The 4 Best Beaches of Bali, Indonesia


The moment you set foot on Bali the sea breeze will gently caress you and softly whisper these Persian words of the famous poet and musician Amir Khusrau in your ears:

Agar Firdaus bar roo-e Zameen ast,
Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.”

which translated into English means:

“If there is a paradise on earth,
It is this, it is this, it is this”

Bali is considered by many as one of the world’s best islands and a dream destination for honeymooners and families alike. Bali is a heady concoction of natural beauty, culture, and spirituality, all blending harmoniously together.  The one striking aspect of Bali is the seamless harmony of the people, environment, and spirituality or God. This harmony permeates each and every aspect of life on the island and makes for a unique and at the same time satisfying holiday experience.

Bali is known for its iconic beaches, lush green paddy fields, volcanic mountains and some of the best and surreal resorts of the world. Bali is also known as the ‘Island of the Gods’, owing to its rich culture and the wave of spirituality that permeates it. Here we focus only on some of the best beaches of Bali which offer miles and miles of spotless sands and gamboling waves as well as a throbbing beach life with resorts and water sports.

Kuta Beach


Kuta beach may be described as the nerve center of Bali with a throbbing party life. In addition to its pristine white beaches, the sea at Kuta and its consistent waves make it a veritable surfers paradise. If you have always wanted to surf but did not know how then head to Kuta Beach for your first surfing lessons. Kuta Beach is dotted with resorts and is a hub for international tourists who congregate here in thousands. If you are looking for some really vibrant night life you can head to Kuta beach to have a rocking time.

Kuta Beach is 11 kilometers away from Denpasar and is accessible easily by public transport.

Nusa Dua Beach


The Nusa Dua beach has been developed into a luxurious enclave with exclusive and luxurious resorts, recreational facilities, fine dining restaurants and even a golf course for golf aficionados. The enclave has been developed by the Bali Tourism Development Board. The Nusa Dua beach has huge stretches of golden sands which are serenaded by palm trees and other lush vegetation. The clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean lend the beach a mystical aura. The clear waters also make it a great place for snorkeling.

Whether you want to send your adrenaline racing with some diving or you just want to sit on the soft sand with your legs in the clear blue waters and watch the setting sun, Nusa Dua beach is the place for you.

Nusa Dua is about 19 kilometers away from Denpasar and is easily accessible by public transport.

Sanur Beach


As you saunter leisurely on the white sands of this beach, it is likely that you will recollect an old story. The story of a little boy who threw starfishes that had been washed onto the beach, back into the sea.

The crystal clear waters at the Sanur beach will ensure that you encounter some form of sea life or the other. You can also indulge in you childhood passion of collecting sea shells on the sands of Sanur beach. In addition, the water here is mild and gentle and one can just jump into the water and have fun like a dolphin dancing in the waves.

Sanur Beach is about 16 kilometers away from Denpasar and is easily accessible by public transport.

Pantai Kecil Beach


This is a secluded beach and a relatively unknown gem. It is also known as Pantai Bias Tugel. Pantai Kecil literally means, ‘Little Beach”. The beach is hidden and accessible after a trek of about 500 meters across a rocky path.

You are sure to let off a sigh of awe at the end of the trek when you cast your eyes on a vast stretch of golden sand with the blue water gently caressing the beach and coconut palms swaying in the sea breeze. It is the kind of a beach which will unleash the child in you and you will run yelling in gay abandon to jump into the water and frolic with the waves. But a word of caution here as the sea tends to be a bit rough and not the best of places for a leisurely swim, especially if you are not an expert. This beach is where you can commune to your heart’s content with the sun, sand and the sea in solitude.

The treasures of Bali seem never to end, every time you return you are sure to discover one or the other hitherto undiscovered gem. Indonesia is a country where you can spend a lifetime admiring the beauty of nature and imbibing the spiritual atmosphere that envelops the island nation.

The best way to experience luxurious and rejuvenating Bali is to stay at one of the numerous resorts that adorn this beautiful island. One of the places where you can enjoy picturesque views from Balinese style villas is Karma Kandara.

If you are inspired and want to discover true bliss in Bali, one starting point to start planning your trip to Indonesia is, a valuable resource to help you book your flights and hotel. 

Also check out our post about 5 Reasons Why Indonesia is a Dream Come True which talks about the Seductive Beaches, Borobudur, Komodo National Park, Dances of Indonesia and Food of Indonesia. There are numerous things one can do in Bali.

If you are planning a visit to Bali then here are suggestions for best places to stay in Bali. Bali is bliss and the beaches of Bali beckon one and all. If you wish to see Indonesia beyond Bali then head to Flores.


The 4 Best Beaches of Bali

The 4 Best Beaches of Bali
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96 thoughts on “The 4 Best Beaches of Bali, Indonesia

  1. Christina Reply

    Haven’t been to Bali yet, sigh. It’s on my list. So your summary here is amazingly helpful for a start! Dancing like a dolphin in the wave.. would swap immediately for my office chair here 🙂

  2. Pratap Singh Rana Reply

    Nice article. Can’t wait to visit these picturesque beauties. Have been wanting to go there from a long time.

  3. Suz @ McVagabonds Reply

    I’ve wanted to go to Bali ever since I first heard of it in the movies. It always seems like the perfect vacation spot! As autumn officially sets in here in Eastern Europe I’ll be dreaming of these beaches. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rob Taylor Reply

    Sanur beach looks and sounds great! We have been researching Indonesia and are working on a trip there with our two kids. Bali is gorgeous and we cannot wait!

  5. verushka Reply

    After watching Eat,Pray, Love I knew I would defo want to go to Bali. Finding out fairly recently that South Africans do not visas is a bonus. I have only heard of Kuta Beach not the others. Thanks for a great guide.

  6. Joanna Reply

    I love quiet and isolated beaches so I think Pantai Kecil Beach would be the perfect choice for me. I don’t like crowded beaches. I love to just sit on the sand, read a book and listen to the ocean, in perfect peacefulness.

  7. Carmy Reply

    I think my favourite would be Nusa Dua due to the cute chairs! But I feel like I’d be happy on any beach in bali!

  8. Stephanie Reply

    Great information about some of the beaches in Bali. Whenever I go to Bali I tend to go to the other side of the island. I’ll have to brave all the tourists and check out some of these beaches.

  9. Marita Stenersen Reply

    Can’t wait to go to Bali, it just looks magical! And “little beach” sound just perfect for me! Thanks for sharing, bookmarking this so I can have a second read before going 🙂

  10. Vicky and Buddy Reply

    I spent some time in Kuta and really enjoyed it. Some people think Kuta is a bit too touristy, but I feel that if you start your day early you can really have a good time without it being too chaotic.

  11. Kelly Turpin Reply

    Great sum up about some of Bali’s great beaches. I haven’t been to Pantai Kecil yet and I am heading back to Bali for a short four day stay in January. Can you tell me where is Pantai Kecil please?

  12. Amy Reply

    Bali is a place high on our list. I love a beach destination, but I love when the people and the island live such a harmonious existence. It reminds me of Hawaii that way. Nusa Dua would be my number one choice, but Sanur sounds idyllic for our family. And we always love checking out the local “gems”, they usually turn out to be the best ones!

  13. Travel Lexx Reply

    I love Bali but I haven’t spent a lot of time on its beaches. I loved exploring the volcanoes, paddy fields and small villages but I did watch a few sunsets on Kuta Beach which were stunning. Great to know about some alternatives too!

  14. Ryan Biddulph Reply

    Hi Vyjay,

    Cool beaches! Add in a few of the most gorgeous I’ve seen: Ganung Payung, Pantai Pandawa, Padang Padang, and Jimbaran. You really can’t go wrong on the Island of the Gods as the beaches are beautiful, peaceful, serene and if it’s not low season, the water is tame in many spots, save some of the rough beaches on the Bukit. Thanks for sharing!


  15. melody pittman Reply

    This is the stuff dreams are made of! I cannot imagine any place being more beautiful! This is my husband’s #1 bucket list destination.

  16. Angie (FeetDoTravel) Reply

    I visited Bali after the Sari bombings back in 2002 so it was a different place then, I do, however, hope to return next year and see a different side to this bustling island. I will be sure to check out some of these beaches!

  17. Lisa Reply

    I have always wanted to visit Bali. Looks like the perfect place to kickback and forget the 9-5! Just a little piece of paradise seems just right.

  18. Gryselle Mae Reply

    Bali Indonesia looks amazing! I have an Indonesian friend online an dhe has kept on pestering me to visit Bali. I know understand why. The beaches are amazing and looks better than Boracay! <3

  19. Karla Reply

    Bali has been one of my favorite places. We literally felt so relaxed and as if we lived the life. Have you been to the GIli islands? I wanted to try those too.

  20. Sudipto Reply

    You have captured so many of Bali’s beaches so beautifully. Will definitely use your post as a marker for future travels to Bali. Do tell me the best time to visit here..

  21. Johann Reply

    I’m not generally a beach person, which is kind of ironic growing up in the coastal city of Cochin in India. I prefer more mountains since the mountain bug caught me. But Bali has been playing on my mind for a while now and looks like an ideal spot for a lovely honeymoon and easy on the pocket. Thanks for the lovely tips.

  22. Barry Reply

    I’ve visited Indonesia a few times but still not been to Bali. I know it’s is a popular place and after seeing the pictures I know why!

  23. Sheena Reply

    I’ve only been to Kuta Beach – its a great place to watch sunset & people-watch. I prefer the islands on Bali, have you been to Nusa Lembongan? That place is true paradise. Nusa Dua does look & sound beautiful too, I’ll make sure to visit on my next trip, thanks for the tip.

  24. Gareth Reply

    Indonesia has, without doubt, some of the best beaches in the world and although it’s pretty impossible to whittle it down to just four, you have certainly picked out at least some of the highlights. You did a great job capturing with your photos although I would like to add Pink Beach on Lombok to the list. Absolutely stunning!

  25. Luca Reply

    The ones I’d chose are Pantai Kecil and Sanur! I don’t like extremely luxurious beaches and hot spots for surfers are another things that annoy me, so reaching a beach after a little trek sounds fine to me. And I like o see boats waiting in the sand to sail into the sea, that’s why I’d gladly go to Sanur too!

  26. Elena Reply

    So timely. I was just looking at Bali beaches trying to figure out where we would want to go. I knew about Kuta but not much about any other place. Thank you for putting all information together.

  27. Carol Colborn Reply

    This the reason I gifted my daughter and her husband a week in Bali! It will be paradise for them!

  28. Wanderlust Vegans Reply

    We’ve not been to Bali but its on the list. Pantai Kecil Beach looks stunning, I’ve added it to my bucket list! All of the beachs sound nice though. Great list!

  29. Indrani Reply

    They do up their beaches so well and it is such a wonderful travel destination.
    All the 4 looks awesome, hard to choose one above the other.
    I wish our Indian beaches too would good.

  30. Ehsanul Haque Reply

    Bali! What a time that was. I had so much fun and some of the best memories I have made came at Pantai Kecil. I personally though Kuta Beach was overrated. I am looking forward to getting back soon. However, Im inclined to spend much more time in Lombok on the next opportunity!

  31. Mansi K. Reply

    I love Bali! We were only there for a short period of time, so could only do Seminyak and Kuta. I would’ve preferred to skip Kuta completely as it was too commercialised, but definitely right for those wanting to party hard. I loved Seminyak…though the beach was rocky/pebbley rather than sandy…as it was not crowded and yet, the nightlife was within arms reach with Ku De Ta right there. I suppose the best part about Bali is that it has a beach to suit virtually every travel style! Thanks for reviving some lovely memories.

  32. Lindon Lee Reply

    When I first read Bali, I knew there’s such a good variety of beaches on this post. And there you are! Bali is indeed a good destination for every beach lover next to the Philippines.

  33. Brian Reply

    I’ve only been to Kuta and can’t say Bali was one of my favorite places. Not bad, just not one of my favorites. For example, I enjoyed Koh Chang more. “Hammer of the Gods” is a Danzig song!

  34. Nadine Cathleen Reply

    Bali has been on my bucket list for so long now and I really can’t wait to go. Your photos are clearly making it not easy to wait with the booking of the trip! 🙂 Very beautiful!

  35. Jitaditya Narzary Reply

    What a great collection of beaches! They look a bit dfferent from the ones I am used to in India. Especially Sanur looks do delightfully blue! WHen I finally make it to Bali I think your lists will be very useful.

  36. Zwitsy Reply

    Your post wanting me to go to the nearest beach we have here at home! I am not sure though but I am feeling like it is summer. hahaha Anyhow, Bali indonesia sure comes with beautiful beaches to visit. Only if that is easy to travel there, I’ll definitely be hitting the ones you have featured here.

  37. Adam, Bite of Iceland Reply

    I’m not a beach person, but when I travel to some exotic country, I like to spend a couple of days on the beach. I usually rent a scooter then (if it’s possible) and go to search for some deserted or mostly deserted beach, where only a few peolple are sun-bathing. So from your list Pantai Kecil Beach looks perfect for me. I love your picture with the dramatic sky!

  38. Sarah Reply

    Great advice! I’d pick the secluded beach! I love being in a place that isn’t inundated with other tourists, even if it requires crossing a rocky path! Also, I wish we didn’t skip the Bali leg of our SE Asia tour!

  39. Mar Pages Reply

    Beaches of Bali= Bliss indeed! Although Bali is so known that it is now always packed with people coming from all over the world everyday of the year! The beaches are still enjoyable and beautiful nonetheless. Really hope it stays that way, fingers crossed!

  40. Steve Reply

    Awesome post. Bali is paradise on earth and the beaches are almost too good to be true. Thanks for this guide.

  41. Sally Reply

    I am probably the only Australian who hasn’t yet been to Bali so thank you for sharing your insights on the different beaches and what they offer.

  42. Karla Reply

    I’ve been to Bali and I loved the beaches. Nice list you put up here, I wanna try the gili islands too though. Have you been?

  43. juliasan Reply

    We have been to Bali a couple of months ago, and as we wanted to go diving (made my diving certificate over there) we chose a beach in the North: Amed.
    But next time (hope there will be a next time) we will go to Nusa Dua or Pantai Kecil. Thanks for the hint.

  44. Ami Reply

    Sanur and Nusa Dua are my two favorite ones. Bali beaches remind you of Goa beaches. Loved them all.

  45. Sreeram Reply

    Have been to Bali several times. Its my favorite destination. Surely Kuta is flooded with tourists and party animals. Sanur on the other hand is the best place to get away from the bustling life to find peace and tranquil. Love the way how you have curated the list.

  46. Christina Reply

    Ah, Bali! I have not yet been and whenever I read about it I always ask myself why?!? These beaches all look wonderful. It would definitely be hard to pick just one. What a paradise. I also hope to visit one day…soon!

  47. Samantha Reply

    Bali looks beautiful!!! I love going to the beach! I don’t think I’ll have time to visit while I’m over here living in Asia… but that just gives me a reason to come back!

  48. Kayla Manoe Reply

    Oh yes Bali, my second home! I think my favourite beach would be Padang Bai, Nusa Dua and Bingin 🙂 Have you been to the other islands of Indonesia?

  49. Ray Reply

    Thanks for the tips about Bali’s best beaches. I am planning a trip there in late 2017. Of these beaches, which ones are the best to arrange a sunset dinner? That is something I would definitely like to experience while I am here.

  50. neha Reply

    These beaches are so beautiful. We have been eying bali for quiet some time now. Will soon be making a trip. This list is definitely going to help us then

  51. mark Reply

    Bali always looks amazing. Being Australian we dont live far away but i have only ever transited through the airport. I know plenty of people who have been and rave about the positives of Bali

  52. Neha Saini Reply

    All I need is sun and sea. In Bali, Indonasia I would like to enjoy surfing on Kuta beach, checkout my golf shot on Nusa Dua beach, enjoy early morning on Sanur beach and go golden with golden sand of Pantai Kecil beach.

  53. Rashmi and Chalukya Reply

    The beaches and the abundance of nature make Bali the most sought after holiday destination. These four beaches look like a paradise for the beach lovers. We haven’t visited Bali yet but these pictures make us plan a trip soon. Sanur beach looks so colorful and peaceful and the Nusa Dua Beach looks ideal for a laid back experience.

  54. Trish Reply

    Bali looks like an amazing place to visit! Nusa Dua Beach looks especially relaxing with those lounge chairs on the beach and the big beach umbrellas.

  55. Neely Moldovan Reply

    Well these look amazing! Its on our list of places we would love to go someday. Looks so beautiful and relaxing!

  56. zim Reply

    Thank you for opening up the world to us. Bali is one of the places I plan to travel to one day. Your blog post proves that I am right about this little piece of heaven.

  57. Kelly Reci Reply

    i love the idea of waves brushing and kissing my feet. Bali beaches look gorgeous and amazingly beautiful . just by looking at the pictures makes me feel relaxed already.

  58. Janella Reply

    Bali has gorgeous beaches the water looks so blue and clear. Makes me want to jump on a plane now

  59. Czjai Reply

    These beaches are very picturesque! Thanks for the reco, hoping to visit Bali someday! 🙂

  60. Ronnie Reply

    We would love to travel to Bali someday. The closest I got was Thailand it was absolutely stunning but I hear that Indonesia has some unique views to offer. Perhaps the next trip to Asia!

  61. Alicia Reply

    This looks like a wonderful set of beaches. I love going to the beach, but never been out of the country to one.

  62. Carol Cassara Reply

    I’ve heard so much about Kuta! I am loving that quote, it’s the perfect quote to describe these beaches. Indonesia is such a beautiful country and it is worth traveling to.

  63. Elizabeth O Reply

    Bali remains one if the most beautiful getaways and the beaches are equally inviting. Your photos add to the beauty of that little haven.

  64. Our Family World Reply

    Lovely beaches! I haven’t been to Indonesia, but if I were to pick a beach in Bali to stay, I’d pick Nusa Dua. You had me with the words, “you just want to sit on the soft sand with your legs in the clear blue waters and watch the setting sun…” Ah, such an idyllic vacation if that would ever come true.

  65. Elizabeth O Reply

    I’m reading a lot of travel posts on Bali lately. It is a beautiful country with amazing beaches but, ks there a contest among travel bloggers on this nation?

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