How to Give Shape to Your Dreams and Design Your Dream Home

Dream Home

Casa Grande Dream Home

Shelter is a basic need, not only of man but all living beings. Birds painstakingly and meticulously arrange twigs and grass to create their homes. Ants create ant hills to shelter themselves from the vagaries of nature. Man in his search for shelter first entered the dark recesses of caves and as time went on slowly learned to build basic structures with mud, bamboo etc..  As civilization evolved the basic need of shelter also evolved into something more aesthetic, Man started dreaming about homes that were much more than structures providing basic shelter. Homes mean much more than a roof over the head. Today they are living spaces to retreat to after a day’s hard work. A place to rejuvenate and relax, a place in which one feels truly at home. A place of ones’ dreams, a dream home.

Today, all of us have our own idea about how the home of our dreams should be.

Dream Home

Here are some aspects to focus on while giving shape to your dream home.


One of the most important aspects of giving shape to your dream home is the location. This is something which needs a lot of thought and research. After all investing in a house is not child’s play, it is an investment for life. One needs to look at factors like the current stage of development of the area and future development plans. The proximity of the location to schools, hospitals, and shopping malls is another factor that could play an important role in your decision. Are you the reclusive type, who would like to wake up in the mornings in the midst of nature and far away from the maddening crowd? Would you like your dream home to be secluded and yet not too far from the commercial places? Consider these options while zeroing in on the ideal location for your dream home.


Though you are the architect of your dreams and your dream home, realize that you need to collaborate with qualified and experienced professionals to give the desired shape to your dreams and make your home a reality. If you are looking at constructing an independent home, hire the services of reputed architects and interior designers and give them a detailed and proper brief. This will enable them to understand your requirements and translate your imagery into reality. If you are thinking in terms of an apartment or residential complex then research on all available properties with different reputed builders in the kind of locations that you would prefer.


Once you have zeroed in on the location and also the people you want to collaborate with, it is time to delegate and hand over your dream to trusted professionals. Make sure you have put your dreams on paper in whatever way is easy for you. Have a rough sketch or a floor plan which includes the number of rooms, and the proposed layout of the house. Be clear about what your vision and try to blend utility with elegance. Put your personality into your vision and set up sessions with the architects and or interior designers so that they fully understand your vision and are able to customize the work keeping your vision in mind.

Casa Grande

 The Final Flourish

As you watch your dream home take birth, brick by brick in front of your eyes, a thrill of anticipation is sure to go up your spine. Soon the house is ready and it is time to transform it into a home. Enjoy getting the home painted in the colors that reflect your personality. Furnish the house with tasteful furniture and other treasures or antiques that echo your personality. You may want to give a touch of nature with indoor plants or the artistic look with oil paintings adorning the walls. Whatever your taste and budget, give full reign to your imagination and enjoy the process. The task itself is a pleasure which is indescribable. The feeling is like having a new- born baby in your hands and you are proudly dressing it up.

These are some aspects to keep in mind in your pursuit of your dream of waking up one morning in the pleasurable confines of your dream home, a place that is your own personal paradise.

We have been dreaming about a luxury villa that we can own soon. We recently heard about luxury villas offered by Casa Grande. We visited their website and got to know that they have properties in Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. We have been really impressed seeing the properties on their website. We plan to visit their property soon.

Casa Grande Dream Home

Do you have a dream home in mind? Do share with us how you designed/or want to design your dream home.

 Casa Grande

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20 thoughts on “How to Give Shape to Your Dreams and Design Your Dream Home”

  1. I love the house I am living in now. Like I seriously LOVE it – it was made for me -but we could definitely use a little more room in here.

  2. I definitely agree that choosing the right house is so important! When I lived up north, we chose the wrong one for us and there were so many issues that arose because of that!

  3. I collected photos of different style homes and interior designs for over 10 years. Some were thrown away and replaced as my style changed with age. Finding the locations is so important. Find a contractor who see your idea and dream and can make it happen.

  4. I think my dream home would be about 2000 square feet four bedrooms with a basement with scenic views of either the ocean or the mountains but be someplace that’s not cold. I think Hawaii would be a great place.

  5. I think the location of the home is so important. Our dream home would do more with the size of the property than the size of the house I think. I’d love more backyard and a privacy fence. And I’d like it to be more out in the country than near the city.

  6. Pam Wattenbarger

    Location is key when it comes to your dream home. Your house could be amazing but in the wrong neighborhood that means nothing!

  7. We built our semi dream home when we got married instead of having a huge wedding. I love our home – but the city is meh! Guess I just need to do it again!

  8. These are great tips. I am pretty happy with our home right now but if ever we do this then I will follow some of these tips. Building your own home is a very big deal and a big commitment. Maybe one day.

  9. My vision of a dream home changes depending on my mood or the weather. In the winter, I dream of a cozy beach house. In the summer, I dream of a cabin in the woods. However, my real dream house is out in the country (or in the quiet suburbs), with a large front and back yard, a pool, a patio, 6 bedrooms, a movie/entertainment room, my own spa/jacuzzi and a fireplace. The house should have hardwood floors and furniture would be mostly wood too. Dream on. Dream on.. Now back to work!

  10. Last year we were looking for a new home and we considered designing our own for a while. It would be amazing to be able to have everything just the way you want it. But thankfully we found the perfect cozy house for our family.

  11. My dream home would be simple and nothing too fancy. I could stand one more bedroom and a slightly bigger space – thats my dream. Our house now is really small, we downsized and since welcomed a new addition so that would be nice!

  12. I think my dream home would either be in Florida or in the Great Smoky Mountains. I definitely see advantages to both. I like the house that I currently live in, but the location is growing old. There either needs to be something coming in here to make me reconsider moving or I need to move.

  13. It’s really important to consider everything, from the design to the actual location. It would be nice to be able to design your dream home without hassle.

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