Amazing North East India Tour With Holiday Scout – A Review

North East India Tour With Holiday Scout

This is a review of the North East India Tour with Holiday Scout who unveil the North East as no one else and curate the best north east itineraries.

North East India Tour With Holiday Scout

If India is an incredible book, then the North East is one of its most exciting and colourful chapters. Our North East India Tour With Holiday Scout unearthed some of the gems of the region for us and whetted our appetite for more. It was our second trip to the region after our visit to attend the BASCON festival in Basar and the Adventure festival in Mechuka, both in Arunachal Pradesh a few years back.

North East India Tour With Holiday Scout

North East India Tour With Holiday Scout

We were eagerly looking forward to our customized and specially curated tour of Arunachal Pradesh by Holiday Scout. We had missed out on a similar trip a couple of years back owing to unavoidable circumstances, and this time around the stars seemed to be in our favour and we were excited about our 11-day North East odyssey with Holiday Scout, and it turned out to be a trip of a lifetime.

The trip started from Guwahati and ended at Guwahati, and was packed with immersive travel experiences that were curated with lots of thought and love by Holiday Scout.

North East India Tour With Holiday Scout – Overflowing With Offbeat Experiences

Holiday Scout Tour Packages

There are many reasons why you should travel with Holiday Scout Tour And Travel when you are in the North Eastern region of India. For one, they literally know the lay of the land and ensure that your itinerary is comfortable and customize it to make it convenient for you.

The serendipity associated with travel comes into full play when you are travelling with Holiday Scout, there are many a surprise awaiting you at every bend in the road. Here are a few examples from our own North East India tour with Holiday Scout.

We were driving to our destination as per our itinerary and were in the middle of nowhere when the car was stopped. We stepped out into what seemed to be a paradise. Flowers, red, pink, and white swayed magically on slender stems, they seemed to stretch out to the horizon on both sides of the road. We could almost hear the great poet William Wordsworth, saying, “A host of colourful Cosmos, Besides the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”

It was a surreal sight that stays etched in our minds for posterity. They were Cosmos flowers, and the Holiday Scout Team knew exactly where they could be found as well as their flowering season.

Other examples included visiting one of the oldest iron chain bridges in the world, retracing part of the journey of the Dalai Lama when he entered India from Tibet in the year 1959, visiting the maternal village of the 6th Dalai Lama, and the list is endless. In a nutshell, when you are travelling with Holiday Scout, be prepared for pleasant surprises.

The Holiday Scout Tour and Travel Review | Review of Holiday Scout 

The Holiday Scout Tour and Travel Review

Holiday Scout is focused on delivering complete value and beyond for its guests. The best part is that the team of Holiday Scout comes across as an extended family who take pains to ensure your every comfort. Travelling with them feels as if you are travelling with your own family.

Inner line permit - ILP

You do not need to plan anything for your North East India Tour with Holiday Scout. They take care of everything from your ILP (Inner Line Permit) or PAP (Protected Area Permit) in the case of foreign nationals, that are required to enter Arunachal Pradesh, to your accommodation, logistics, food, and much more.

If you are the kind of traveller who is tired of mundane travelling and looking for immersive experiences that connect you with the places you are visiting and their people, Holiday Scout is sure to appeal to you. They focus on showcasing authentic and real local experiences. These include staying with locals in comfortable and convenient homestays and hotels, interacting with locals and experiencing their culture, and trying your hand at not only eating local food but preparing it too!

Review of Holiday Scout

The best part of Holiday Scout is that they are very much focused on sustainable tourism. They aim to give back to the local economy and hence ensure the optimal use of local resources including manpower.

If you are a woman traveller, then Holiday Scout ensures that your journey is as safe as it can be. The thought that a big chunk of the Holiday Scout is made up of women is sure to be comforting. They also offer exclusive customized tours for solo women travellers.

Tour packages in North East India | Holiday Scout Tour Packages

NE Package Tour - Holiday Scout

India as a whole is a complex country for travellers. The sheer length and breadth of the country which is stacked with infinite experiences can be mind-boggling. A lifetime is not enough to explore every corner of India. The North East part of India, which is one of the pristine and relatively unexplored regions of the country can be a challenge while planning your itinerary, there is simply so much to experience!

Holiday Scout has a range of itineraries to choose from and these can of course be customized. These tours in North East India have itineraries covering the entire gamut of traveller interests, ranging from nature, adventure, spirituality, culture, and cuisine. They offer trekking tours, tribal tours, wildlife tours, arts and crafts tours, Buddhist spiritual circuits, and much more. If you are so inclined you can opt for a trip that is a mix of all too!

As of now, Holiday Scout tours cover the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, and also Ladakh.

North East India Tour With Holiday Scout – Best North East Tour Operator | Best Tour Operator

Tour packages in North East India

Holiday Scout is much more than your run-of-the-mill tour operator. They are the best North East India tour operators. In fact, based on our own experience, we feel that they are not mere tour operators, they are actually, “Experience Designers,” They craft your travel experience in the North East with such meticulousness and finesse, that they can only be called Experience Designers or Experience Artists.

It is also very important to understand the vision of Holiday Scout which differentiates them and marks them with rare credibility. They are driven by the vision to develop a tourism model that is responsible, helps in preserving local culture and ethos, and contributes toward the sustainable development of the region.

We would like to add, that these are not mere words that make for a fancy vision statement, but we have seen these principles being religiously practised by the team on our North East India Tour with Holiday Scout.

The vision of Holiday Scout and its passion for developing a sustainable and environment-conscious tourism model has earned it many accolades and awards from the Government, as well as other agencies.

The founder and driving force behind Holiday Scout, Sange Tsering has been listed as one of the, “50 people to know in the Himalayas,” by Conde Nast Traveller India. He is also the North East Young Heroes 2020 Tourism Winner. He and Holiday Scout have been recognized widely and have been honoured with numerous awards and accolades.

But probably the greatest award and testimony to their effortless work, is the smile on the lips and the glow in the eyes of their guests, as they see the beauty of the North East unfold before them, in tours that have been curated with care and affection.

We hope you liked reading our review, based on our own North East India tour with Holiday Scout. You may check the Holiday Scout website here. Stay tuned to our blog and social media handles, as we bring you amazing stories from our 11-day North East odyssey. And if you are hearing the call of the pristine and untouched lands of Arunachal Pradesh, and want to pack your bags for the North East, Holiday Scout is just a call away.

Are you planning a trip to North East India? You can connect here with The Holiday Scout Team for a hassle-free and comfortable tour.

The Holiday Scout
Contact Number: +91 9540698458,  +91 9436249862
Email: [email protected]

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North East India Tour With Holiday Scout

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Amazing North East India Tour With Holiday Scout - A Review

Amazing North East India Tour With Holiday Scout - A Review

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    I’ve never been to these parts of india, oh wow!!! I would love to explore more all these gorgeous areas, the lush greenery….so good…

  2. Holiday Scout sounds like a great way to take a trip. I love that they offer the little off-the-beaten path experiences that can make travel so much fun.

  3. What an incredible guide and tour through India…There are lots of places to discover and explore there. I love experiencing new and different cultures.

  4. Touring holidays like to can be incredible as you end up stopping at loads of places you’d never think to stop yourself. And it sounds like you had an amazing time x

  5. I have visited only Darjeeling, but that’s not exactly NE.
    However that trip made me want to visit NE. I will hire Holiday scout for my travel whenever we plan.

  6. Finding an excellent travel partner is such a blessing! I love the north-east and its definitely on my wish list too… i will check them out when i am doing the trip coz id rather take the guesswork out of things and just focus on the experiences.

  7. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    I have been meticulously following your North East tour and every shot looked stunning. Reading the post, it is clear Holiday Scout did a great job. Will get in touch with then when going towards Arunachal.

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