Thrilling Chembra Peak Trek,Wayanad | Trekking In Kerala

Trek To Chembra Peak

Wayanad, a picturesque district of Kerala in Southern India had eluded us quite for some time in spite of the fact that it was relatively close to our base city, Bangalore. One of the reasons for our desire to visit Wayanad was the Chembra Peak trek.  Wayanad borders the city of Mysore and is easily accessed from both Bangalore and Mysore.

We had made many forays into Kerala and had been smitten by it, however, we had not been to Wayanad and looked forward to exploring the region and doing the famous trek to Chembra Peak, till we planned a road trip to this enchanting region. The Chembra Peak trek in Wayanad, Kerala, India is a thrilling adventure and an opportunity to commune with nature at its best. Check out our trek experience.

Chembra Peak Trek – Wayanad Trekking


We always love road trips as they bring us close to the terrain we pass through. But we wanted to avoid the hassles of driving and hence opted for the services of a car rental on which we got a good deal. After a nice ride of about 5 hours, we reached our digs which was a lovely house nestled amidst tea gardens. We spent a few days in this lovely setting, relaxing and watching the sunset, checking out the nearby attractions like the Wayanad Heritage Museum, and Edakkal caves, taking long walks, and finally doing the trek to Chembra Peak.

Getting To The Start of The Chembra Peak Trek | Trekking In Kerala

The Trek To Chembra Peak

It was a beautiful day, the sun cast the glow of its first rays which was reflected by the tiny drops of dew on the emerald shrubs of tea. After a light and quick breakfast, we set off in our rented vehicle to the start of the trek to Chembra Peak which was about 7 kilometres from where we had put up. The road to the start was not good and had big pits and was rocky. One can hire a shared vehicle that takes you to the start.

Trek to Chembra peak

The landscape was beautiful as we passed beautiful fields and took a winding path that led to a small building that served as a checkpoint as well as an information centre for the trek. There is a fee to be paid here and the fee is for a group of 8 when we went this was about Rs. 1200/-. Even if you are single you have to pay this fee.

Chembra Peak

After that, you have to declare if you are carrying any plastic bottle of water or any other single-use plastic item. These get tagged and will be checked on your return. This is to ensure that you do not dispose of any plastic in the forest. This we thought was a really commendable step to ensure the preservation of the pristine environment and a great step to encourage responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, and eco-tourism.

Trek To Chembra Peak

Having completed all the formalities we asked our driver to wait at this point and proceeded to the start of the trek which was still a couple of kilometres away. The beautiful vistas that surrounded us prompted us to add on a few more kilometres to our trek.

Tea Plantations at Wayanad

We took the winding road with hills towards our left and a valley towards our right. We could see the sloping tea gardens and villages down below as we took in large gulps of the fresh mountain air which carried the fragrance of the herbs grown in the region. We passed a few farm workers spraying the tea gardens and soon reached the spot where a small signboard pointed towards a wooded path and indicated the start of the trek.


The Exhilarating Trek 

Trekking in Kerala

The narrow path was covered with trees and the foliage ensured that it sunlight hardly penetrated. It was a steady but gradual climb and quite easy at the start. After some time we emerged at a clearing and could get a nice view of the valley below. We met no one as we kept climbing apart from the guides who manned their positions at frequent intervals to help the trekkers if needed and also point them in the correct direction.

Chembra Peak Trek

After climbing for about 30 minutes we reached a flat land with a small water body with a lone tree by its side which presented a beautiful sight. We looked all around and were overwhelmed by the sheer pristine beauty all around. It was a moment that sent currents of unfathomable bliss through our entire being.

Chembra Peak Trek

Colourful butterflies flitted around and the only sound that we could hear was the humming of a bumblebee that curiously circled around us and the wind that blew in gay abandon over the hills. We, however, had an eerie feeling that we were being watched, but dismissed it and continued with our trek. The climb got a little steeper now with a couple of occasions where we had to hoist ourselves up on a rock or boulder, but the view was getting more and more mesmerizing as we moved forward.

The landscape kept changing constantly too. Soon we were in an area that was a grassland, we walked through a path that was surrounded by tall grass. It was here that we saw elephant poop. Later we learned that elephants prowled in the area. Going back to the feeling of being watched, were we being watched by elephants? We thought, but of course, we would never know the answer as we did not come face to face with an elephant.

The Heart-Shaped Lake in Kerala

Chembra Peak Trek
Chembra Peak Trek

The trek to Chembra Peak was exhilarating and one of the best moments was when we came across a heart-shaped lake in Wayanad that is shaped like a heart. We were informed that this naturally formed lake at the top of the hill retains this heart shape perennially.

Chembra Peak Trek
Chembra Peak Trek

The lake with its green placid waters looked ethereal. We spent some time sitting by the lake and gazing at its waters, another moment of sublime bliss surrounded by the magic of nature.

At The Top of Chembra Peak

When we reached the top of Chembra Peak, we got some spectacular views of Wayanad stretching out below. We were tired but a small natural stream of water on the way up seemed to rejuvenate us miraculously as we washed our faces with its cool water. We had not climbed Mt. Everest but the thrill of reaching your goal small or big is always so fulfilling.

Trek in Wayanad
Chembra Peak Trek

The sun was up by this time and we could feel its heat on our backs, it was time to head back. As always we made fast progress walking down and reached the starting point in good time. We felt elated and all our senses seemed to cry in joy. The trek to Chembra Peak was not only an adventure in the physical sense but in many ways was a spiritual exercise. In the silence of the place, and in the lap of nature we could actually connect with our inner selves and feel in harmony with the universe.

Quick Facts About The Trek To Chembra Peak

  • The trek to Chembra Peak is about 4.5 kilometres and trekking time is about two hours one way
  • Chembra Peak is located about 8 kilometres from Kalpetta in Wayanad, Kerala
  • The Chembra Peak height of 2100 meters makes it one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats
  • The trek is moderate but requires good physical fitness and is not advisable for the elderly and those with physical ailments
  • It is advisable to do the trek in the first half of the day as it is cooler, avoid summers and the rainy season

Getting To Chembra Peak Wayanad

  • Chembra Peak Wayanad is located in the Wayanad District of Kerala in Southern India
  • Wayanad is about 271 kilometres from Bangalore
  • The nearest airport to Wayanad is Kozhikode Airport about 98 kilometres away
  • One can visit Wayanad and do the Chembra Peak trek as part of a road trip from Bangalore

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Where To Stay in Wayanad

Wayanad offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. There are many hostels, hotels, and resorts that dot Wayanad, apart from homestays.

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Tourism In Wayanad – Places to visit in Wayanad

Trek to Chembra Peak
Chembra Peak trek is just one of the attractions that Wayanad offers, there are many other interesting places to see and experience in Wayanad. Here are some of the must-visit places in Wayanad.

  • Edakkal Caves
  • Heritage Museum
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Soochipara Falls
  • Pookode Lake
  • Banasura Dam
  • Kuruvadweep
  • Meenmuttty Falls

When visiting Wayanad you can opt for package tours that will cover other must-visit places of the region. You can plan your trip and book online places to visit in Wayanad.

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The Chembra Peak trek experience can be considered one of the best trekking in Kerala. The trek to Chembra Peak occupies a special place in our hearts though it was not as demanding as our trek in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The sheer and pristine natural beauty of the region stole our hearts and the memories of the trek remain etched in our minds forever.

If you are a trekker and looking out for trekking in Kerala then Wayanad trekking should be on your list. Treks in Kerala always surprise you with its natural beauty and landscapes.

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Chembra Peak Trek – Wayanad Trekking, Kerala, India

Chembra Peak trek, Kerala, India

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Thrilling Chembra Peak Trek,Wayanad | Trekking In Kerala

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