount of people being victimized by unfortunate bad planning and recklessness, this is something good to share to people who are planning to travel.

  17. Fern Reply

    Some awesome tips on here, especially learning the rights and rules of the specific country you are visiting.

  18. Maria Reply

    Your tips are really great and helpful, without making people afraid to travel and experience new things. Unfortunately, travelers always have to be alert and aware, learn to trust their instincts and be smart about their actions. But after a while you get “travel-smart” and it becomes second nature and it will also keep you safer during your every day life back home.

  19. WhereMonicaGoes Reply

    Great tips for traveling safely around the world. I always ensure that I have copies of contact numbers back home as well as relevant information about my country’s embassy or consulate in a foreign country. Also, I always use travel insurance whenever I go out.

  20. Christina M. - 72 Hours To Go Reply

    Another good tip is that for most countries, you can register before your trip with your embassy/department of state and let them know where you are going and when. This allows them to be able to contact/assist you in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist event, or other situation where you need emergency evacuation assistance. the USA its called STEP. I have more details on my site here –

  21. Ana Reply

    Whenever we travel, we do a lot of research about the country. We always note about the do’s and the don’ts. That makes us away from trouble. We just keep in mind that we travel to have fun and enjoy the vacation. We also bring medicines for emergency purposes.

  22. Pingback: 50 Things Every International Traveler Should Know | Savored Journeys

  23. Viktoria Reply

    For me the most important thing while travelling is travel health insurance. You never know what happens and never know if you might get sick.
    I had to get emergency surgery in Mexico last year because of an appendicitis. Without travel insurance it would have cost me more than 15,000 USD.

  24. Nathan Reply

    Some great tips on this, never though of carrying embassy details, will try and do this from now on, thanks!

  25. Samantha Reply

    These are all great tips that everyone should use – even in their own cities. Sometimes we forget to exercise caution in our own backyards. I always register with my embassy when I’m going on a trip, so they know where I am in case of an emergency. Getting travel insurance is also a must!!

  26. melody pittman Reply

    Traveling with a medicine bag is always helpful. We usually stock enough for a ziploc bag and inevitably someone needs one of the things we brought along.

  27. Kristina Reply

    It’s definitely important to research your destination before you get there, never quite know what you’ll be walking into. Common sense also goes a long way!

  28. Angela Reply

    Great list! Saving for future travels!! I never go on a trip without a medicine bag, you never know when you’ll need something!

  29. Alessandra Reply

    These are such great tips! I already follow some of those myself but will definitely keep the other advise in mind whenever I travel 🙂

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