Crowning Ceremony – FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

 FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

The lobby of the Crowne Plaza in Electronics City, Bengaluru was a hive of activity on the evening of the 5th of March, 2017. It was a Sunday but the lobby was abuzz with activity. Photographers marching in lugging their equipment, the event management crew scurrying around busily to ensure everything was going according to plan, young girls with curlers hurrying for final rehearsals. The hotel was the venue of the FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017, and Bengaluru awaited its most beautiful evening.

The evening slowly transitioned into night and the venue erupted in myriad colors of the spectrum, presenting a spectacle that would stay etched in the minds of the viewers for a long, long time.

The beauty pageant would culminate in the crowning of the top 5 contestants from among the 15 contestants from the 5 states of Southern India, namely, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The night was still young when the proceedings were given a roaring start by the hosts for the evening Sachin Kumbhar and Anusha Dandekar. The first judge for the evening was introduced in a flamboyant style and the crowd roared as Sachin escorted Parvathy Omanakuttan, former Miss World runner-up and Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2017 South Zone mentor. The other judges formed a league of extraordinary gentlemen comprising of Ricky Kej – Grammy winner, and conservationist, Pankaj Advani – 16 times World Billiards and Snooker champion, Prajwal Devraj and Suraj Gowda brought in a tint of glamor from Sandalwood.

FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

After an AV that traced the journey of the Miss India contest from inception to the present, the stage lit up as the fifteen contestants materialized on the stage donning dazzling white dresses by noted Fashion Designer Shravan Kummar. The white outfits accentuated the grace of the contestants as they strode with confidence and determination, always with a smile lighting up their faces.

FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

The girls endeared themselves to the audience in the Fbb round where they wore outfits from the Fbb collection which is the core of fashion for everybody and every day. The collection was designed in synchronization with dreams and ambitions of the modern Indian girl.

In the Bhawna Rao Gown Round, the contestants took the audience into another plane when they flit across the stage like dazzling stars of a bright constellation wearing dresses from the Gold Forest collection inspired by stardust and the intriguing mystery of galactic space.


FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

The audience was kept enthralled by a combination of aesthetic excellence and grace combined with thrilling excitement. Salman Yusuff Khan scorched the stage with a rocking performance that had the audience shouting for more. Sighs could distinctly be heard as he went shirtless, revealing his six pack body. The sheer energy of his performance ignited a billion of sparks of excitement at the venue.

The audience was looking for more, and more is what they got as Jubin Nautiyal rocked the stage. He had the audience literally swooning as he crooned, “Humma, Humma, Humma! He also sang the soul touching, Saathiyaan as well as the quirky Masakali number.

FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017
FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017
FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017
FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

Sachin had Prajwal joined him for a Lungi Dance jig and had the audience screaming for more.

The stars in the night twinkled, but there were no takers at the Crowne Plaza for all eyes were riveted to the razzmatazz that was on show at the FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017.

The event soon reached its climax as 15 hearts beat as one and the contestants lined up on stage, their beautiful smiles intact for the crowning moment of their lives. Each of them had literally put their best foot forward and now was the moment of reckoning. Who would make it the final five, was the question that hung like a mysterious haze over the contestants and the audience.

The announcements were made and the chosen five lined up, their bright smiles now ignited with dreams, some realized and some on the horizon. The five who made it were Srishti Vyakaranam from Andhra Pradesh, Sherlin Seth from Tamil Nadu, Simran Choudhary from Telangana, Mannat Singh from Kerala, and Ruhika Dass from Karnataka.

FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017


The audience erupted in joy, rejoicing in the culmination of the efforts of the young girls, applauding each one of them as each one of them was a winner in her own right.

Watch our video to get a glimpse of the glittering night:

It was nearing midnight, as the audience slowly made its way out of the venue, with memories of a Sunday evening, weekend well spent at the FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017.weekend well spent at the FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017.

                             Video credits: Beauty Pageants

This event was available live on Jio TV.

This article about Glittering Crowning Ceremony – FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017 was also published on Huffington Post. Check it out here.


FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017  FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017



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22 thoughts on “Crowning Ceremony – FBB Colours Femina Miss India South 2017

  1. neha Reply

    Its nice to see so many beautiful as well as intelligent ladies under one roof 🙂 The event seems to be very well organized and quiet charged up!! Indeed a glittering night

  2. Stephanie Reply

    Sounds like such a fun night. It must be thrilling for the young women who compete in the pageant. My sister once did one, she won Miss Congeniality. I also really love those dresses. Really beautiful designs!

  3. Sally Reply

    What an appropriate post for today being International Women’s Day 🙂 All of the ladies look beautiful in their gowns. It would be hard to pick just one as the winner.

  4. Iuliana Marchian Reply

    Waw, they are so beautiful …. and young! When I think of India I am used to imagine cows in the street, traffic jam, and dusty roads, but your post has made me change my mind. I know that they have a powerful television and beautiful films and with these ladies, everything is possible there.

  5. Sally Reply

    I’d never heard of this pageant before and it was really interesting to read about it (especially since I only know about American ones). All the women look gorgeous and I love the dresses and saris. I don’t envy the judges for having to pick winners!

  6. Lisa Favre Reply

    All of these ladies are absolutely radiant and stunning! I can’t get over how beautiful their gowns are. Sounds like a really fun yet, elegant evening. I have never watched anything like this live before, but I would definitely love to one day.

  7. Heather Reply

    This looks like an amazingly fun night! Those are some gorgeous women. I love the dresses. Fashion shows are so much fun!

  8. nicki Reply

    Wow these women are stunning! I don’t think I could pick just 1 to be a winner – that is probably the hardest decision ever. I hope to see this live one day.

  9. Aparna Reply

    Wow, your post just took me back to my days growing up in India where we would tune in to these pageants on TV! Sounds like a fun night!

  10. Candy Reply

    All of these women are so beautiful! I have never been to India, but this would have been an amazing event to see live if I were there 🙂

  11. NYC Single Mom Reply

    have to admit I am unfamiliar with this pageant. This looks like a really nice one and I love all the details and photo. It really brings it to life.

  12. Izzy Reply

    I love that I’m reading this post on International Women’s Day! It seems like the most appropriate thing to be reading for a day like to day. I’ve always thought Indian women were the world’s most beautiful women and this post seems to affirm that belief! Seriously, holy wow, they just radiate grace and power. I’ve always been a fan of beauty pageants as its an important part of the Filipino culture too!

  13. Censie Sawyer Reply

    What an amazing event. I love pageants that feature not only beautiful ladies but also smart and talented women. I really love the dresses they all wore. so bright and colorful. Thanks fro the great coverage o this event.

  14. Andreea Bujor Reply

    Wow the ladies looks so beautiful and radiant . I have many indians friends, and they all have this natural beauty. Your photos are great quality, it looks like fun contest.

  15. Bites for Foodies Reply

    A very appropriate post for International Woman’s Day, and those women are all stunning! I am a sucker for pageants…I love watching them!

  16. Tiffany Reply

    What a beautiful ceremony!! I lvoe the elegance and detail of the gowns. Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. Lindsay Reply

    Wow! Just by reading this post, I feel like I was there. Amazing review on such a perfect day. These women are gorgeous. Thanks for all the photos and video! Loved reading this.

  18. Tamara Bowman Reply

    I have to say, I absolutely enjoyed the difference between this beauty pageant and those in America. I too often see the unhealthy little bodies of our American beauty pageant contestants and wonder when they had eaten last. These young women look so beautiful and healthy! They look normal! I love the items they chose to wear on stage as well. I felt that their more natural beauty got to shine through than you usually see in beauty pageants.

  19. Victoria Reply

    This looks like it would have been a great event to attend. Everyone is dressed so pretty. It looks like it was a really fun time!

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