World of Channapatna Toys – Eco-Friendly Toys From Karnataka

Channapatna Toys

Channapatna Toys, have been around for more than two centuries. They take their name from the town of Channapatna in the Ramanagara District of Karnataka, India, where they are manufactured. Even today these cute and eco-friendly toys are guaranteed to charm kids and adults alike. Generations have grown up with the comforting presence of the Channapatna wooden toys around them. One of the first things a baby learned to hold in its little fist, was a Channapatna Toy Rattle.

Did you know that the daughters of Barack and Michelle Obama may have probably played with the Channapatna Gombe (Doll) at the White House?

In 2010, during a visit to India, while the then US President was busy in formal meetings, the then First Lady of the USA, spent some time shopping for Indian handicrafts. It was here that she was charmed by the Channapatna toys and ended up buying a train, some dolls, some Ganesha idols, and Key Chains. These were ostensibly for her kids and a few friends.

Eleven years later, the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has turned the spotlight on the Channapatna toys. and called for initiatives for the e-marketing of Channapatna toys and increased innovation in design. The Channapatna toys GI tag given by the World Trade Organization ensures that they have exclusive right to be sold under the name of, “Channapatna Toys”.

If you are wondering what is so special about Channapatna toys, then read on to know more about the  Channapatna toys history, the Channapatna toy-making process, and the Channapatna toy industry.

Channapatna Toys – World of Toys at Channapatna, Karnataka

Channapatna gombe
Channapatna Gombe

The Channapatna wooden handicrafts have come a long way since they came in vogue more than 200 years ago. The journey of the Channapatna Toys has been a tumultuous one. Channapatna Toys history has been a chequered one with many a challenge coming its way. However, the Channapatna toys manufacturers have shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. Innovation has helped them rise like a phoenix, time and again.

Today, the Channapatna craft is posed to be a shining beacon for the ‘Vocal For Local,” mantra of India’s Prime Minister. It is also a great place to be promoted under the “Dekho Apna Desh,” and Atmanirbhar Bharat,” initiatives.

Join us as we take you on a virtual journey to Channapatna, the land of wooden toys in India. Channapatna-the town where dreams are shaped in wood and lacquered with natural and vibrant colors.


History of Channapatna Toys | Channapatna Toys GI Tag

Channapatna Wooden Handicrafts
Channapatna Wooden Handicrafts

The tale of Channapatna toys is as fascinating as the toys themselves. It is believed that the Toy story of Karnataka’s Channapatna goes back more than two centuries to the times of Tipu Sultan. However, some do believe that the Channapatna toy story goes back even further in time and predates Tipu Sultan. The general and accepted theory is that the Channapatna toys of Karnataka were first introduced and patronized by Tipu Sultan, popularly known as the “Tiger of Mysore.”

Legend has it that Tipu Sultan received some guests from Persia at his royal court. The guest brought him some gifts from Persia. Tipu Sultan was so fascinated by the gifts, that he wanted the Persians to train some of his subjects on the craft of making these gifts. The gifts that impressed Tipu Sultan were wooden toys that were brightly painted and handcrafted by Persian Artisans, and the rest of course is history.

Thus the famous Channapatna Gombegalu (dolls) came into existence as the unique craft grew roots in Channapatna. Located about 67 kilometers from Srirangapatna, the Capital of Mysore during Tipu Sultan, the town of Channapatna blossomed into a thriving center that made beautiful and colorful wooden dolls and other toys. Many, if not most of these traditional Channapatna toys were for Tipu Sultan and his courtiers. Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali are known for their fascination for ingenious technology, be it rockets or innovative toys.

The famous and almost life-size toy of a tiger mauling a soldier is believed to have been crafted in Channapatna. This toy, known as, ‘Tippoo’s Tiger,” was found inside the Srirangapatna Palace after the fall and death of Tipu Sultan during a siege by the British. This toy is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. Though the museum does not refer to Channapatna as the origin of this particular toy, it has another wooden tiger toy where the place of origin is specifically documented as Channapatna.

The role of Tipu Sultan in the development of the Channapatna toys is acknowledged by history, however, there are differing opinions in terms of his actual contribution. Some believe that his role was more in the nature of facilitating Channapatna toys’ export to countries like Persia, Egypt, Turkey, and China. He is also believed to have earmarked about 30 acres of land for the manufacture of the Channapatna toys by about 300 artisans. This project was implemented in consultation with Diwan Purniah, the First Diwan of the Mysore Kingdom.

This theory debunks the one about Persian artisans training the locals in the making of the Channapatna toys. The Persian angle is seen with respect to exporting the toys to Persia. Whatever be the truth, the role of Tipu Sultan in the growth of the Channapatna wooden toys cannot be denied.

Another name that is associated with the history of the Channapatna wooden toys is that of Syed Bawan Saheb Miyan, also referred to as Bawas Miyan. At the beginning of the 20th century, Bawas Miyan is believed to have visited Japan for a better understanding of the toy-making as well as lacquering processes being practiced there. After his return to Channapatna, Bawas Miyan is believed to have set up a training center where he trained unemployed youth in the making of wooden handicrafts.

The Channapatna wooden toys were much sought after, for their unique quality and fine finish and found a market overseas as well as in India. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Channapatna toy industry was on the verge of extinction as the market was flooded by mass-produced and much cheaper Chinese toys. This period did take its toll on the fragile toy-making industry of Channapatna, but it showed remarkable resilience to tide over the critical phase. Though the number of artisans working on Channapatna wooden toys has dwindled to a little over 1,000 from around 5,000, the industry is looking up, and with the support of different stakeholders including the Government is destined to scale new heights.

Visiting A Channapatna Toy Factory | Toy making at Channapatna (Gombegala Nagara)

“Welcome to the land of toys, Channapatna,” the words on a huge rectangular arch that fords both ends of the double road greet you as you enter the “Gombegala Naadu Channpatna. The road is familiar and so are the shops that display their colorful wares, the stuff that childrens’ dreams are made of. We have passed by Channapatna countless times and also stopped at these shops to either have a look or buy some of the toys and other handicrafts that are sold here. Channapatna evokes nostalgic childhood memories of rocking on a wooden Channapatna horse made in Channapatna, of playing with colorful Channapatna dolls and other toys.

 Bharath Arts and Crafts, Channapatna
Bharath Arts and Crafts, Channapatna

Our visit to Channapatna this time was however different. We were able to take a close look at how the Channapatna wooden handicraft items were actually manufactured. As part of a familiarization tour organized for bloggers and writers by India Tourism Bengaluru, we visited one of the Channapatna wooden toys manufacturers’ facilities, Bharath Arts and Crafts. The facility is owned and run by a family that has been making Channapatna crafts for generations.

“This is our 5th generation into this craft, and we are continuing the legacy of toy making, generation after generation we are innovating and trying to evolve our products,” says Suhel Parveez, the young Executive Director of Bharath Arts and Crafts. His father beams approval in the background. We later also talk to Suhels’s father P.Mohammed Ilyas who has spent about 45 years in Karnataka’s Channapatna handmade toy industry.

Mr.Suhel Parveez & his father, Mr.P.Mohammed Ilyas of Bharath Art and Crafts
Mr.Suhel Parveez & his father, Mr.P.Mohammed Ilyas of Bharath Art and Crafts

“My father and before that my grandfather were engaged in making these toys of Channapatna, so I can say that our family has been in this line of business for about 200 years,” says Mr. P.Mohammed Ilyaz. He goes on to add that he is now training his sons to take on the mantle.

The father and son duo took us on a tour of their toy factory and explained the manufacturing stages in the process of toy-making.

Channapatna’s 200-year-old toy-making craft – The Making | Visiting A Channapatna Toys Factory

Toy making at Channapatna
Toy making at Channapatna factory

The basic process of the making of the painted wooden colorful Channapatna toys and other articles remains unchanged since its inception more than 200 years ago. There are modern additions like Lathe machines for shaping the wood, but the intrinsic designing and lacquering processes remain intact.

Toy making at Channapatna
Toy making at Channapatna

The traditional raw material for making the Channapatna handicrafts continues to be the wood of the Ivory Tree, the botanical name of which is Wrightia Tinctoria, Ivory wood is known as Aale Mara, in Kannada. The beauty of this tree is that it grows wild in the forests near Channapatna in abundance and has no other use. It is a tree that cannot be used even as firewood. It is as if nature itself has blessed Channapatna with this tree to fulfill its destiny as the toy town of Karnataka and carve for itself a prominent place among the centers of handicrafts of India.

Channapatna toy making process
Channapatna toy-making process

Another important aspect of the wood used in the making of the Channapatna toys is that it is safe not only as finished products for the end-user but also for the artisans working in the industry. Unlike other wood where the sawdust can prove to be a long-term health hazard, with the Ivory wood, this has not been observed.

Channapatna toy making process
Channapatna toy-making process

The journey of Channapatna toys from being the wood of the Ivory tree to putting a smile on a child’s face starts with the procurement and seasoning of the wood. The wood is usually seasoned for a couple of months, after which it is cut into required shapes that range from square, circular, and cylindrical, based on the design of the final product. The cutting is done either manually or using a lathe.

After the wood has been cut into the required shapes, it is smoothened and then lacquered. The different components of the toys are assembled. Natural vegetable colors are used for painting. The hallmark of the Channapatna toys is their bright and vibrant colors that include yellow, green, indigo, and orange among others.

Though toys continue to be the iconic and flagship products of Channapatna, innovation and creativity have fueled the emergence of a diverse range of products. These include among others, lifestyle and decorative items, Home Decor and kitchen items, and fashion accessories including jewelry and jewelry boxes.

Some Famous Channapatna Toys And Crafts | Channapatna Toys Articles

Channapatna Toys And Crafts
Channapatna Toys And Crafts


Did you know that Microsoft Corporation has been a major buyer of Channapatna toys, specifically puzzles, that are given as mementoes to its employees?

  • Channapatna Wooden Rocking Horse
  • Channapatna wooden rattles
  • Channapatna wooden baby walker
  • Channapatna handpainted wooden spinning finger tops
  • Channapatna Nesting Dolls
  • Channapatna stacking toys
  • Channapatna wooden scooter
  • Channapatna wooden toy train
  • Channapatna wooden toy kitchen set
  • Wooden puzzles
  • Napkin Rings
  • Cradles
  • Wall Hangings
  • Beads
  • Jewellery


Images of Channapatna Toys | Handicrafted, Handpainted Traditional Channapatna Toys | Channapatna Toys Images | Channapatna Toys Articles


Channapatna Nesting Doll

Channapatna Toys - Channapatna Nesting Doll
Channapatna Toys – Channapatna Nesting Doll

Channapatna stacking toys

Channapatna stacking toys
Channapatna stacking toys

Channapatna Toys for Kids and Showpiece

Channapatna Toys for Kids and Showpiece
Channapatna Toys for Kids and Showpiece

Channapatna Handmade Wooden Toys for Kids and Home Decoration

Channapatna Handmade Wooden Toys for Kids and Home Decoration
Channapatna Handmade Wooden Toys for Kids and Home Decoration

Channapatna wooden rattles

Channapatna Toys - Channapatna wooden rattles
Channapatna Toys – Channapatna wooden rattles

Channapatna wooden rocking horse

Channapatna wooden rocking horse
Channapatna wooden rocking horse

Channapatna handpainted wooden spinning finger tops

Channapatna handpainted wooden spinning finger tops
Channapatna handpainted wooden spinning finger tops

Channapatna wooden baby walker

Channapatna wooden baby walker
Channapatna wooden baby walker

10 Reasons To Buy Channapatna Toys Today

Channapatna wooden toys
Channapatna wooden toys


  1. The Channapatna toys are Non-toxic toys, lightweight and child friendly
  2. There are Channapatna wooden toys for all ages – 0 to 12 years
  3. When you buy a Channapatna toy, you take a piece of a heritage home and contribute to saving the toys of Channapatna, which are a part of India’s heritage
  4. The Channapatna toys are eco-friendly toys, that use sustainable wood with a vegetable color lacquer finish
  5. When you buy a Channapatna bombe (doll), or any other toy, you do your bit for the #vocalforlocal initiative of India
  6. Sustainable wood with vegetable color lacquer finish
  7. Channapatna Toys help to develop cognitive & motor skills in children
  8. These are traditional toys that are drawn from the rich culture of Karnataka and India
  9. The Channapatna toys are organic toys and completely child-safe
  10. You can buy Channapatna toys in Bangalore, however, experiencing the Channapatna toys making is an experience that cannot compare with the one when you buy Channapatna Toys online

Click here to view the TV NEWS coverage by Doordarshan Chandana of the familiarization tour to Channapatna organized by India Tourism Bengaluru.

Channapatna Toys | Channapatna toys factory | Channapatna Gombe – FAQ

Channapatna wooden toys
Channapatna wooden toys

Can I buy toys from Channapatna toy factories directly?
Yes, you can buy Channapatna wooden toys for kids directly from the Channapatna toymakers, or also from Channapatna toy shops, according to your convenience.

Where are Channapatna toys made?
Channapatna toys are made in the Toy hub Channapatna, a town in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka.

What is Channapatna famous for?
Channapatna is famous for its Wooden colorful Channapatna toys, which have a history of more than 200 years.

Which wood is used to make Channapatna toys?
Ivory wood which has the botanical name of Wrightia Tinctoria and is known as Aale Mara in Kannada is used to make Channapatna wooden toys.

Why is Channapatna famous for toys?
Channapatna has been well known for its Channapatne Gombe, and other wooden toys. You enter a world of toys at Channapatna, Karnataka. Different types of Channapatna toys and other wooden crafts make Channapatna a Land of Woodcraft.

Which city is famous for wooden toys?
Though there are many centers of manufacture of wooden toys, Indian dolls, and other wooden articles in India, Channapatna is the most famous of them all.

Which state is famous for wooden toys?
The state of Karnataka is known for its heritage wooden toys manufacturing town of Channapatna.

Are Channapatna toys handmade?
Traditionally Channapatna Toys have been handmade. In current times these toys are hand-made in the houses of artisans of Channapatna. Bigger factories use the services of Lathe machines for cutting and shaping wood.

Who is the father of Channapatna toys?
The credit of the fame of the Channapatna toys must first go to the dedication, passion, and skills of the artisans themselves. However, the initial push and patronage for the development of the Channapatna toy industry were given by Tipu Sultan about 200 years ago. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, a man called Bawas Miyan is believed to have introduced techniques he learned from Japan into the Channapatna toy industry. He is also believed to have set up a training institute for training the artisans.

Who Popularised Channapatna wooden toys?
It was Tipu Sultan who popularised the Channapatna toys and ensured that they reached different corners of the world, including Persia, Turkey, Egypt, China, and other countries.

How are Channapatna toys made?
The Channapatna toys are made from the wood of the Aale Mara. The wood is cut into required shapes after seasoning, and the lacquered and different components of the toys are made and assembled. They are then painted with natural vegetable colors.

Does Channapatna toys have GI tag?
Yes, Channapatna Toys have been awarded the GI tag by the World Trade Organization.

What makes Channapatna toys unique?
Channapatna toys are ecofriendly, organic, light weight and child-safe.

Where To Buy Channapatna Toys

The best way to buy the Channapatna toys is to buy them by visiting Channapatna. This will give you a holistic and immersive experience of a rich heritage that is native of Channapatna. However, if that is not possible, ensure to buy them from reputed outlets, as you want to buy the authentic products. If you are buying Channapatna toys online, again verify the veracity and credentials of the website.

The Government and other stakeholders are working on different channels of distribution to ensure that the famous Channapatna products reach a wider audience. Recently the scion of the erstwhile Mysore royal family, Shri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, and his wife Trishikha Kumari Wadiyar, have announced that they will be shortly creating an online avenue for promotion and sale of the Channapatna toys.

Now, thanks to the efforts of the dynamic D.Roopa, IPS, the Managing Director of KSHDC (Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation), Channapatna products are available under the Cauvery brand name online on the official website of KSHDCL..


Do You Want To Experience The Making of Channapatna toys

Toy making at Channapatna
Toy making at Channapatna

You can visit Channapatna and buy colorful toys from any of the shops that dot the highway. Much better, you can actually visit a manufacturing facility and understand the entire process, you can even try your hand in toy making.

For visiting the Bharath Art And Crafts modern factory that is located inside the Channapatna Crafts Park, you can contact Suhel Parveez at the below coordinates:

Bharath Art And Crafts, 1549/2 Bharath house, Nizami Chouk, Channaptna, Karnataka, India

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number:  +91 9916777324, +91 9986281007

How To Get To Channapatna

Channapatna is located in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka, India. Bangalore to Channapatna distance is about 60 kilometers. The town is located right on the highway that connects Bengaluru to Mysore. Channapatna pin code is 562160.


  • Channapatna to Bangalore distance is about 60 kilometers
  • Channapatna is about 84 kilometers from the city of Mysore

How To Reach Channapatna by Air

The nearest airport to Channapatna is the Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru, at a distance of about 100 kilometers. Bangalore airport is well connected to all cities of India and is a major international airport of India with flights to and from many global destinations. To visit Channapatna, you can fly to Bangalore and hire a cab to reach Channapatna or even use the services of the State Government’s KSRTC buses.

How To Reach Channapatna by Train

Channapatna town has its own Railway Station and is on the Bangalore – Mysore rail line. One can travel by train to Channapatna from Bangalore or Mysore. Some of the major trains that halt at Channapatna include Golgumbaz Express, Mysore Express, Hampi Express, Tirupati Passenger, Bangalore Passenger, Karwar Express, and Basava Express. To check Channapatna to Mysore train timings or any other train details and train booking, click here.

How to Reach Channapatna By Road

Channapatna is conveniently located right on the Bangalore-Mysore highway and almost equidistant from both cities. Channapatna makes for a great road trip from Bangalore or Mysore. One can drive to Channapatna in your own vehicle or hire a cab. KSRTC has frequent buses from Bangalore and Mysore that go to Channapatna.

If you are planning a trip to Channapatna in Karnataka, India then you can book a cheap flight through TripAdvisor or Agoda or CheapAir or Cleartrip or Makemytrip or Priceline right here. You can fly to Bangalore and then from there you can travel to Channapatna by road or train. Some of the options to reach Channapatna could be by self-drive car or cab or bus or alternatively take a train.

Where To Stay In Channapatna

There are limited options for stay in Channapatna. However, there are hotels and some resorts in nearby Mandya. The best option is to stay in Bangalore or Mysore, where there is a wide range of options from luxury hotels to budget hotels and resorts, and do a road trip to Channapatna. If you are looking for hotels in Bangalore or Mysore or anywhere else, you can book hotels right here through any of the below options. TripAdvisor or Cleartrip or Agoda or Makemytrip or Priceline and save a lot by getting the best deals on booking your stay.

Click to book the best hotels / resorts in Bengaluru

The Future of Channapatna Toys

Channapatna gombe
Channapatna Gombe

Channapatna Toys have weathered many a storm and have emerged stronger. The Global economic situation too has also impacted them as exports which accounted for a major chunk of the revenues for the toy industry have dwindled. But trust the tenacity of the people associated with the industry and the increased impetus of the Government, the Channapatna toys are poised to scale greater heights.

Mr. P.Mohammed Ilyaz of Bharath Art And Crafts talks about the future with a sparkle in his eyes. ‘We are thinking of unique products like models of famous buildings like the Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore and the Parliament Building in Delhi as well as wooden dolls that pay homage to popular icons and Film stars like Rajkumar,” he says.

Over the years the number of skilled artisans has decreased as many have moved to alternate occupations. Hence the existing manufacturers are relying on training the youth of Channapatna in the craft.

Mr. Suhel Parveez, the Executive Director of Bharath Art And Crafts, tells us about how they are using their business to empower young women.”We started an initiative to train women artisans, under which we train girls who are school dropouts, today we have 30 women who are employed in our factory.”

Both Suhel and his father are symbolic of the resilience and innovative thinking that are qualities that have nurtured the Channapatna toys for over two centuries. Listening to them one is assured that the heritage craft is literally in safe hands, and this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come!

Did you know about the fascinating story of Channapatna toys and lacquerware? Have you played with Channapatna toys? Have you been to Channapatna? If no, then you must visit and bring a piece of a heritage home.

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Our visit to Channapatna was part of a familiarization trip organized by India Tourism Bangalore – Ministry of Tourism, Government of India under the #VocalForLocal #AatmaNirbharBharat and #DekhoApnaDesh initiatives. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are our own.

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Channapatna Toys

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World of Channapatna Toys - Eco-Friendly Toys From Karnataka

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