Experience a Different Goa at Bogmalo Beach



The dawn chorus of the birds slowly pierced the veils of sleep beneath which I was submerged. At first, the chirping of the birds appeared muted and coming from somewhere far beyond the realms of sleep. Gradually the chorus built up to a cacophonic crescendo. I was wide awake now. I looked at my watch, it showed 4.30 a.m.

A half hour later, fortified with a cup of strong coffee, I silently slipped out of the air-conditioned cottage into the darkness outside. There was a drastic change in the temperature as outside it was warmer owing to it being Goan summer morning.

Yes, we were in Goa, but in a relatively unobtrusive and quieter part of Goa. A Goa far removed from its pulsating nightlife, choc-a-bloc beaches, and happening parties.

To be more precise we were in Bogmalo, a tiny beach side village in the Southern part of Goa. The village is nestled in a bay and has about a mile long curving sand beach which is blessed with some amazing sunsets. Some call it Bogmallo.

It was 5 in the morning and the darkness of the night was just giving way to oncoming morning whiteness as I moved towards the gate of the property in which we were staying, a place called Beach Bay Cottages. I passed the gate and emerged on to the road. Beyond the road lay the beach and I heard the gentle waves of the Arabian Sea crashing against the sands.

The sand and the sea sent a surge of excitement through me and I crossed the road in a flash jumped onto`the soft sand and made my way to the edge of the beach.

At this early hour, there was not a soul on the beach, I watched the curving beach with the waves gently caressing the sand, as I walked from one end of the bay to the other, tracing out a crescent shape as I looked up at the crescent moon in the sky. I turned around to see my footprints on the sands being washed away by the sea, leaving the sand in a virginal and spotless state again.


Soon the sky was blessed with an orange halo and the sea which looked dark now was bathed in a golden halo, the thin sheet of water on the sand, left behind by the sea waves reflected the myriad colors of early morning. On one side was the majestic sea orchestrating a natural symphony with the sun and the sand, on the other side palm trees gently swayed in the breeze in tandem.


The morning atmosphere was so tranquil that poems and songs sprang unbidden to my lips. The beauty all around seemed to mesmerize me and held me enthralled. I walked as if in a trance, intoxicated by the beauty of the moment. The bay was hemmed by black rocks on both ends. I watched the waves build and crash against the rocks again and again and Tennyson’s verses sprang to my lips:

Break, break, break,
         On thy cold gray stones, O Sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
         The thoughts that arise in me.
I looked at my watch, it was almost 6 a.m. I had spent almost an hour walking around the beach. Now I could see people coming out for a jog on the beach, a few stray dogs made merry on the sand as a fishing boat sailed in the distance. With another glance at the sea, I pulled myself away and made my way back to the cottage.

I returned to the beach in the evening for a swim and had a great time in the water. This time there were more people around. Children frolicking in the water, lifeguards ensuring no one ventured too deep into the sea, a group of young boys having a game of beach football. The  serene calm and magic of the morning was not there, but there was an atmosphere of fun and frolic all around. I missed the magic of the morning and promised myself that I would be back next morning.

Bogmalo – All you need to know:


  • Bogmalo is a tiny fishing village located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Goa’s Dabolim  airport
  • It is situated about 5 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama
  • A pre-paid taxi from Dabolim Airport would cost you about 250-300 Indian Rupees
  • Well connected to other parts of Goa by public transport and private cabs


  • Bogmalo Beach Resort would cost about 7,000 INR for a double room per day
  • Beach Bay Cottages is budget-friendly and would cost about 4,000 INR for a cottage that can accommodate 2 people


  • Some small local eateries by the beach which mainly cater to Non-Vegetarian tastes
  • No options for Vegetarians other than the restaurants of the hotels that you choose to stay in
  • There is a bakery near by where you can find bread, cakes, and biscuits
  • You can nurse a beer and have some seafood while listening to some foot tapping music at Joet’s Bar and Restaurant, which is right on the beach
  • You could explore some good restaurants at Vasco Da Gama 

Activities & Attractions

  • Do not miss an early morning walk on the beach with the waves touching your feet
  • Indian Naval Aviation Museum is one of the two aviation museums in India, the other one is in New Delhi
  • Scuba diving at Grande Island, a 10-minute boat ride from Bogmalo beach
  • Explore the town of Vasco Da Gama and visit the 400-year-old St. Andrew’s Church
  • Hire a cab and go on a day trip to Dudhsagar falls which is about 76 kilometers away. Strongly recommend this day trip


  • Carry Shades/Sunglasses, Hat/Cap, Beachwear, Flipflops and Sunscreen lotion 


To conclude, if you are looking for a quite time in a remote and tiny fishing village where you can feel the sea breeze in your hair then this romantic Bogmalo beach is the right place for you! Experience a different Goa at Bogmalo.  Bogmalo is a non-touristy beach. 


A place where you can watch the fishermen sail away into the sea in the early hours of the morning. A serene place where you can relax on virginal sand and let the waves break on your feet, then do head out to Bogmalo village, the palms are beckoning you with open arms. Bogmalo is a perfect destination for a family holiday and kids would definitely enjoy playing around in this beach. All in all, Bogmalo Beach is a non-touristy beach at Goa and you can experience Goa in a different way here.



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85 thoughts on “Experience a Different Goa at Bogmalo Beach

  1. shayan Naveed Reply

    You tell such an amazing, vivid story. And then you follow up with very informative, useful info. Very well done. More posts should be like this. Gives a more in depth experience of a place.

  2. Rooting Robert Reply

    Written in a wonderful way, which takes me as the reader on a journey walking the way of your memories. Thank you for sharing this experience.

  3. verushka Reply

    It is great to find out about non touristy beaches as we know only about the crazy busy ones.
    Great tips which are very useful when planning.

  4. Hanani Reply

    I think I’d definitely prefer this than the busier side of Goa. And the beach looks amazingly clean. Were there many people at Bogmalo Beach when you were there?

  5. Angela Reply

    I always feel like I am experiencing your visit with you.. like I’m right next to you walking on the beach. Love your writing style and your voice. Goa sounds magical. Thanks for taking me with you!

  6. shobha Reply

    The non-tourist alternative is always best (surprising it’s so empty because it seems relatively close to the airports). It looks like a great find!

  7. melody pittman Reply

    Having never been to this area, I always enjoy reading your posts because it sounds so foreign and exotic. I love the way you describe the places you go and things you see. I have to ask though. What are choc-a-bloc beaches? I have never heard that term before. Looks like a great untainted find. 😉

  8. Tara Reply

    This is definitely my speed! I love that you found a place away from the crowds where you can experience solitude and beauty. I would definitely enjoy an early morning walk on the beach!

  9. Mindi Hirsch Reply

    Bogmalo Beach sounds like a true gem especially early in the early morning. How awesome that you had the beach to yourself for a bit – well worth the 5am wake-up call!

  10. Kaylene Reply

    Wow, how beautiful! I love the beach photos! It’s always nice when you can find quieter places when visiting touristy areas – so much more relaxing.

  11. Chris Reply

    I love that you were able to find a place way from the crowds!

    What a picture you created with those opening few paragraphs.

    That said, I think the lavish resort kind of spoils the place!

  12. Mohit Agarwal Reply

    Goa is so much full of life for all kinds of travelers..be it a couple , friends or a solo . I have tried the Goan cashew and they are quite big and tasty too. An evening walk on the beach just takes away the days tiredness

  13. Patrycja Reply

    Looks amazing! I always imagined Goa as this crowded spot full of young tourist crowd, but this beach seems to be nothing like this. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Johann Reply

    Never heard of this before. But its great to find non-touristy beaches still exist in Goa. This is my kind of place, although I’m not a beach person, this will be a perfect one. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Sharleen Henderson Reply

    I love nothing more than quiet and remote so I’m confident I’d like it here very much, especially if I could go for a walk on the beach and have it all to myself! Interestingly, as I’ve never been to Goa, I wasn’t aware that some parts were notorious for night life and partying? You learn something new everyday!

  16. Sheri Reply

    This is beautiful, and while reading I could just almost picture myself there. This world is filled with so many beautiful places and I just love to read about the quiet unknowns and not only places where all tourists flock to.

  17. Vishu Saumya Reply

    Thank you for such an informative and detailed post on this unexplored and quieter part of Goa. We are planning our trip to Goa in January next year and we are already thanking you for this lovely story about Bogmalo!

  18. Tina and Jimmy Reply

    Thank you for the list of food, accommodations and activities sound like there is a lot to do on this little island. Bogmalo Beach would be a perfect place for some relaxation, I do tend to prefer quiet as to the overcrowded beaches. Your photos are lovely and the beaches look so clean!

  19. Sarah Reply

    Beautiful read! Somehow you have a way with words that transports people to where you are, almost dreamily. 🙂 And since I love beaches, I might as well check this out when I’m in the neck of woods. 😉

  20. Brian Reply

    “Funland at the Beach” is a Dead Kennedys song! I’m not a beach person, but if I have to go, I prefer a non-touristy one over a touristy one. 4:30AM is early for me and I’m a morning person! “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” is a Black Sabbath song!

  21. Alessandra Reply

    Visiting Goa is definetely on my bucket list, especially now that I learned more about this beautiful beach that is not so touristy. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  22. Marge Reply

    This is beautifully written, like I was also there sipping coffee, listening to the waves.

    And my, would you look at the first photo; not a person in sight. A beach without a crowd is always a pleasure to be in. It allows a person to really take some time to relax and rejuvenate. I would love to visit this Bogmalo someday.

  23. Sheena Reply

    Bogmalo Beach sounds like my kind of place – I’m a budget traveller & prefer quieter places, off the beaten track, so it’s perfect for me, especially with the budget food & accommodation options. Watching fishermen go out in the mornings sounds like something worth getting up early for too

  24. Darlene Reply

    I loved how you described your experience. Made me feel like I was there! And an informative post too! Good job!

  25. [email protected] Reply

    Beautifully written! I didn’t go to Goa when I was in India for fear of it being too touristy – will pin this for future reference. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Sudipto De Reply

    Well I am an Indian traveler and you know our choice of beaches. This comes as a total surprise package and we add it to our bucket list 🙂

  27. Indrani Reply

    Best thing is not too much crowd around. Goa and non touristy is an ideal combo, hard to spot such rare place.
    This was informative, thanks!

  28. Rob Taylor Reply

    I’m surprised how few people there are, which is so different from other Goa posts I see, and yet this seems so accessible.

  29. Julie Cao Reply

    This is a beautifully written piece and it also reveals the contrast of the same beaches at the different time. Swimming on the beach in the evening is so much fun, but I prefer the tranquil morning. Glad you have gone to the beach in the early morning while no one was there, so you can enjoy the serene beauty all on your own.

  30. Ivonne Reply

    How beautiful! I have heard that Goa has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and I can see it is true indeed!

  31. Mimi Reply

    Literally never heard or Bogmalo. Would have to go to Goa first as we never went around that corner. For now, for the same type of trip I’d go to sri lanka first as the visa for India is more of a hassle

  32. Lisa Reply

    My kinda of places to visit with no crowds. I have never heard of this area so I always learn something from your posts. Looks like a great place to explore even off the beach. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Reuven Reply

    This is such a terrifically written post. I love the way you describe Goa and your inclusion of some poetry. The scenery is absolutely stunning. I can see why this beautiful and peaceful place is a great place to visit.

  34. Nina Reply

    Wow that sounds like the adventure. Literally being woken up by nature. I love finding nice and off the beaten path places to stay. Sounds marvelous!


  35. Pamela Arsena Reply

    Bogmalo looks absolutely beautiful and a place i must visit one day. I love going to places the locals frequent as I don’t like tourist traps so the idea of a tiny fishing village with local eats is very appealing. The photography in this blog is beautiful thanks for sharing.

  36. Jennifer Hamra Reply

    Your description of Goa is so beautifully written! I was hanging onto every word. It sounds like a beautiful place to explore. I wish I could travel more like you do. Beautiful post. Sharing on my Twitter and Stumble Upon!

  37. Ari Reply

    I love how peaceful this looks! I’ve never been much of a beach person because of the tourisy-ness but I could definitely see myself laying on this beach, sipping out of a coconut!

  38. anne Reply

    I could also spend hours on the beach and not realize it. Especially a beach that’s quiet. Your pictures are beautiful

  39. Janine Good Reply

    This is a beautiful beach. I sadly never got to Goa when I was in India and wish I had ventured south and enjoyed this side. I was only in the North. I love the fact that it is quiet with few people!

  40. Anna Schlaht Reply

    What a great, informative post! The beach looks very serene, and you provide a lot of good information if we ever visit the area. I can imagine walking alongside the waves at 5 a.m. would be so nice, just you and nature. Perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Vanessa and Steve Reply

    Bogmalo beach sounds great. Relaxing to the sounds of the waves and the birds while escaping the crowds would be a perfect day. Happy to hear there is food available near by too.

  42. Vanessa and Steve Reply

    Great post! Bogmalo beach seems perfect. Escape the crowds. Listen to the soothing sounds of birds and waves. And take in the sun. Thanks for the tip.

  43. Suz Reply

    I felt like I was there by the way you told your story! What incredible photos and writing. It looks like the most peaceful place, I would love to spend a relaxing weekend here.

  44. Mar Pages Reply

    Gorgeous, this is a gem indeed. Thanks for sharing this, will definitely visit this part of Goa, the less touristy and calmer part for some peace and tranquility!

  45. Kevin Wagar Reply

    Goa really does seem like paradise. The amazing food and incredible beaches are calling out for a visit. I do hope I get the chance soon!

  46. Heather Denniston Reply

    It seems so wonderful.I love a secluded beach where you can really connect with the sounds of the water and the wind! Thanks for sharing. I feel like I am there.

  47. Erin Reply

    What beautiful writing! I could see everything you were describing. And it seems like Goa is such a magical place!

  48. Barry Reply

    I lived by the beach for many years and miss the early morning beach runs and walks. There something so calming about the morning sea air that I find so rejuvenating. Bogmalo Beach looks so inviting – I hope to visit there one day.

  49. Ami Reply

    Sounds like a hidden gem. Thanks for sharing this for I keep looking for these kind of quiet destinations by the beach. Also, seems midway between north and south Goa which is interesting and convenient.

  50. Carol Cassara Reply

    I love how peaceful the beach looks, it’s lovely to go to especially if you’re feeling a little stressed with life lately! How I wish I lived nearer! I would go here all the time!

  51. Sia Reply

    This small fishing village looks so tranquil! I could see myself spending an hour just walking around the beach. that would be a perfect activity to both start the day and end it. A daytrip to the falls sounds great!

  52. Conor Reply

    Where did you find best for food? This looks wonderfully quiet. I’m hoping to visit Goa next year and would love to add Bogmalo to my list of places to go. I reckon it would place to recharge my batteries for a couple of days.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Food at Bogmalo is good at any of the restaurants. We being vegetarians had few options so we generally went to Vasco Da Gama as it has many vegetarian restaurants.

  53. Trisha Velarmino Reply

    Every important thing about Bogmalo that a traveler needs to know is here! Very informative article. This is the kind of beach I would like to stay for a long time. Relaxing and less crowded. Thanks for introducing this place!

  54. Sindhu Murthy Reply

    Quite an informative post. I always dig for offbeat and less popular locations far from the maddening crowd. This place looks so unlike the party beaches of Goa- peaceful and tranquil.

  55. Gabriela Reply

    Beautiful beach! It’s always so great to enjoy the non-touristy beaches. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Gabriela Reply

    Beautiful beach! It’s always so great to enjoy the non-touristy beaches. Thanks for sharing with us!

  57. neha Reply

    Been to Goa but not to Bagmola. It indeed looks like a different Goa, will visit on the next trip to Goa for sure

  58. Aditi Chakraborty Reply

    Surely need to see the beauty of this place next time. The most solemn places sometime have the real beauty and history.

  59. Paige W Reply

    You’re such a story teller! I’m visiting India for the first time next year and I had been leery of visiting Goa because I hear it’s crowded. Instead, I’ll maybe give it a go and try this beach!

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