Mystery Of Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

Have you heard the story of the haunted hospital of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand? It stands eerily in the midst of green meadows and tall Deodar trees.

Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

A chill went down our spines, as we stood before the haunted hospital of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand. Beneath tall Deodar trees stood a rusty iron gate with two crosses. It was locked and barricaded. A path covered with dry leaves and hemmed on either side by wild vegetation stretched out ominously in front of us. We had heard stories about the haunted hospital of Abbott Mount, on our road trip across Kumaon in Uttarakhand, and were there to check out for ourselves the stories of Abbott Mount’s haunted hospital.

Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

Sometimes, the most sinister and scary stories are associated with the most beautiful and enchanting places. This is the case with Abbott Mount, an enchanting hamlet that is perched high up in the mountains of Uttarakhand with mesmerizing views of the Himalayan peaks.

The lush green slopes, rhododendron, and other colorful flowers swaying in the breeze, and snow-clad Himalayan peaks in the distance, complete the picture of serenity that is Abbott Mount. Looking at this veritable paradise on earth, one can scarcely imagine that one of India’s most haunted places, the haunted hospital of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand is located here. But as they say, looks can be deceptive, as we were to find out soon.

Story Of The Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand 

Flowers at Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

The story of the haunted hospital of Abbott Mount goes back more than 100 years and is linked with a doctor named Dr. Morris who later earned notoriety as Dr. Death! It is believed that the hospital used to buzz with activity in those days, as it was the biggest hospital in the region.

One fine day a doctor by the name of Dr. Morris joined the Abbott Mount hospital, and things were never the same again. It is said that he had the uncanny, “talent,” of predicting the exact time and date of the death of his patients. He is believed to have conducted bizarre experiments on his patients, and actually killed them himself on the date and time that he himself had predicted.

After the death of Dr. Morris, the locals started seeing ghostly figures and hearing eerie voices near the hospital, which had been abandoned. Paranormal activities were reported from the hospital and its vicinity. It was believed that the spirit of Dr. Morris as well as his patients or rather victims roamed in the hospital.

These stories succeeded in giving a spooky character to the hospital and soon it came to be known as the haunted Abbott Mount hospital. Scared, people stopped going there, and soon the hospital became derelict and was abandoned. That then was the story of Lohaghat’s haunted hospital, that had piqued our interest, and had drawn us to the Abbott Mount haunted hospital.

Now we stood in front of the rusty gate that gave access to the haunted hospital of Dr. Morris, but it was locked and barricaded with thorns.

Visiting The Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand 

Haunted hospital gate at Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

As we stood in front of the forbidding gates of the “haunted hospital,” at the picturesque Abbott Mount Hill Station Uttarakhand, we were caught in two minds. To go or not to go. One part of our minds was screaming not to venture inside the eerie hospital premises, but one part was brimming with curiosity.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and so fueled by curiosity we decided to explore whether there was any truth to the story of Mount Abbott Lohaghat. The gates were however securely locked and barricaded and a barbed wire fence ran around the hospital premises, we needed to figure out a way to get in. It was not as if the haunted hospital of Abbott Mount was your typical tourist spot, where you buy a ticket and saunter in. It was obvious, that the place was out of bounds for visitors.

When we were wondering how to get into the haunted hospital of Abbott Mount, we spotted a small parting by the side of the gate which had enough space for a person to crawl inside. In a flash, we were through that hole and walking on the driveway that led to a sombre-looking building shrouded by tall Deodhar trees, and barely visible.

Haunted hospital pathway at Abott Mount

As we walked on the path covered with dry leaves and twigs, there was an eerie silence, broken only by the sounds of the howling of the wind and the dry leaves crackling beneath our feet. The stillness of the place, the unbelievable natural beauty of its surroundings, and the scary stories of the place, created a concoction of fear in our minds, and we were ready to jump out of our skins at the slightest sound. But nothing of that happened and we soon reached the large hospital building.

Hospital at Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

It was a rectangular and flat single-story structure with a sloping tin roof. The building was fronted by a small portico and had a narrow corridor supported by pillars running around it. Some flowering plants lent some colour to the dreary-looking building.

Closed wooden windows and doors, could be seen at regular intervals. None of them were open, they were all locked and barred. We went around the sinister-looking building to have a look. We could not see what was inside as all windows and doors were boarded up.

Abbott Mount Hospital

Behind the main hospital building, we saw some dilapidated sheds striking a strong contrast with the lush green grass that surrounded them. They were probably the quarters for the hospital staff. Spotting one of the cottages with an open door, we approached it with trepidation. There was a flurry of movement and something flew out straight at us, we were stunned and frozen for a moment, only to realize that it was a couple of pigeons, who had made the hut their home.

There were some bizarre and cryptic graffiti on the walls of the hospital, probably scrawled by mischief mongers. “Dr. Morris Dr. Death,” read one, the other in Hindi warned, “Caution, you are under observation.” It was mid-afternoon, and we did not experience anything paranormal or abnormal, apart from a sense of eerieness that had us spooked. If you forget the story of the haunted hospital, the place was beautiful with lovely views of the Himalayan peaks.

However, we did not linger long, and quickly retraced our steps back towards the main gate and beat a hasty retreat, through the hole in the fence.

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Abbott Mount Haunted Story | Mukti Kothi – Abbott Mount Hospital

Mukti Kothi - Abbott Mount Hospital

The haunted Abbott Mount story goes beyond the haunted hospital to another place not far from it. The place has a bizarre name that is in keeping with the bizarre happenings that are believed to have taken place there. Dr. Morris who looked after the Abbott Mount hospital used this place called, “Mukti Kothi,” as a place to house the terminally-ill patients, who were at the doors of death.

It is believed that after predicting the time and date of the death of his patients, Dr. Morris used to shift patients to the Mukti Kothi when the date of their death drew near. It is believed that Mukti Kothi was the place where he conducted his bizarre experiments, and where he actually killed the patients, whom he had predicted would die. They would be killed at the precise time and date that the “good,” doctor had predicted. This earned Dr. Morris the sobriquet of, “Dr. Death.”

Mukti Kothi - Abbott Mount Hospital

After visiting the hospital, we made our way to the Mukti Kothi, where Dr. Morris is believed to have given shape to his nefarious deeds. Again we were met with a locked gate. that led to a wooded estate in the middle of which we could see some buildings with sloping roofs. Access to the place was strictly prohibited and there was a caretaker who glared menacingly at us.

Abbott Mount Church | Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

Abbott Mount Church

Another piece in the haunted hospital jigsaw is a beautiful church that also houses a cemetery. The church was in ruins and in a wretched condition. But it still retained a strange old-world charm. In its heyday, it must have been an impressive baroque structure. We peered through a broken window and saw the tottering pews and a pulpit standing forlornly amid the decaying ruins.

Outside the church was spread out the graves of people who had died in the region. The epitaphs on most were fading and indecipherable. We had heard that the notorious Dr. Morris was also buried here, but were not able to locate his grave.

Graveyard at Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

We did come across a plaque on the wall of the church that gave its antecedents. It informed us that the church was dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Abbott, and was erected by her husband in 1942. We later found the grave of John Harold Abbott himself, he was the person who had discovered and set up the lovely Abbott Mount hamlet. The sign on his grave, read, ” To the memory of John Harold Abbott, Died 28th June 1945, Age – 83.”

We left the beautiful, yet forlorn church behind, thinking about the strange case of Dr. Morris and how his eerie shadow loomed over the blissful hill station of Abbott Mount.

If you ask us, is there any truth to the ghost stories of Abbott Mount? The answer is we don’t know. Did you see any ghosts? No, we did not. Is Abbott Mount worth visiting? Yes, forget the haunted aspect, and the place is like a heaven on earth, a serene place tucked away, high in the hills.

About Abbott Mount | How To Reach Abbott Mount Lohaghat

Haunted hospital at Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

Abbott Mount India is located in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand in northern India. It is less than 6 kilometres from the town of Lohaghat and is perched on an elevation of about 1981 meters. It is a small hamlet with a scattering of British bungalows. The place is named after a British businessman named John Harold Abbott, who discovered and settled the place. The place is covered with thick forests of Deodar trees, and flowers including Rhodendorons. The place gives a ringside view of some of the Himalayan peaks like Pir Panjal, Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Nanda Devi, and Panchachuli.

  • Abbott Mount is at a distance of about 6 kilometres from Lohaghat
  • Abbott Mount is at a distance of about 467 kilometres from Delhi
  • The nearest railway station is Tanakpur at a distance of about 66 kilometres
  • The nearest airport is Pantnagar at a distance of about 166 kilometres

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Where To Stay In Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

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Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

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Mystery Of Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

Mystery Of Haunted Hospital Of Abbott Mount Uttarakhand

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